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Rangers at Devils 2/20

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I was at the game last night, 23 rows off the ice behind the net. Anyone else see marty and Avrey from the rangers get into that brawl towards the end of the second period? Avrey skated into marty, marty pushed him back, then avrey punched him in the head, causing him to stumble and loose his helmet, since he doesnt wear the chin strap because he wants the helmet to brake loose when the puck hits it, and almost wack his head on the crossbar then 2 devils deffenders, i forget who it was one being Rafalski, to grab him put him down on the ice and beat the hell out of him at the same time. After this, the refs broke that up but 3 other fights broke out. You could see martys face, and even him just couldnt beleive that just happend. I literaly jumped out of my seat yelling HOLY SH1T!!!! Then the third period, Cam Jannsen was still upset about all this and started a fight with Orr from the rangers, which is the first fight ive seen him loose this season.

Then after this all ended, every single person in the stadium was chanting at the same time Rangers Suck. It was amazing.

I just couldnt beleive my eyes, I was so mad i was shaking. You dont mess with another teams goalie like that let alone New Jersey. We dont take kindly to that sort of abuse......

Anyone else see or hear this? Anyone else besides me there?

Ill also be at the game tomorrow night, 2/22 at MSG to chant on the devils to another win over the Rangers.

Heres a NHL.com report on what happend:

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -Playing the New York Rangers is usually enough motivation for New Jersey Devils. Seeing Sean Avery manhandle goalie Martin Brodeur gave the Devils added incentive.

Zach Parise scored the tiebreaking goal in the third period, Brodeur made 35 saves, and the Devils beat the Rangers 2-1 on Tuesday night.

Avery was in Brodeur's face all night and things came to a head late in the second period.

With 1:16 left, Avery crashed into Brodeur, knocking off the goalie's helmet. Brodeur responded with a shove, prompting Avery to deck the goalie. That triggered a huge pileup as players dove into the crease.

Avery got two minor penalties for goalie interference and roughing. Brian Rafalski, the first Devil to Brodeur's defense, was whistled for roughing. Brodeur was not penalized.

"Guys crash the net all the time," Brodeur said. "It's part of the normal battle. I get into it. I'm a big guy and I've played a long time. I'm not going to get rattled too much."

Avery felt Brodeur overreacted.

"It's pretty obvious," Avery said. "I don't complain about that stuff. I know what I bring and I'm never going to get the benefit of the doubt. He's a good goalie. You've got to get in front of him. That's how you score goals."

Their confrontation set the stage for a tense third period in which the Rangers had 12-5 edge in shots but the Devils came away the only goal and the win.

"There was no excuse for that," Parise said of Avery's confrontation with Brodeur. "It gave us motivation and an added lift."

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