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Devils call up Grant Marshall.

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Is Marshall > Clarkson?

If Elias misses Game 1 tonight it is possible we may see Clarkson on the EGG line. He played on that line this season and has done very well. Marshall I think will not be ready for Game 1. Rasmussen might play on the EGG line if Elias is out.

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emptynet    0

I love Grant, great guy...funny as all hell, I've had the pleasure of drinking with him a bunch of times, but I would never put Grant ahead of Clarkson...it's just the simple matter of youth and speed.

If Elias is going to be out for one game, I would let Ras play on the fourth line because the Devils are going to need four lines rolling, I give Clarkson the nod.

Calling up Clarkson gives the Devils more options than playing Grant. If Clarkson is not clicking on the first line, you can move up Rupp or Ras and put Clarkson on the fourth line and he wouldnt hurt you as much.

But I have a funny feeling you will see Elias on the ice tonight.

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MantaRay    59

Marshall is built for the playoffs, I can't wait for him to score another game winner!

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NJD Jester    0
I have my doubts of the validity of this article. If this was an actual call up he would be on the devils roster as was the case when Clarkson was called up. as you can see here

So did I. I called Mike Levine, and he told me nothing had been announced at Devils HQ and, basically, that it was news to him.

The full story, including a recap of Lou's scheduling fun, can be found here:



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