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Petr Vrana

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thefiestygoat    134

I just wanted to point out what a year this guy is having so far. He leads the team with 33 points and 26 assists. Right now he has a .97 point per game clip, which is pretty impressive considering that Lowell's line up is not going to impress anyone. He also is a -1, which is impressive considering how bad Lowell has been this year and that he often gets double shifted with the fourth liners, getting a ton of ice time.

I have not been able to see him play, but from listening on the radio, it seems like he is a solid two way player, who can play on either special teams units. It also seems that he has a feisty attitude and makes everyone around him better. He has played a good portion of the year with Tallackson, and Barry is on pace to put together a much better year than he did last year, maybe even his best AHL season. He also seems like he is the heart of the power play, constantly feeding the puck to the right spot and positioning himself well to get in place to get quality shots on goal.

I did the rough math and he is on pace for a 77 point year with 61 assists. If he finishes out this year well I think he has a real shot to make the big team next year. Hell, maybe he will even get a call up sometime this year. It seems he could work well if you put him with someone like Parise or Gionta who has a good shot and can skate. Perhaps he could also help the power play which has been a huge struggle this year.

Out of all the prospects on Lowell, I think he is one of the few that has a future with the Devils, and out of all of those guys, I think he is the most likely to realize that potential.

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Devilswede    0

While we may not have the best young talent in the league, I still think our future looks bright with these guys coming up:

Petr Vrana, Nicklas Bergfors, Nick Palmieri, Matt Halischuk, Matthew Corrente, Kirill Tulupov, Mark Fraser.

Then we have a couple of guys with questionmarks, but if everything works out, they could become very good players for us too:

Alexander Vasyunov, Vladimir Zharkov, Villi Sopanen, Nathan Perkovich, Mark Fayne, Tyler Eckford.

The biggest questionmark for the future is probably the goaltending. While we all dread the day Marty Brodeur retires, but it will unfortunately become a reality one day. Although Jeff Frazee is still very young and is a young goaltender he doesn't seem to be the absolute top talent you need to have in goal in the NHL.

But I guess having Marty Brodeur back there all these years spoiled us. No matter who will be in net, he will never be as good as Marty Brodeur.

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