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Winona, Winona, Winona...

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I'm innocent I tell ya! Until proven guilty...which could be soon...but 'til then!

Now that I think about it, that dumbass cashier at CVS probably stuck it in my bag when I wasn't looking. I mean seriously, me buy makeup at CVS? I stole from Saks Fifth Avenue for crying out loud!

Oh well, as they say, no such thing as bad publicity!

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I hear you Winona -- CVS is about to PAY me $6 to take 5 lipbalms and a snickers protein bar from their store -- seriously... what gives with that? They just wanted to you take the crap they tell you to is all.

ExtraCare bucks are creepy. My husband think it's the weirdest scam on earth -- he doesn't see how they can PAY people to take stuff out of their store. My sisters-in-law both bought glucose testers with a combo of coupons and extra care bucks earned... they bought 5 and each walked out with $100 in extra care bucks having not paid out a dime... they donated the tests to a local shelter.

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