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Giguere And His Pads...

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Hickmania    0

In keeping with my goal to turn this into a Minnesota form(because wild.com is severely sh!tty), I think this Giguere stuff is LAME!


Let's face it, Giguere takes up more net without pads than other goalies in the league. Former Devil(former EVERYTHING practically) Claude Lemieux questioned the pads just before game one of the Western Conference files. Of course, this was after the Stars had already lost to the Ducks. While Claude may just be making rationalizations--I really don't care of Andy Brunette's whining.

Those of you who know me, know I love the Wild, but give me a break! Gabby, Andy, Bouchard, and our resident kindling-machine Cliff need to go back to camp, and LEARN TO LIFT THE PUCK! Twice on breaks to the net, Minnesota Wild players had GREAT scoring chances, but threw the puck straight into his leg pads. If you can shoot with an extended stick like that, you should be able to lift it a foot or so over those pads!

Minnesota is just making excuses already--something they haven't done AT ALL THIS YEAR!!!! The players need to realize that Giguere IS human, and not impossible to beat. They are letting media-hype and numbers dominate their psyche, and not playing the hockey they've played all year.


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