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StarDew    13

Zam...I think DM was still working on the avatar choices as we had in the old site...I would save the picture so you can upload just in case :unsure:

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zenchic    0

OOO Roughdraft..I just love that pic of Joey you are using!!!

*gets down on her knees and says*: PLEeezzzzzz pleeezzz

do ya have one of J&J for meeeee??? J&J being Joey and Jaime yanno...

I'd be EVER so grateful for an av like someone was nice enough to

make for me on the other Forum..but alas, it did not travel here :(

It was a pic of J&J but they were still in their Stars' uni's..so

would really really REALLY be happy to have one like that

but in their Dev's uni's....

Thanks to all in advance!! :huh:

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