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Martyisth3b3st    1,246

Usually when I go into hell, if something's pinned it's either a GDT or a "can't miss" post from DM or msweet regarding site issues. We have now, what, 7 threads pinned in hell? The GDT's I can understand, but threads like "favorite devils gear" and "can you answer a question", are they really pin-worthy? I know you merged the forums to "change things up", but a thread that was pinned that WASN'T a GDT used to be like "whoa now, I better read it". Now I find myself not even glancing at the threads that are pinned. Why should a thread about food be pin-worthy, while a thread about the length of Zubrus' injury get thrown down to the middle of the page because of all of the pinned threads?

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devilsfan26    55

I was actually just coming here to post the exact same thing. Why on earth is the Devils meet and greet thread pinned other than because msweet started it?

Also I thought it was general consensus that people had no problem with Heaven being done away with, but wanted to bring back Purgatory. Am I wrong in thinking that?

And I still want to know why we need to have talk about sports in a subforum within the off-topic subforum when there are almost no active threads in the regular off-topic section. It makes sense to have one of these for politics and after hours so we can keep that stuff tucked away, but why do we need to do that for talk about non-hockey sports? The only reason it exists is because redruM wanted to have his own little soccer forum on here, and then that eventually involved into all sports, but there was never a need for this and there still isn't so why not just get rid of it and move all the sports talk into the regular off-topic area like it used to be? There is no separate section for movies, music, TV shows, or video games, so why do we need one for sports?

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