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Nhl Draft Weekend Thread

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MantaRay    58

By now all the feathers have the making of hugly ornate Native-American feathered head-dress!!!

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This from TSN:

The NHL's version of the National Football League's 'Mr. Irrelevant' came with the New Jersey Devils, who selected Yaroslavl forward Arseny Bondarev with the 292nd and final selction to close the 2003 Draft.


From reading the capsule in the above post I guess he is "Mr. Irrelevent". It would be another feather in Lou's cap if all of the sudden Bondarev became relevent,

Hey maybe we can send him to Disneyland like they do in the NFL ?? :D

(yeah like I ain't gonna have enough trouble going to Disneyland in August with my shiny new Jeff Friesen jersey !)

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Blackjack    0
they're stacked at D. hale, martin, kadeykin, chvatal. i got to see kadeykin last year in training camp, he was very impressive. none of them are touted to be of top 2 defensemen quality, but still that's a solid group of prospects.

I think Hale and Martin could both be #2 defensemen, but I don't think there is a pure #1 there.

I also saw Kadeykin at training camp, and I was amazed at what a great skater he was for someone his size (6'3 I think) he also played very confident and smart hockey. I talked to some Sarnia fans during the season and they said that Kadeykin was their best defenseman, the only problem is that he doesn't generate any offense.

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