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GDT 3/16 Lowell @ Portland

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Birch    0

Starting: McKenna Davison Cohen Davis Sestito Perkovich

Scratches: Magnan, Eckford, Corrente, Snetsinger, Mills, Vasyunov


Davis Sestito Perkovich

Palmieri Nagy Halischuk ?

Swift Walter Gionta

Robitaille Castonguay Stoesz

Davison-Cohen, Murray-Taormina, Murphy-Flynn


Walter Palmieri Davison Murphy

Swift Halischuk Davison Murphy

Gionta Sestito Cohen Taomina

Davis Nagy ? ?

1st: 1 - 1

POR Brennan, (5) (Wanvig, Gerbe), 9:11 Slapshot from the point, pinballed in past McKenna

LOW Palmieri, (20) (Murphy), 15:38 (PP) Turnover picked up by Murphy, passed over to a waiting Palmieri, tipped in.

2nd: Lowell 2 - 1

LOW Halischuk, (9) (Nagy, Gionta), 17:42 Nagy's pass was off the ice, Halischuk managed to kind of bat it out of the air to score.

3rd: 2 - 2

POR Ennis, (21) (Mancari, Kostka), 15:00 - Lowell D "forgets about" Ennis.

OT: 2 - 2

Soclose the L-Devs came....several good chances, couldn't get it past Lamoureux!

Swift and Kostka have a brief skirmish after the horn.

S/O: Portland 3 - 2 :saddevil: Well, a point is a point.

Total shots: Pirates 42, Lowell 30

PP: Portland 0/3, Lowell 1/2

McKenna is 2nd star.

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Shtikl    0

Wow, THANK YOU, Birch! It was 0-1 when I was at the airport. Just found out the final score :(

Nobody injured tonight? That would be an improvement over the past couple games, I think I heard Gionta's name mentioned so he must be Vasyunov's replacement. Shame they couldn't score at least once on the shootout. :(

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