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Race Card Fun!

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Just to start, it is amazing to see the Camden police blamed again for EVERYTHING wrong with the black community in the killing zone of South Jersey. Has the taxpayer given any money to Camden in the last 40 years? Has Camden been electing corrupt Democratit officials for the last 50 years including mayors paying off church ministers and unions just to watch them turn their back on the "black community"?

Now it's the "corrupt police" who are to blame for the murders, drugs, teenage pregnancies, 70% HS drop out rate but never the unions, mob, Democratic scum like Norcross and Sweeney along with THE BLOODS that the police have been trying to hunt down for the last 2 years but the drugs are just to good for the black community.

Watching the AP call out police without calling out 50 years of DEMOCRATIC, CHURCH/MOB PAYOFFS!? This story now floats across the American news wires making police, who have died protecting scum politicians, look like they are to blame for 50 years of Dem kickbacks to the churches who are the black vote and also the unions (All unions including CWA, NJEA etc..).

Are there bad police? Hell yes! I also know bad firemen and corrupt NJ TRANSIT workers along with CORRUPT JUDGES WHO ARE NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE because that's where the real $$$ are!


This link above by the AP is just Cinci, Google this and see the AP can pass a bogus story across the wires to be published anywhere online or hard print as I saw this in Seattle and many other cities.

HMMMMMMMMMM, let's start bogus stories about the police now (Newark, no murder in one month so thanks Christie and Booker) and blame the police again for everything except looking in the mirror.

Next, love this quote:


"The Democrats need to kill the Tea Party movement. They need to marginalize and demonize those who would stand up to their hardball, toxic and anti-democratic tactics. Their strategy is to bait and incite the Tea Party and to use whatever they can get to silence the awakening giant. They have failed, epically, and the American people now see these tactics for what they are. At long last, new people every day are beginning to understand the kinds of people we are dealing with here.

Will the media keep falling into the trap? Their business model continues to fail each and every time they are suckered – unless, of course, they are doing it on purpose. The Republican Party failed in its attempt to make good with the Tea Party when its leaders apologized for it. When will the GOP stop playing Charlie Brown to the media’s Lucy? The Democratic party has been exposed as trying to create a Kristallnacht to save the Obama presidency along the fault line of race and the essence of the First Amendment. If the GOP does not have the intestinal fortitude to fight back, a growing number of disenchanted and disenfrachised Tea Party participants will have to do it themselves."

Racism sucks and is the worst insult to any person in this great country, yet these liars are given a green light:


"And we need your continued support to counter the vicious anti-family, anti-minority, anti-immigrant attacks of the Republican right," the letter adds.

Simply put the Teaparty needs no taxpayer dollars to get the lib dems sh^tting their pants while these bigots need my/our money to polarize our country while my President is responsible for this.

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