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RSC    28

Welp, I was at yet another Wake Forest sh!t show yesterday. What a season. Beat Duke in a high-scoring slugfest, then get destroyed by Stanford and Florida St on the road, then lose two heartbreakers at home against Georgia Tech and Navy (seriously, we should've won both of those. We blew them in the final 30 seconds each time), followed by two more road blowouts at Virginia Tech (which I, unfortunately, decided to go to) and Maryland (seriously, who the fvck gives up 62 points to Maryland in anything other than basketball?), and then we got trouced 23-13 by BC yesterday. I know it doesn't sound bad, but trust me, we scored our only touchdown on a double reverse wide receiver pass. We suck.

On the bright side, basketball season starts on Friday.

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Devils Dose    17

So it's okay for a player's relatives to go to schools, demanding money for the player's services, then go back and "advise" the player on his choice of which college to go to?

Is this bothering anybody else?

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