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Military Park Renovation

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They have done a tremendous job with Bryant Park but I wonder what can be done with Military Park as long as so many of the surrounding buildings remain under or completely un-utilized.

I have the exact same reservations. My only hope is that the sides that aredeveloped outweigh the ones that aren't. Only the west side of Military Park has major undeveloped portions. The south, east and north sides of the park have some of the more prestigious institutions and developments in the downtown area (NJPAC, Eleven80, Robert Treat Hotel, NJ Historical Society, and PSE&G). Miles Berger seems to own just about the entire surrounding area of Military Park at this point. If you go to his website it lists the Robert Treat Hotel, the Robert Treat Center, the Military Park Building, Fireman's Insurance Building, and the Hahnes and Griffith Buildings. If he decides to ever drop his slum-lord mentality, he's got control over the entire center of Newark and could really make something of it with some strategic projects. Given how invested he is in that area, I'd be shocked if he wasn't part of the "private source funding" for the Military Park renewal project.

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