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I haven't seen anybody post this article yet. It's a few days old but I just found it this morning off of Thefourthperiod.com which is a good source of hockey news and rumors.


The author makes valid points about the injuries of stevens and then to hale really offsetting the balance of our defense. Plus, I also found the comment he made about NJ trades often being kept secret by Lou until they actuall happens very interesting. Thus any rumors we've been hearing lately, i.e. the horrid rumor of Zhamnov for Rupp, Gionta, and/or Hale, are very unreliable(thankfully!!!!!). No offense to Zhamnov who's a good player but if we trade Gionta at this point I will be extremely upset....not just because of his two goal nite last nite. He's been one of my favorite Devils ever since he came into the league. He never gives up. I have no doubt that if he improves his accuracy and strength just a little he can become as good a player as Martin St. Louis and Theo Fleury minus the drugs. I will not be happy if we trade him. He is fearless and leaves it all on the ice every nite. You just don't trade players like that.

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