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Event: New Jersey at NY Rangers

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Added by RowdyFan42, 16 Jan 2013

Taking place 27 Apr 2013 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM (Single Day Event)


New Jersey Devils at New York Rangers
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
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Guangdong grand far pave a road for sweep anything away Du Feng: Defend smooth aggression error is much
"Our match rhythm is inferior to Xinjiang for certain, because rested so long. Laoyou says we may attend a meeting the bureau is backward, but should insist to defend only, adversary is sure part bell can not support, when the top does not live, be we break up dish when. When the top does not live, be we break up dish when..
-- Wang Shipeng
Information times dispatch (reporter Feng Aijun) semifinal of the contest after CBA season was pulled open yesterday prelusive, the Dongguan bank of gymnasium of red hill of Urumqi of result be a guest grand far team win victory in the first battle, with 86 76 conquer Xinjiang team. Although Yi Jianlian harvested 14 minutes only, grab however nevertheless issued 18 rebounds. Grand far team the expression of two foreign aids also force of ten deal out, diaogu and Si Long took 17 minutes to mix 21 minutes respectively.
Advocate the Xinjiang team that fight was yesterday at the beginning of the match hit so that Huhu of it may be said gives birth to wind, especially their foreign aids, " Wei bat king " Wei Fu's hand is more hot hair is very hot. The match at the beginning Wei Fu breaks a ball to succeed from Yi Jianlian hand, achieved the goal on one continuous line, unplug for Xinjiang team the head prepares first. Later he another write down 3 minutes of balls, monopolized Xinjiang group leaves a 5 cent balls after contest. First pass half, wei Fu 3 minutes of balls 5 cast 3 medium, and the individual pulls 11 minutes alone, force grand far carry out advocate handsome Younasi asks to suspend the match. Taking next the whole audience nevertheless highest Wei Fu of 30 minutes leads to fall, xinjiang team still is 25 first 18 banner.
Nevertheless Xinjiang team is in advocate having the first competition only give power, the 2nd match grand far team hit 20 the only part score of 6, also create what after giving Xinjiang team season, surpass 6 minutes to notch new low. The 3rd match although warfare of He Hongyuan gang became force of exert oneself of Xinjiang team only part 18 18, before passing with Liaoning big fight is 5 apparently on Xinjiang group body left sequela. Was last night when last match, xinjiang team had become a spent force, defend flaw 100, aggression can rely on Wei Fu singles to be fought alone only, final they still redeem lost game feebly.
"Defend all the time very smooth, but aggression error is too much, this is very abnormal to us, in hope retrospective match, our not quite good side can get ameliorative. " grand far team advocate after Shuai Dufeng wins victory, accept when interviewing, say. Grand far team is surpassed the 5th year after season continuously since 2009 and Xinjiang team encounters, it is total final before 3 among them, sports season is mixed on this sports season is semifinals, before 4 fight hand to hand grand far team beat rival. This this Zhou Wuhong far team will be in Zhou Sanhe advocate field is right a Xinjiang team, if be taken entirely,fall grand far team promotes adversary of sweep anything away. Nevertheless, du Feng expresses to still be done not have now jordan high heels when celebrating, "Before the past accomplishment of conquer Xinjiang team is past type. Xinjiang team has very doughty planted agent, their foreign aids capability is very strong also, we are cannot small inspect Xinjiang team. Return next advocate nike air max 95 fight, we still should give fight hammer and tongs. " Du Feng say.

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