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  2. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    What I think will happen: Devils will make a serious run at John Carlson in the offseason and end up getting him. My absolute pipe dream of what could happen (but almost definitely won't, as I can't see the Sens not doing every last thing in their power to keep Karlsson): The Devils pass on Carlson and roll the dice on that "other" Karlsson (Erik Karlsson) somehow making it to UFA after the 2018-19 season. I don't kid myself for a second here...the only way that I could see this happening is if Karlsson decided that he 100% wasn't coming back to the Sens, and the Devils traded for him sometime next year (it would cost a ton obviously), and then signed him before he ever went UFA. No, won't ever happen.
  3. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Hard pass. No way I do that deal. Weber is on the decline and the wrong side of 30. Galchenyuk I would take a look at, but the price is probably going to be too steep for a guy that thinks he's a center, but really is a wing and pouts when they play him there. Honestly, I really hope Shero sticks with the rebuilding plan and doesn't do anything crazy trying to get this team in the playoffs this season. We need to look to the long term with this rebuild, and giving up top prospects and picks for guys over 30 doesn't make a lot of sense based upon where we are at in the process.
  4. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    I'd say Weber has another 4 or 5 seasons of good to elite hockey left in him, his game has never been built around skating or speed so if his legs start to go a bit I think he should still be a very effective player in the same vein that Chara was before the last season or two. That being said, I wouldn't touch that contract with a 10 foot pole. EDIT: If we wanna take advantage of a dumb GM for a defenseman, maybe knocking on Pete Chiarelli's door again would be a good idea. They've been looking for a winger for McDavid all season and maybe we could lure away Darnell Nurse for the right price.
  5. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Who is doing that? I'm sure some very impatient Flyer fans might be, but it's crazy to start wondering about Patrick so early. He was pretty much either #1 or #2 on everyone's chart for a reason. Doesn't mean that picks like that are guaranteed to live up to expectations of course (see Daigle, Alexander, among others), but I can't question his pick placement just yet (even with the early injury).
  6. A few jerseys for sale on eBay

    BUMP, package deal available. $175 shipped for the 3 remaining jerseys. Payment by PayPal Friends and Family only. 10% of the purchase price will be donated back to NJDevs.com to help keep us afloat. Thanks for looking!
  7. Have a pair for each game that I cannot use. 11/27: Section 101, Row 11, Seats 3-4 12/12: Section 122, Row 8, Seats 8-9 $30 per pair, or take both games for $50. Payment by PayPal "Friends and Family" only. These are eTickets and will be transferred to your Ticketmaster account following receipt of payment. As per my prior statement in the fund raising thread, if a board member buys them, 10% of the purchase price will be donated back to NJDevs.com for all the fine work they do for us. Thanks for looking!
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  9. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Nonsense. Just don't trade for one who likely will have fallen off in two years and is signed for 7 more or however many years it is. IF the Devils would trade for an average #1D (so the 15.5th best dman in the league) I'd be very confident in calling them a playoff team. Then you can add in around that player, which is very different from what we're doing now which is adding depth to depth. If Weber had three years left on his deal or something like that, it'd be a worthwhile discussion to have, because then he couldn't completely cripple the team from 2022-2026.
  10. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    That might be true. But then there isn't any real point in trading for a 1D now anyway, as long as you don't think we will be a contender any time soon.
  11. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    He won't. He'll be too broken down to play (supposedly) and will take a medical at camp once a year, sit on IR/LTIR and get paid 1 million for his troubles. If Montreal are truly rebuilding, I'd call about Jeff Petry. He'll be done by the time NJ are a contender, if they can even be one with Weber on the books and not what he currently is/has been (which is a 1D but not an elite 1D).
  12. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    I'd say you've got maybe 3-4 forwards (Boyle included) you can make a case he's been better than. They give up a ton of shots with him and he doesn't shoot a lot, and when he does it's from fairly undangerous areas. I don't agree, really, but I think they see Boyle as a necessary piece because of non-measurable skills (leadership etc) + he's gotten some dangerous looks.
  13. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    He started real huge, which wasn’t expected, but he’s still playing well and creating chances and plays imo.
  14. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    As a Devils fan living in Quebec City, I can tell you that the Habs are litteraly crumbling. The fans are truly starting to let go and go crazy. But honestly, other than Weber and MAYBE Mete, there is no one on the habs roster I would try and get, as most of their players are brutaly overrated.
  15. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    His value has decreased no doubt. But not by much. And if you think giving them the players I mentioned is some lock to get a deal done, you're seeing things through shades of red and black. None of the Devils players I mentioned command that much from the market. Not yet. If Weber comes into NJ, he's our 1D right away.
  16. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    He’s 32 years old now and pretty much everyone recognized that it was an awful deal at the time. That’s Zach Parise’s age and defensemen tend to age worse than forwards. The only thing holding Bergevin back from trading him is that he’ll look even worse even if he’s now getting the best value he can get. That’s kind of why I think Zacha, if he starts putting up some points might be enough as he has that recent top ten pick pedigree.
  17. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Has his value dropped so significantly since he was traded for PK? On the other side of that, exactly how much do you think those Devils players are worth?
  18. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Thought he only had 3, my mistake. But you’re right, the JJ comparison was a bit harsh. it was mostly just them both having really nice moves in the shootout that made me think of it.
  19. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    I have to agree with that. And I would add, Butcher is probably our only D that I would consider untouchable. I mean I would take McDavid for him...
  20. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Jesus Christ your valuation of Shea Weber and his monstrosity of a contract is insanely out of touch.
  21. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    I’d be in favor of almost any deal that ends in “we throw in Lovejoy”.
  22. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Well, then maybe the first deal, but we throw in Lovejoy?
  23. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    That I would pass on.
  24. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    I'd like to think that Zacha, Henrique, and a first would be enough for Weber but not likely. Think more: Jesper Bratt and Will Butcher leaving along with other top goods. That's what it takes to get an elite 1D.
  25. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Saw this after I posted and I echo mfitz-I'd probably do it under those circumstances. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Agreed. I'm certainly not against the sheer idea of bringing in Weber, but that contract.... Yeesh. No thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Sorry, but that’s absurd. 5 goals, 3 assists in 17 games. JJ wishes in his wildest dreams. Oh, and he’s tied for 3rd on our team with his 5 goals. Ahead of Palmieri, Henrique, Hischier, Johansson, etc. 5 goals in 17 games is hardly “once in a blue moon”. That’s like a 25 goal pace for a full season. JJ doesn’t have even close to 25 goals in 282 games!!!! Anyone who thinks Stafford sucks clearly isn’t paying attention and doesn’t realize how well he is performing given how little he is being paid.
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