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  2. I think Brian might still agree
  3. 2017 YANKS

    Congrats to the Yankee fans...did a nice job fighting through an extended up-and-down stretch to go 26-14 in their last 40 and earn themselves a WC home game. Will be interesting to see how Judge fares should the Yankees win the WC game and move on...the very high-K guys always scare me when they start facing better arms come playoff time. He obviously went through a very difficult stretch coming out of the break, but he's recovered nicely...guy is slashing an insane .328/.473/.970 (1.443 OPS) in his last 20 GP, with 13 HRs. That's about as Ruthian as it gets.
  4. Martin Brodeur game used stick from the 07-08 season. Stick was used and is photo matched to 2/20/08 a win against the Sharks. Steiner COA and Hologram. $910 shipped inside the USA. Here is a link to a clip of the amazing glove save from the same game. Pm or call with interest. 914-307-1028 Thanks!
  5. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    You can't go strictly by quick-glance offensive glamour numbers for these things. He did play his entire career there (14 seasons, 875 regular season games and 108 playoff games) and was a career +176 in the regular season (he was even or better in all but his last season). He won three Selke trophies (was in the Top 3 in three other seasons) and was tied for second in playoff goals (10) as his team won the 1999 Stanley Cup. Seems like he was a very good two-way player for a long time. I'll give you that, for the most part, if a franchise feels like a player is worthy of getting his number retired, that taking over seven years to get to that point is a little odd...especially if the player calls it quits and doesn't continue his career for a while elsewhere (as was the case with Niedermayer). To me I think you know fairly quickly whether or not you think a particular player deserves such a high honor...but it's not like we haven't seen "delayed" jersey retirement ceremonies before. I think the people who are the true authority on jersey retirements are the fans themselves...the ones who watched the majority of Lehtinen's career...do THEY think that Lehtinen is worthy? Do THEY feel like this was somewhat overdue? I feel like every Devil who's gotten his number retired 100% deserved it, no debate...Niedermayer's was a little bit weird because his #27 was still issued after he left (off the top of my head Barry Tallackson and Mike Mottau wore it after Nieds left), but that really wasn't a big deal, nor did it detract from Scott's night in the slightest. Do Dallas fans feel as strongly about Lehtinen? Only they can answer that. As complete outsiders, it's just too hard for us to make a definitive case either way.
  6. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Gorton's Fishermen

    Yeah just saw that on the DVR.. leg injury ..damn
  7. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Gorton's Fishermen

    He only played 2 mins because he got hurt on a non-contact injury
  8. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Lmao can never be too careful though, Lights so bright they'll burn your retina brah
  9. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    I'm on my morning commute and this made me laugh so hard I spit out my coffee. Sent from my C6725 using Tapatalk
  10. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    On the one hand, it's just preseason. And we've been fans long enough to know how little the preseason matters. On the other hand, I'm almost 95% sure that we're going to win the Stanley Cup this year.
  11. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    I'm trying to stay grounded here, but man.... They look pretty good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    NYR players need their visors tilted up more to protect their eyes from the Broadway Bright Lights brah
  14. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    Yeah I'm with you on this, but at least these guys will be going into the season with a little confidence. Every little bit helps.
  15. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    deGrom was definitely a rare bright spot in a very dark season. What's interesting is how much his home and road numbers evened out: 3.34 ERA at home, 3.70 ERA on the road. There were guys who pitched plenty well with dingers being hit out all over the place, so I won't adjust deGrom's numbers...but as we know, he's a real competitor and a guy who will ALWAYS give you whatever he's got. And can find ways to get it done more often than not. I don't have anything bad to say about him, really. Yeah I haven't been watching much lately either (I see losers like Reyes and d'Arnaud fattening up in these meaningless games and I find it more irritating than anything else...because as soon as there's actual pressure you just KNOW those guys will go right back to be infuriatingly unclutch and lousy). Nimmo is intriguing...for one, he has a chance to get a lot of playing time in 2018...who knows WHO is going to be in the Met outfield next season? I think 2017 Cespedes is what we get from now on from him...he was smart in that he was on his best behavior until he signed his big deal, and now he's going to be a big fat cat diva who will have his good moments and stretches, play about 100 games, be lackadaisical and not be much of a hustler, and not try to play though any pain. Not the idea guy to hook your train to, but we're stuck with him. Lagares will get every chance to play everyday (especially now that his bigger money is kicking in), but he can't hit enough and never will. Who knows what Conforto's future is? I agree, Nimmo is probably best suited to be a 4th outfielder-type who gets 300 ABs or so and can fill in for 2-3 weeks if someone gets hurt, but here I think he'll be asked to do much more than that, especially in 2018. Yeah, I like that he can get on base and could be a nice sparkplug guy, but he's been striking out a LOT lately...16 straight games with at least one K, and 23 Ks overall in those 16 games...that has me a little concerned, because I don't think Nimmo was supposed to be a high-K guy...makes me wonder if the league is starting to catch onto him a bit. Would also like to see some a lot less whiffing around here, for once. Dom Smith is really in a bad slump right now: 3-for-his-last-29 with 14 K in his last 9 GP. Not that it means much either way, but I'd like to see him pull out of it before the season ends...kind of sucks going out on such a bad note, especially since he's had some nice bursts since coming up.
  16. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Article in today’s Post about how Kevin Hayes and others are upset because the league is requiring them to wear visors that actually go over their eyes, as if they thought clear plastic visors were intended for forehead protection.
  17. The Devils Uniforms

    #Irony Yup, the “original” 90’s jerseys were very nice.
  18. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    ITS ONLY PRE SEASON My current state of mind.
  19. The Devils Uniforms

    Don't get me wrong, I don't semi-like them because theyre different. Rather, they've just kindve grown on me stylistically. It could be that young, fast talent sporting them are helping condition my eyes favorably towards the kit. Lord knows seeing the usual uniform from the previous five years makes me anticipate Ben lovejoy plodding hockey. I'm with you though in that I'd still prefer the originals. But, if they had to tweak it then I don't hate this modification.
  20. The Devils Uniforms

    Most didn't want different for the sake of different. If you think this is an upgrade though then by all means you can buy it and enjoy it. But I don't think a fresh start should mean new uniforms if you already have great uniforms that are very very difficult to improve upon. Looking at our classic jerseys...even if somebody absolutely made me change them. I don't even know where I'd begin and how I could improve them.
  21. The Devils Uniforms

    They can be, but they can also be a lot better. When they're able to fix things in 2019 I don't see them continuing on this path though. Because what can you do really? You can't make the floaties wider, you can't make the shoulder yokes narrower they're both at the max already. The waist stripe is gone already so that makes the jersey looks empty. You can bring it back or just leave it empty. That or the NHL plans to fill that space with ads. Either they correct their mistakes or we may actually get that full rebrand that was rumored but never happened.
  22. The Devils Uniforms

    I actually like our new uniforms. Its a little different but I think we can use a little different as we embark on a fresh start.
  23. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    I was kind of bummed that Mueller didn't stand out as much to me tonight, but then I realized that none of the D had much of an opportunity to stand out, since the play was so dominated by the Devils' offense. There really isn't too much to say that hasn't been said already. There's no question Bratt is starting the season in NJ, in my opinion. He has made countless smart, quick plays, and is so composed all the time. His awareness is amazing, and he seems to know exactly when he should hold on to the puck and when he's got to dish it out quickly. In a weird way, he seems like everything I hoped Tedenby would be and everything I hoped Josefson would be, in one package. He'll get his hand full of games, and then tear up the OHL. What a steal of a pick he's looking like. I was not expecting this. I think I've always misjudged Johansson when I've watched Washington games in the past. I always thought he was more of a passenger on that team. But he is really a complete player, and a great veteran presence. It's awesome to watch him get to work on the PP. He plays a nice, controlled game, definitely a threat when he's on the ice. While Quenneville may not be completely ready to be a full time NHL player, he showed that his shot will most definitely be an asset, with those two goals tonight. It was almost the exact same shot, twice within 30 seconds (and a great play by Bratt for one of them). Hall-Zacha-Palmieri will be a great line this season. I cannot wait to play the Flyers so that they'll finally shut up about Konecny and Provorov being such better picks than Zacha. And that Palmieri play on the second Zacha goal reminded me of McDavid or Ovechkin. He has been possessed so far this preseason. I need to control the hype. It's only preseason...
  24. The Devils Uniforms

    I always like their uni's up until the late 90's. Thought they were classy for an expansion team. Then they went off the rails and never corrected things.
  25. The Devils Uniforms

    Well the reasoning behind the longer/wider shoulder yoke is to give the players the appearance of being bigger. Wider at the shoulders. The truncated shoulders just makes them look a bit...smaller. More compact. Not sure why exactly that was done since it's not an aesthetic upgrade on the players. Guess it depends on the fan and how big a guy/girl you are. With folks who have naturally wide shoulders it will look silly. On women who have narrower shoulders it would probably look good. And I don't mean the womens fashion jersey but the regular Devils jersey.
  26. The Devils Uniforms

    It looks like he's wearing a big white nightshirt. Other than that...did they change him a bit too? He looks pretty much the same?
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