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  2. Been happening a lot lately. There comes a point where the goalie needs to bail out the defense
  3. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    Weirdly I'm coming to Marty's defense here. I recall saying Cory was, at best, always slightly above average and Marty said he needed to start playing like the elite goaltender who is the 7th paid goalie in the league Jekyll and Hyde defense
  4. Bad defense in front of KK who was absolutely not ready for the game. Hope he's OK. One of those games when every bounce ends up in your net. Despite the score they are still in the game...and shoot the damn puck. 5 SOG is a shame.
  5. Greene has lost any semblance of usefulness. Last game was an absolute annomoly. its time to retire and save us $5m that we can throw at Carlson EDIT: double post
  6. Except for like... the prior two games... locked down a far superior team (offensively anyway) in the Islanders on Tuesday and defended well for the most part Thursday, then just get completely bulldozed today.
  7. Our defense has gotten to the point of suckage
  8. I'm confused...weren't you the other day doing your usual tired schtick of calling people names and wishing they'd die of cancer or something for saying Schneider was an average goalie. Now, you're saying he's been average this season and is overrated? Maybe you really are just an unstable person and I shouldn't be confused.
  9. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    Yeah, I never get the warm and fuzzies on matinee game days when it comes to the Devils. Still time in this one, but it feels like one of those 7-2 kind of losses in the making.
  10. Wouldn't count on it. This car thing is driving her crazy. [emoji14] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I’d rather him get healthy, he’d probably be about the same as Krapkaid was today, but vent away man, lord knows I do haha
  12. Own these guys for five years straight with horrendous teams while they were for the most part a playoff team, finally have an above average team and just look like ass against them so far this year. What gives?
  13. I like that ginger milf too
  14. Yeah it was terrible. They let Philly just run them over basically. The effort needs to be much better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Only if that redhead helps me pick out a car.
  16. Appleby has inserted himself as our no. 1 backup already. Kinkaid please go on a long vacation
  17. I wonder what the Devils modern day record is in matinee games is?
  18. Maybe you should try... Ray Catena
  19. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    am i a racist cause i just happen to hate Pk Subban's personality? That'd make you homophobic cause i know you hate Sean Avery lol Actually by that standard i'd also be homophobic cause i also hate him. Id be a very sh!tty person if things were that cut and dry lol And by the way. I was not saying you shouldn't say those things haha I was simply saying that you were wishing those things often so that even if one of those things happened, it was likely nothing magical lol I'm very pro free speech + i have a very dark humour and very against the whole #offended and victimhood movements.
  20. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    As bad of a period as I've seen them play this year. That was ugly.
  21. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Naw dude, it’s the internet. That’s what’s great about it! I can be caught in corners, you can be a racist, and I can be happy that our backup goalie tweaked his groin so that we don’t have to watch him any more this game!
  22. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    It's about time one of our backup goalies came in and played like a HOF instead of it happening against us. Too bad the damage is done.
  23. I hear ya brother, I'm frustrated with him too. Vent away lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    Appleby looking good. Nice start for that kid.
  25. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    Nice save by Appleby! The only good thing in that whole period. What a disaster.
  26. The legend of Appleby continues..... Ok, gang, get your orange slices and come back fighting
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