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  2. SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    I’m gonna guess you’ll find somewhere to sit.
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  4. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    LGD I'm expecting 5 pts out of the next 3 games... let's keep it going Anyone see the boyle segment before the bruins pens today.. boyle is here to stay ..right or wrong.. oh well.
  5. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    every game day i play an NHL18 game against the team we're playing that day. I just destroyed the Nucks... hopefully im inspiring the boys. lol
  6. Man Convicted for killing over NJ Devils hat comment

    The media pushing a biased narrative through cherry picked elements of a story in a "suggestive rather than informative" article? That'd be a first.
  7. SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    I've never heard of this either nor did I know the arena was doing this, let us know how it turns out.
  8. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    This is the first home game I'm missing this year so count on Nico getting his first regular season home goal tonight lol LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  9. Man Convicted for killing over NJ Devils hat comment

    It's like they picked the most Sopranos looking villain they could find to kill someone over a Jersey team. Obviously not about the Devils at all. I remember when this happened (St. Patrick's I think), something said he was wearing a blue Devils hat. No Devils fan has ever worn a blue Devils hat, story over. I do like how the Post included the team's record to make sure they tied the Devils and Devils fans to the murder. It was extremely intentional tabloid nonsense.
  10. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    He smashed Khudobin in the back of the fvcking head with his stick!!!! Rediculous call.
  11. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Get 'em.
  12. SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    Ah, didn't see that in your title. Good luck. I'm sure you'll find a way to sit down, especially your kid.
  13. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    It's nice to see the refs are still treating Sidney Crosby better than everyone else.
  14. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    LGD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

  16. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    I'm at the bar and don't have much info to share in terms of lines or starting goalies. Just want to get the thread started since I didn't see one. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Let's rebound from the sbotout loss Wednesday and get two points. Let's Go Devils!
  17. SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    They are clearly Standing Room Only Tickets in a Suite. I didn't pay a crazy amount for them. I thought I was getting them on game day from someone who needed to unload. We are going early, going to hope that we can get a barstool table, and hopefully the seats arent full outside the suite.
  18. SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    Wait, what? How could there be SRO tickets to any Devils game, let alone a Devils-Canucks game? What does the location say on the tickets?
  19. SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    I didnt know that was even an option?
  20. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    That was some dam good defense on him, until he just went crazy good
  21. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    That's absurd. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I just purchased 4 tickets through Stub hub for the Devils game tonight. I didn't realize when buying that they were Standing Room only tickets. Anyone have any experience with these seats. I have a 5 yr old daughter that I am slightly concerned will not want to stand all game. Let me know if anyone has had an experience with these seats. Thanks
  23. NFL Week 12

    Revis looked unbelievably shot last year. Overweight...quit on like 75% of the plays. Curious to see if he has something left. 2015 he was just fine, maybe not elite but still pretty good. No clue as to what really transpired last season and how he dropped off so badly and so fast.
  24. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Oh i was full on team Nico from the start. Nolan's injury history was just too much of a gamble for me. I didn't want to worry all the time when he'd go down and if he'd be the next Havlat etc etc plus i do like creative and flashy plays, i could see Nico doing that and being entertaining a lot more than Nolan. Again, they were compared to Eric Staal and Zetterberg. I'd personally pick Zetterberg 10 times out of 10 I didn't get to see as much Nico as the other guys but i always loved his game, just so smart, smooth and playing the right way. They are just different type of players i guess. Always saw Mackinnon as a beast, insanely fast and powerful but not an incredibly smart player, not that he's dumb or wtv, i just didn't see that from what i've seen from him then, he'd just beat guys with blazing speed like it was nothing. Drouin it was all about his puck control, it was insane. Ehlers just seemed... commanding? Very solid and good overall, he didn't have a strength sticking out like the others, just solid. It's interesting cause every year i check who the top 60 prospects are and when they are playing in Moncton, then i try to go. I only went to 1 game this year so far but there was like 2-3 potential top 10 picks playing. So i had Nico on my radar early last year but i knew he was projected mid first round, slowly saw the rise and then realized the Devils had a shot at him.. it was pretty exciting.
  25. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    What were your impressions of Nico compared to the others? I know you are/were very high on Ehlers. Were you hoping the Devils would select Nico before the draft?
  26. Jerseys Review

    Ice jerseys review: https://nfljerseysreviews.blogspot.com/2017/10/icejerseyscom-nhl-jerseys-review.html
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  28. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Yeah im lucky to be from that region and able to see all those guys play in juniors.
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