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  2. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Yeah I wouldn't have cashed out before Thanksgiving either (my very first season doing this I was 19th in a 20 team league like a quarter way through the season then after I got the hang of it and made some good trades I roared back and won the league going away), then again you're not likely getting a first rounder for a half season or less of any player later on. The funny part is if Nicoise does win the league they'll be picking where someone else's drafting in the first round with their second round selection. And if they don't win the league the other team could be lucking into a really high pick in the first round via the lottery.
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  4. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    I agree with the others who interpreted his quotes the other way, but you're not totally off base. I remember last year, not sure if anyone here is familiar with a Grant McCagg who runs recrutes.ca... he used to be a scout for the Canadiens and some other gigs... anyway, he's pretty high on Mikey McLeod and thinks we got a massive steal as far as him falling all the way to No. 12. So last year I asked him who he thinks has the higher ceiling and why between he and Zacha. He replied with something along the lines of McLeod simply because every night, every game, every practice, you get 100% effort and work from Mikey whereas with Pavel you get these temporary lapses of judgement. I kinda blew that answer off as the typical "good ole Canadian boy" type response (Canadian prospect versus a European one) but if I'm being honest that's exactly what it looks like Zacha's problem has been this year. You see these flashes where he is just out there playing his game and dominating and then you see other games where he's just a passenger. Hopefully this long period of benching him is going to pay off and he has shifted his mindset. He has so much more to give than we've seen thus far.
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    Same here re donating....and also same here with getting that spammy thing that pops up if you click anywhere thats not a link.
  6. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    His play will determine that MB- maybe I interpreted his comments completely wrong, and believe me- I REALLY want that to be the case. It's on Zacha to go out and get it done on the ice now. I hope he's learned something. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Just go get a win. 5 out of 8 points on this trip would be great.
  8. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Ehh... the quotes read as a self-aware twenty (!!!!) year old kid knowing he's got to make some adjustments to be the player he wants to be. You're not giving him enough credit, here.
  9. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    I don’t like the trade as a GM (it’s fine as a trade); it’s too early to give up the season by tossing Stamkos out for a first rounder next season. Nico isn’t keeper eligible, so I figure that’s why he had to give up Ghost too...
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    Once my christmas bonus clears I'll pay what I can to Venmo like I usually try to do. This is a fantastic forum. Side note -- has anyone else had a glitch when you click that you'll randomly be re-directed to a spammy-looking site? Had it on mobile and now on my work computer. Started seeing it yesterday, I believe.
  11. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Last year the Mascot sold for $300, which was the cheapest along with game issued Merrill and Gazdic jerseys which were also $300. In 2015, the first year the Devils did the military jerseys, the Mascot sold for $675 but I think that also included two tickets and a zamboni ride as well which drove up the price. He was about in the middle to higher end of that year too.
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    Sent some through Venmo. Thanks for keeping this site going since forever.
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  14. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Ok, thanks for explaining. Trade seemed even/fair to me - fantasy hockey to me is more for fun than anything so basically even trade should be fun
  15. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    Lol no doubt. Some really good posters over there, but a lot of idiots. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    LGD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    Finheaven makes this place look like calm and cultured debate regarding the the merits of Spinoza versus David Hume.
  18. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    I like Gase too, but his team has been very undisciplined at times this year, no more so than yesterday- that's on him and his staff. I'm willing to give him a mulligan for this season for a myriad of things that happened that were out of his control, but he needs to do much better next year, or the seat may start to heat up. Finheaven is a wasteland today, the amount of Gase hate is absurd- but that's par for the course for that fvcking loony bin lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Better team, better prices, I guess. I bought none of them and I'm happy with that. I did order a blank at 20% off from NHL.com, it hasn't shipped and I am awaiting the email that they are sold out and not coming back. Also, I always feel bad for all of the guys who sold for less than the mascot. And on this list, that's a lot of guys! Also interesting that Bratt outsold Hall...I guess we've embraced him for all he has done so far.
  20. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    As per my 10 year old, "There's really a team called 'The Wild'? That's kind of weird". LGD
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    Just sent through Paypal. Not much, but I hope it helps. Appreciate you and everyone at this site.
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    I have a bunch of Devils stuff up on eBay. Go to my thread in the Marketplace, look at what I have, and if I strike a deal with an NJDevs member through the board instead of on eBay, I'll donate the 10% eBay would have gotten to the site.
  23. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    Tannehill is the ultimate Godfather III "everytime I think I'm out, they pull me back in" NFL QB. But yeah, I'd be willing to trust Gase. It's been a difficult season, but it really seems like we've got a good head coach in him. For what it's worth, my friend who does play by play for CBS says that he's still very respected around the league. (And not that it matters as much, but broadcasters really like him too).
  24. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Since it's still early in the season I wouldn't panic, just play your top guys without subbing anyone in from the bench (just play enough to fit in all your active spots) and maybe injury/suspensions/whatever to those players will take care of your surplus. If it gets later in the season and you still have a big surplus just start your best three forwards or five D, whatever and leave the last C/W/D spot vacated. I do like that you threw down the gauntlet with your trade (although slightly puzzled you also threw in a defensive downgrade), I was amazed Stamkos had those numbers tbh
  25. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    So what are you supposed to do if you’re projected for more forward mangames than total allowed, not start all active players or look for specific “unfavorable” team matchups and bench players from that team?
  26. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    I would absolutely draft one of those QB's if we had the chance to, and yeah I'd make a reasonable trade to move up for one of them (operative word being 'reasonable') if a deal was there to be made. I'd trade multiple 1's for Luck, but that's never gonna happen because the Colts, as dumb and dysfunctional as they are, would never trade Luck in the conference. Now, reality: none of this will happen. Gase loves Tannehill. The cracked front office staff loves Tannehill. Barring Tannehill's knee exploding again between now and the draft, there's no way this group will draft a first round QB. So we'll just have to see if a 30-year old when the 2018 season starts Tannehill, who will be two years removed from his last start, can pick up where he left off. I'm cool with going back to Tannehill, but I WOULD really like to take a QB high, ideally in the first two rounds, because we have no idea if Tannehill will actually pick up where he left off, or will ever be as good as he was pre-injury. But lmfao, this is the Dolphins, so you can forget about doing anything that actually makes any sense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Done, thanks again for all you do with this site DM.
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