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  2. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    I'm not really digging Zacha's mentality from the quotes in this article: http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2017/11/devils_pavel_zacha_out_to_prove_what_he_can_do.html#incart_river_index Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    There will be a goal from the fourth line.
  4. NFL Week 11

    The way cars are built today -- especially if you're a guy like Glenn who could afford to buy a nice car -- it almost definitely has to involve not wearing a seatbelt. If I was ever taught something as a kid, it was to always wear my seatbelt, to the point that now I just feel uncomfortable when I'm not wearing one.
  5. NFL Week 11

    The funny part about that is later on Glenn became a 'Parcells guy' and followed him to Dallas. I hope this wasn't a case of being intoxicated or not wearing a seatbelt, it's usually at least one of those two things when you hear about a car accident. But either way way too soon for this guy and anyone else at that age.
  6. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    LGD, keep your feet moving or be benched.... Zacha is a very good back checker, will that be missed at wing?
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  8. NFL Week 11

    Former NFL WR Terry Glenn has passed away due to a car accident...was only 43 years old. He was a bit of an underachiever as a player but definitely could be quite good when he was into it. He's best known for being the first domino to fall with regards to Bill Parcells' departure from NE...basically, after Parcells' third season in NE which saw that Pats finish with a very disappointing 6-10 record, the organization overruled Parcells (who wanted to take a defensive player with his first round pick, seventh overall) and selected Glenn in the 1996 draft, as they felt that Bledsoe desperately needed a true HR-type hitter to throw to...Parcells completely botched up the receiver situation the season prior, and I think that some in the organization were starting to feel that Parcells didn't know how to get the best out of a QB like Bledsoe. As one could predict, Parcells then basically became miserable and mopey and made his final in NE all about him, and when once asked about Glenn's health in the preseason (I think he had an injured wrist, I forget), Parcells famously replied "She's fine." Glenn had a solid rookie year, but was known for being both soft and a bit lazy...he cracked 1000 yards four times and had some terrific games in his 137-game career, but seemed like he could've (probably should've) been so much more. Yet another reminder about how you never know when your last day is...RIP Terry.
  9. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Ooof, brutal defensive game huh?
  10. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    I’m just happy they’re leaving Hall-Hischier-Palmieri together. It’s a legit first line.
  11. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    I know theyre hot but that Minnesota lineup looks very beatable. Come on boys, biggest game of the season!
  12. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Man, I'm really digging that top 6. I agree with Jason in that I think Zacha is much better suited for wing.
  13. Funding

    or even a paypal account
  14. NFL Week 11

    He's obviously not upper-echelon, and not necessarily a guy you would ask to get you to a SB someday, but geez, was he ever so bad for the Bills that he deserved to get benched for a guy who clearly wasn't anywhere NEAR ready to play in a NFL game, much less start one? At least if you're going to play that card, have someone who at least gives you the slightest chance to be as good or better than the QB he's replacing. It seems like the Bills thought "Shoot, we've lost two games in a row, what should we do?", then blindfolded themselves and threw a dart at a spinning wheel of "So what now?" scenarios. Well, we landed on "Bench the Starting QB"...guess we should do that. I think you can make an argument that the Bills' coaching staff could deserve to get canned off this decision alone.
  15. Week 12... Well isn't that nice? Week 12 we saw the Giants upset the Chiefs 12-9 in overtime... which really upset Big Blue and Picking teams from a hat... they're out. I didn't say Value in that group; so maybe he emerged victorio.... Nope; he's a no show. So Week 12 knocked everyone out. Yahoo doesn't have tie breakers; so coming in 1st is that trio. ....and as commish; I'll just break ties the fairest way possible. Whoever survived the longest without taking their strike. 1. VALUE (Weeks 6/11) 2. Picking teams From a Hat (Weeks 5/11) 3. Big Blue (Weeks 4/11) 4. New Jersey Swamps (Weeks 5/6) 5. The Champs Pick-o-the-week (Weeks 4/6) 6. Aylbert (Weeks 3/6) 7. Eaglejelly (Weeks 2/5) 8. Goodell's Advanced Gestapoism! (Weeks 3/4) 9. Jarek's Phenomenal Set (Weeks 2/3) But if Picking from a hat and Big Blue want bragging points; they can just point to their Yahoo 1st place trophy as my meandering words don't amount to much
  16. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Battle of the 1st round Swiss!
  17. Week 10 same as Week 9... Lions, Lions and more Lions Big Blue, Picking from a Hat and Value Picks went with the Lions over the Browns, who won 38-24. on to week 11.
  18. NFL Week 11

    I really don't get what the Bills have against Tyrod Taylor, this is now two different management teams that have publicly shafted him. And it's not like they put him on the bench for some #1 overall pick or even a good vet backup like Frank Reich in their glory days. They couldn't wait to get Taylor out of there at 5-4 for some green rookie who's not an NFL QB. Just mind boggling.
  19. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Zacha on the wing should prove to be the correct move furthering his development. He just doesn't have the hockey sense to be an offensive contributor at center.
  20. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Devils 14-9
  21. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Winning streak starts now. LGFD
  22. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    This was going to be a tough trip. I was looking for 3-4 points going in. Serious kudos to John Hynes and the fact that the Devils are taking a "We consider ourselves to be a better team now, so YOU need to play better to stick around...no more 'Well we're not really playing for anything this season, so we can live with some of you not producing for the moment' mentality" approach to 2017-18. If guys like Zacha and Henrique need to be challenged, then so be it...I have no problem with this team raising expectations of its personnel. LGD!!!
  23. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    LGD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Need a win tonight. Can't let this great start get away from us
  25. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    LGD, let's get back on track with a W tonight and take 5 points out of 8 on this road trip. Zacha back in, Rico on the 4th line, Noesen out. Hall - Hischier - Palmieri Zacha - Zajac - Bratt Wood - Boyle - Stafford Henrique - Coleman - Gibbons Greene - Santini Moore - Severson Butcher - Lovejoy Starter TBA vs Foligno - Staal - Niederreiter Zucker - Granlund - Koivu Winnik - Eriksson Ek - Kunin Stewart - Cullen - Ennis Suter - Spurgeon Brodin - Dumba Quincey - Reilly Dubnyk
  26. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    This isn't the issue. The big knock on Boyle his entire career is that he plays like he's 5'-9" 175. He's an enormous softie on the ice. Nobody is doubting his strength off the ice.
  27. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    The military warmup jerseys from 11/11/17 ended on NHL auctions on Saturday. The finals prices between this year's and last year's military night are staggering. Last year the total amount was $11,202.66 for 25 jerseys (20 worn, 4 issued and 1 mascot) with an average of $448.11 This year the total amount was $22,140.51 for 27 jerseys (20 worn, 6 issued and 1 mascot) with an average of $820.02. Final prices below.
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