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  2. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    In the three seasons prior to this one, Khudobin played in 59 games and put up a .902 save%. KK played in 68 games and put a .912 save% in the same timeframe. Backups are a tricky thing...part of the reason that they're backups is that they're not good enough or consistent enough to be reliable #1s, so expecting them to be consistent year in and year out is difficult. We're all down on KK at the moment because he's clearly having his worst season so far, but assuming he continues to be as meh as he's been overall for the rest of this year, doesn't mean he won't come back and be better next year. Assuming you could somehow swap Khodobin for KK in the offseason, there's not much guarantee that Khudobin would outperform KK in 2018-19. This being said, Shero seems like the kind of GM that will try to find an upgrade this offseason if KK turns in a poor season this year. I don't believe that Shero would automatically just hope that KK bounces back next season.
  3. Zajac has been driving me crazy lately. If he's here to be a defene-first center, should he really continue to be on the first unit PP? There have got to be better options, because I really think it goes beyond him being a nonfactor at this point. He's starting to subtract from the offense. I'm getting tired of the failed zone entries and wasted scoring chances that are seemingly becoming more and more frequent. Also, if Stafford comes out again, does that break up the Wood-Zacha-Palmieri line? I think Hynes could be onto something with that one, so I really hope he finds a way to keep that one together.
  4. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    With OEL, I’m just going on reputation. I’ve said it before though, Karlsson makes this team a Cup contender for the next two years. He made a much worse Ottawa team just that last year. And the Devils can afford to give either of them the contract extension they want.
  5. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I'm not sure this team is at the point where we go "all in" just yet. The good news about OEL and Karlsson is that there value should be lowered by their contract statuses, but they'll still cost a hefty price. I think going after one of the LW'ers would be the most ideal, but I trust Ray no matter what he decides to do.
  6. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    There are two types of trades that make sense. One is to get someone like Kane or Galchenyuk at a real bargain price. The other is to swing for the fences for someone Karlsson or OEL. I don’t believe the latter is so outlandish, and it could be done without really gutting the prospect pipeline. Nico and especially Bratt have been a godsend in that respect.
  7. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

  8. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    This team really has no glaring weaknesses. We don't need help on defense like some people think. John Moore, Damon Severson, and Sami Vatanen have all essentially played like top 4 defensemen this year if not top 2 defensmen. Then having Butcher, Mueller, Greene, Loveoy, and Santini filling out the other 3 spots really makes the defense corps deep. If there is one area we could use an upgrade at, it's the 2nd line center spot. In a perfect world, Zajac would be the 3rd line center and not the 2nd line center. Now in order to upgrade there we can one of two things trade wise. trade directly for a 2nd line center I don't really know of which centers have been rumored to be available. trade for a scoring LW and then move Mojo to the 2nd line center spot. We all know there are a few of these available in guys like Galchenyuk, Kane, Pacioretty, Nelson, Vanek, and Hoffman. If not a trade, then imo they should just put Zacha there and really let him loose. He needs to be given an opportunity in the top 6 at some point if we expect him to produce and be successful.
  9. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    My argument is that youre getting what you're paying for most of the time. Kinkaid is doing his best clearly, and its not enough now. Is it his fault or it's Shero's fault for only spending that much on a backup? I dont really have an opinion on that im just asking. And i mean how can you ignore a price-tag? Would you really judge Ovechkin not scoring for 10 games the same way as you'd judge Coleman not scoring for 10 games? No cause you have expectations on players based on their contract most of the time
  10. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

  11. can't pull the wool over his or Dano's eyes, two of the best in the biz.
  12. Best save percentage in the history of hockey, best GAA too!!! My favorite part of th3 game was when the emergency backup backup took his place on the bench and Cangialosi was basically like “Don’t know who the hell this fvcking guy is, but obviously he’s the emergency backup” as the guy sat there in full equipment with a Devils jersey on. Are you sure, Cangi??
  13. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    Yeah, guess the best we can say is that they went 2-1 in these past three games with KK in net. You saw my save% post re: KK...you REALLY don't know what you're getting from him this season, but it's tended to be not good. Happy for Appleby...not an easy spot to come into at all...held his own. Thank god my daughter had a piano recital today at 3:00. Because if she didn't, I would've taken her to this game. Then I would've seen that trainwreck of a first period. And I would've driven home pissed off and cranky. And my daughter would've seen me throwing a great big sh!tfit in the car on the ride home. So at least there wasn't any of that.
  14. I know! I regret everything! Really wish I didn't wake up and it was still black outside!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Correct! 2nd best goalie in the league next to future Hof'er Wedgewood.
  17. Clearly we need to trade Cory and KK immediately, I mean Appleby is clearly the future of all goaltending since he didn’t give up any goals in 2+ periods. Am I wrong??
  18. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Thanks Avs [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I had a two game winning streak. Just sayin'.... [emoji14] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Appleby, Severson and Zacha were my only standouts. Putrid effort
  21. He made 4 saves today before getting hurt, that's piss poor by anyone's standards
  22. It's a weird stretch of games for him this season... I don't recall him doing this last season. Still won 2 out of 3 games on his stretch, so he's making the saves he needs to
  23. If that's the case about him being the 47th highest paid goalie in the league, then he's making what the average backup goalie should make. He's had a couple of good games this season, but I don't think people are wrong to want more from the backup goalie.
  24. The year he's having is reminiscent of the Cory's first year, when they'd always lose with him but somehow win with Marty despite generally poor play. They have for the most part won in spite of him, Couldn't overcome it today. I know we didn't have a choice with Cory ailing but there's enough adversity to deal with in rivalry games without having your backup give up an early goal (or three!) early as fvck. It can't happen. I don't care that there were some defensive lapses, this is every friggin game. He needs to make a big save every once in a while and get the team going.
  25. Anton Khudobin is making the exact same and is a significantly better backup compared to Kinkiad. A price-tag argument has about as much weight as a plus-minus one. C'mon man!
  26. GDT: Devils vs Rocky’s Largest Fan Club - 20 Jan - 1pm Eastern

    I'm over KK as our backup. Plenty of better goalies out there looking for an opportunity.
  27. I'm also banning myself from doing any more GDTs, i think I'm 0 for my last 3
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