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  2. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    We've got a week defense and an average goaltender. We've been giving up a bunch of goals this season and have still, luckily, been able to win. The thing that worries me is that we're likely to see more of the 5-2 games than not. I don't think this team can keep scoring 4, 5, 6 goals per game. The Devils, as usual, will go through a team wide scoring drought as they inevitably do.
  3. Funding

    Hi all, I was prompted to look through the financials of NJDevs because JimmyLeeds asked how the amazon funds were after using the referral link. The picture wasn't as rosy as I thought as the last couple of months I got hit for shortfalls for hosting fees. It appears that although traffic is up almost 25% from last year the ad displays are down 35% and the referral bounties have dwindled to a few uses a month ($3 so far this month.) So the short of it, can I ask you all to white-list this site from any ad blockers you have and remember to use the amazon referral link when shopping there? Thanks again everyone as we enjoy the resurgent Devils! Brad "DM" Smith
  4. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Winnipeg had no answer for them; Hall had 7 shots, Nico 6. They finally got one goal late but they got a ton of chances before that, especially when the game was close. 1st line is the last thing I'm worried about at the moment. It's those middle 2 that are an issue right now.
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  6. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Our top lines are a big negative, hall , nico, stafford have almost no positive nights... the aggressive style has a tendency to catch our forwards too deep.. and transition goals allowed are mounting... we've been carried by the lower lines.. and our speedy dmen are on the tiny side.. so our play in front and behind our net is a disadvantage Our top players need to score more than they give up
  7. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Stop it you're making me cry.
  8. Gibbons emerges as a scoring threat

    The fourth line has been great. They're not just riding a crazy shooting percentage without generating good looks. It'll obviously come down a bit in terms of goals scored but they can be the best offensive 4th line this team has had for years.
  9. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    These aren't your older brothers Devils. Missed this one but these 4+ goals against are becoming too normal.
  10. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    And it's why the Bruins have had our number as well.
  11. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    A couple of quick breakdown, boom...game. Let's see the response against the Wild and get 2 points out of it. That will make this road trip a positive one. The NHL seems way more competitive this year across the board, and this was a tough gauntlet of a road trip. Chicago, Toronto, the Peg, and Monday will be a hot goalie in Minny. So let's hope the Devils come with a good response after this one. There were some positives tonight. I just see more structure to the overall game. Last year those blowout games that happened after Thanksgiving were brutal with the Devils being completely dominated in the run of play, and the odd man chances. This wasn't that type of loss. The quickness of those breakdowns really was demoralizing to watch as a fan. I guess it's a good reminder that if they aren't on their game at all times, things can sour in the blink of an eye.
  12. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Yet again, Henrique is missing for most of a game. Another big fat zero from him.
  13. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    It kind of sucks having to watch Barzal tear it up with the Islanders this season, after the Devils (and about 10 other teams) passed on him in the 2015 draft. I don't think many of us have given up on Zacha, and maybe he just needs more time than we expected, but the idea of having Barzal on this team is really awesome. I know a lot of posters on here were hoping for Barzal in that draft. It was no secret that he was a very talented player at the time. Imagine Barzal, Hischier, Zajac, and Boyle as the Devils' center depth. Hopefully Zacha soon becomes the player we were all hoping for when he was drafted! It really would make such a difference.
  14. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Auston Matthews scored two tonight in his return to the lineup....what were the hockey gods thinking giving him to Toronto?? Ugh.
  15. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Give me a couple more Santini's, Id be happy
  16. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Congrats to Butcher. Otherwise that was a giant steaming pile of Canadian moose dung.
  17. Only 6 years between posts lol

    This thread feels like being in a coma and somehow being able to attend your highschool reunion party as some kind of... coma ghost. Yeah, that was weird.
  18. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Agreed. At least Palms and Hall are getting chances. Rico has been invisible.
  19. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Not sure where Henriques game is at the moment. He doesn't look like a player that could score twenty goals a season let alone thirty.
  20. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Welp. At least Nico played well
  21. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    It was a bad 3 minutes, otherwise we played well... didn't like buff making runs at our guys 2mins after they passed.. if palms and stafford bury their chances it's a different game...
  22. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Didn't think they played bad at all tonight. They've had a lot of chances and contained the Jets for a long time.
  23. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    So true. And they don't have a big guy. NJ defense could use a Bortuzzo type of guy.
  24. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    They really do have trouble with the bigger teams don’t they?
  25. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Thought this was interesting... I suppose it was calculated before this game tho
  26. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Ffs the Jets are just straight kyrptonite to the Devils in recent years. Getting a little tired of Gibbons being the entire offense. Can’t continue like this if they want to stay competitive. Guys like Henrique really need to start contributing. That said, happy for Butcher finally getting his first goal.
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  28. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    RECAP Tough game. Winnipeg is just too big and strong, and we can't contain them. The Devils actually had the right approach this game, but the Jets size and skill ultimately was the difference maker. The Jets 4th goal really bothered me because nobody went after the guy behind the net. I really hope the results from these past 2 games doesn't cause them to change the way they played. They need to keep playing the same way, and eventually the results will come. POSSESSION ES CF: 55 to 57 ES FF: 40 to 44 ES SF: 29 to 34 ES SCF: 25 to 16 ES HDCF: 9 to 7 All CF: 64 to 57 All FF: 49 to 44 All SF: 36 to 34 All SCF: 28 to 16 All HDCF: 9 to 7
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