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  2. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    What were your impressions of Nico compared to the others? I know you are/were very high on Ehlers. Were you hoping the Devils would select Nico before the draft?
  3. Jerseys Review

    Ice jerseys review: https://nfljerseysreviews.blogspot.com/2017/10/icejerseyscom-nhl-jerseys-review.html
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  5. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Yeah im lucky to be from that region and able to see all those guys play in juniors.
  6. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    That is incredible. If he hits FA and goes to TOR I'm going to be so salted.
  7. Man Convicted for killing over NJ Devils hat comment

    Reminds me of Adrian Mellon who got killed by a clown after being thrown off a bridge by a bully cause he was wearing a I "heart" Derry hat back in 1984.
  8. Man Convicted for killing over NJ Devils hat comment

    Yeah, this came up when it happened but I really feel like this has little to do with hockey ultimately. The guy was on heroin, drunk, and suffering from some mental sh!t like paranoia. Obviously not excusing him at all, just saying I remember when it happened stupid reddit was blowing up as if this guy purely murdered someone over the Devils but I think it's pretty obvious that he was going to do something fvcked up regardless. Unfortunately for the victim they happened to be the one he went off on. Horrible story but just another reason not to antagonize (or engage at all) strangers I guess, never know what people are capable of... especially at 3AM. I remember this case got notoriety because Rittenhouse is actually a decent area of Philly. Anyways, just kind of rambling but yeah. sh!tty story. Glad the family got the justice they deserve ultimately.
  9. Man Convicted for killing over NJ Devils hat comment

    I love that they threw that in there haha.
  10. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    Although I'm not a huge fan of Carlson and think he is much closer to a second pair guy than top, having him, Severson and Santini on the right side of the d would be awesome. Now if we could just get a ld to play in front of Greene. Imagine: Klefbom-Carlson Greene -Severson Butcher-Santini My deal would be- Zacha, Henrique and a 2019 first for Klefbom next summer
  11. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    MacKinnon has been on a tear since that Duchene trade, 10 points in the last 4 games, for a season total of 25 points in 20 games. The fact that the coaching staff at Halifax was more impressed with Nico than MacK (and Ehlers, Drouin, etc.) during their respective draft years is really encouraging. Obviously a lot can change once you hit the NHL level. MacKinnon certainly has become a far better player than I thought he would be. But it would be a great thing to have a player at his level on this team in a couple of years. All we need is a Rantanen now.
  12. Man Convicted for killing over NJ Devils hat comment

    It almost reads like “at least he stabbed someone over a good team”.
  13. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    I won't go as far as saying this was our best game of the season, but it's up there. NJ dominated the 2nd and 3rd, which is nice to see. In past seasons, NJ didn't have the skill to put their opponents on their heels when chasing a late equalizer. Nice to see them get rewarded. Not getting the second point sucks, but they have had some good games lately. Toronto, Chicago and Minnesota come to mind. Yeah, he missed a wide open net, but holy **** Nico is special. He was doing whatever he wanted with the puck and Chara and McAvoy had no answer for him. Nice to see Bratt get back on the board. He needs to get going again. Thought Zajac had his best game of the season and Stafford didn't look useless.
  14. Man Convicted for killing over NJ Devils hat comment

    I love how the last line of the article just lists the Devils record so far this season lmao so out of place
  15. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    I need to chill on the boyle hate yesterday, it was hockey fights cancer night, so Hynes gave him some moments.. can't kill him for that.. Thought travis was finding his legs later in this game, a good sign Benching zacha in the third is getting old, Hynes is being a douche bag now.. if the kid doesn't play fast enough for you cut or trade him.. I thought he was OK, at times very good , like when he carries the puck in or wins a board battle and makes an outlet pass, Stafford has fallen into the lazy habit of the soft area dump to wood , go chase it miles.. Bratt fit in well with the top dogs
  16. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    Still would like to see a Lappin in for a Hayes - I think they could use some new blood/fresh legs for a boost.
  17. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    Well even though it may look weird from the outside who Hynes picked. The coaches are seeing those guys practicing SO and they know their success rate, that's what they go by, we have no clue really other than guessing on what we see in games. Also not sure where i saw that but i know that Hynes told the guys lately that if any of them thought they deserved a shot in SO, that it was their chance to prove it and they had a SO session in practice just for that. So again, they know more than we do 200% sure it's undeniable so it's just a matter of keeping that in mind
  18. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    Liked the 3rd period response and push. Still got a point out of it. They win the Corsi game and lose the actual hockey game, I don't know. I think I liked hockey better before I paid attention to that. Because I'm bummed they didn't win. But this team hangs tough most nights, and as long as they're hanging in this thing as the season keeps progressing then they are meeting my expectations. I'm getting antsy for Mojo to get back, but concussions are no joke so just recover well. On to a tough Canucks team, let's get 2 points. And a Good Turkey Day to all.
  19. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

  20. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    Wait, we're really dumping on Hynes for shooter choices in an 11 round shootout? C'mon guys... we were like 5 rounds away from seeing Lovejoy take an attempt. That late into the Bettman's Fake Point-a-thon it really doesn't matter who you send out, just hoping for some Marek Malik type sh!t. As for Miles Wood... I would like to see him get redemption but if you've watched his previous penalty shot attempts, for some reason he comes in slow as all hell and just over thinks it. Can't really blame Hynes for not wanting to go with him yet. Speaking of which, that was honestly brutal to watch... after the first 3-4 shooters for both team's it was just awful attempt after awful attempt, literally the only thing entertaining about it is the fact that a point is riding on it. There's nothing exciting about watching Damon Severson and some "who the fvck is that?" Bruins take awful penalty shots for ten minutes... but whatever. Pretty good game by the team. What sucks is they've lost three contests I can think of in the past few weeks where they were far and away the better team, home against Edmonton, at Toronto, and tonight. Hopefully they can start building off these more complete efforts. At least we got a point.
  21. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    No one should realistically expect them to stay on top of the division though. They are still a young team coming off of five years of futility. They still have a ways to go to being true contenders.
  22. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    These are all unblocked shots.
  23. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    In your mind he still is what he was 5 years ago and in my mind he isn't anymore. 2022 it drops to 3 million, from 2023 3 years at 1 million. And maybe they put in a loophole or do something in the next CBA to help teams get out from these contracts somehow, but I don't like to bet on those things. He certainly won't retire - 1m per year won't make a difference at that point to him but why walk away from it if you don't have to? IF he retires teams will be on the hook for cap recapture and if he ever wants to work in the league I can't imagine that'll help his reputation around the league. He might get a Hossa-like injury, but even then he only goes on LTIR, which isn't without its problems. If NJ ever becomes a high payroll team it'll be very difficult with a non-playing Weber on the books. For starters they can't go above the cap in the summer by more than 10%, Weber's deal included and by day 1 of the season they have to be below the cap with his salary included before putting him on LTIR. If this team was where I think it can be in 2020, which is a team capable of winning playoff rounds, then yeah, I could see swinging for the fences and making a trade for Weber. But where they are now, I'm not so sure I like the deal. And that's before even discussing the potential cost of getting him.
  24. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    I just need to let Bob stay in ne and not worry about goalie games played... every time I play someone else it messes it up later (like I inadvertently played Elliott tonight instead of Bob) and lost a vital shutout.
  25. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    I like your optimism. It's hard not to see good things. And Trust me I do. But if you really believe they'll be able to stay on top of our division with the way they are playing now then you are a super optimist. Speaking of the playoffs, they should be able to make it if...they significantly improve. Don't judge by 20+ games. It's a long season. Let's wait for a first stretch of divisional games.
  26. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    Crazy game to be at. Bruins fans were only moderately annoying. Definitely got our money's worth out of those free tickets. Lots of extra hockey.
  27. GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

    I love how people on here thought that like last season we wouldn’t be good and exciting to watch, and now that we are and are playing well generally and getting points and good offensive production, they say we’ll start falling in the standings. If we end up making the playoffs, they’ll say : “they’ll get killed in the first round”
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