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  2. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Could we be advertising Lovejoy for sale? He has played well over the last month and with Muller and Santini both available to play he could be being used as trade bait. Not sure what we could get for him. He is a right shot and so is Santini. Would rather Santini play then sit in the press box.
  3. Guys I could see the average NHL fan putting ahead of Schneider (as a whole, not just specifically this season)... Holtby, Rinne, Price, probably Lundqvist and Quick, maybe even Bobrovsky and Murray or Fleury. Other guys probably on his level are Bishop, Dubynk, Vasilevsky, etc. I think it's safe to safe Cory should be in and around the top 10. I think it's also pretty clear he's not top 5. There's certainly gray area from 5-15. Where he slots in there is anyone's guess, and mostly a matter of opinion.
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  5. The league average SV% when goalies face 30 or more shots is .925. When Schneider had a .924, that's when the team was allowing close to 35 shots a game. So in essence he was league average at best. FTR, when goalies face fewer than 30 shots (and play 50+ minutes), the league average SV% is .904. So if the Devils were playing strong defense from the start, a .924 would have been excellent. But because the team was allowing close to 35 shots a game, the .924 makes him league average at best, but in actuality it makes him below league average because the league average SV% at 35 shots is actually gonna be even higher.
  6. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Just his third goal and fourth point in his last 16. Good timing though...thanks Rico!
  7. GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:00 PM

    It's not a "traditional" RR pass, but with the screen and everything it makes it tough for Halak and achieves a similar effect.
  8. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Ducks beating Pittsburgh 4-1 after 2. Rico with a goal.
  9. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    If OEL is available, you have to be at that table. He's insanely talented. But I highly doubt Chayka trades OEL. It's unlikely NJ will be in on any of these players, but interesting to contemplate.
  10. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Kind of funny twitter account @IslesWhiteSuv which is a twitter feed of that hideous SUV you see above the Barclays Center ice.
  11. GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:00 PM

    He has one goal more than McDavid in 5 less games.
  12. GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:00 PM

    It's too bad he isn't a great finisher, Hall can generate chances as well as dam near anybody.
  13. 2017 JETS

    And yes Shefter is saying Bates or Haley as his replacement.
  14. Tied for 3rd overall in save percentage for goalies with 200 games played. In the history of hockey. Small sample size, yes. But still, not so average.
  15. GAA is garbage and worth nothing when it comes to evaluating goalies. All it's doing is evaluating the team defense along with the save percentage. Is Schneider top 7? I can't say that he is, but it's also fatuous to think that he should be one of the 7 best goalies in the league because of that - Vasilevsky is not paid what he worth, and neither is Gibson. I think Schneider is still top 10 but there's a lot of hockey left to play this season. And yet Price's career save percentage is lower. Maybe the team a goalie is on has something to do with this kind of thing. I don't think Schneider has had a better career than Price, but I think they're pretty even, and let's see what happens when Montreal is terrible. It's a shame that the Devils and Canucks both wasted Schneider's prime.
  16. 2017 JETS

    Very much against Morton getting fired. Thought he did a GREAT job considering the circumstances. And a dolt like Kacy Rodgers is still around. Of course. Also we have the weird situation with Bruce Arians who is rumored to be involved somehow with our 2018 training camp. I figured in some sort of consulting role like Tom Moore was years ago
  17. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    And any argument lead by plus-minus is a poor one. Hell Severson nearly toon home Commie’s Green Jacket last year
  18. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    One could argue it’s the best time to acquire them. Always buy low.
  19. You just don't like him, it's obvious. You never say a peep about this "average" crap unless he's in a slump.
  20. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I don't have much hunger to acquire any of these cept maybe Galchenyuk. I love who we have now, Love #23, #44, #40 we have a very good bottom 6.
  21. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    OEL is a -40! The next minus guy is Petry (Habs) -22. I realize he's on crap team but cheeze, also Max Domi 3 goals in last 40 games. And one of those was an empty netter. I'm a lil scared of acquiring Yotes. They're shell-shocked. W/ D. Strome in the A. Doing Ok but had opportunities to stay. Still aint ready.
  22. 2017 JETS

    Jets do wind up firing Morton lol, day after Haley gets canned by the Steelers and he has Bowles ties.
  23. Yesterday
  24. He's an average to slightly above average goalie.. idc what stats say, a post on the 1st page is dead on about shots a goalie face and how They re all counted the same, even though they're easy ones and very hard ones. Stats for a goalie don't tell the whole story. Price is much better then cory will ever be, he's actually clutch, and shows it time and time again (minus his slump he's in). Cory doesn't string enough of those games together to be considered top 7, yet alone elite.
  25. yeah as for stats I'll stick with the standard Sav% and GAA from places like espn and other places like that until one of the resident stat guru finds a way to twist the numbers. Bottom line, happy to have Cory as our goalie and he certainly is handicapped by a relatively weak defense (eye test) not gonna bother looking up numbers to back that up.
  26. I’ll let someone who’s better at stats deal with your first question. For your second question; not that I think this should be an end-all for the discussion but typically EASports will rate the players and the casual-and-above fans tend to agree with their ratings. They have Schneider as the 4th best goalie in this year’s game. https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2017/nhl-18-player-ratings-top-10-goalies and if you don’t want to use that for any evidence I don’t blame you, but I’m an active poster on reddit r/hockey, which has fans of all teams, and it’s my opinion that the majority of those users (some 100k +) see Cory as a borderline top-5 and bonifide top-10 goalie.
  27. got it other than the part about the numbers not quite lining up. I like Cory but don't think he's a top 7 goalie. I would also highly doubt the majority of NHL fans comment as well, in many cases they will above anything else overate their own guy first before throwing Cory's name out there. He's 23rd in SAV% and 29th in goals allowed. You could probably pull some other guys out based on games played but nowhere near enough to be 7th. He's a solid guy, but I wish I had a dollar every time somebody here said he needs to make that save, especially in games where we struggle.
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