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  2. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Yeah, last game I missed the first minute by accident. Tonight, I think I'll purposely miss it lol
  3. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Don't need what, another night of 4+ goals against??
  4. NJ.com article on Jesper Bratt

    Actually very well done by Ryan
  5. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    We don't need this right now. Get a damn flu shot.
  6. Today
  7. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    I may skip the first two minutes just so I don't see KK playing like ass. Rest of the game he'll be fine. LGD
  8. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    I'm probably one of the most neutral / optimistic people on this board most of the time. lol like I said, play the way they did Tuesday and they should win.
  9. I know. I meant it as a generalization to whoever I quoted - they were saying that Cory was a top 5 goalie, so I was just trying to list off the top of my head goalies that I thought would be rated higher if polled in a league-wide consensus. Didn't mean it to be taken so literally lol.
  10. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Wtf, again? Cory is still sick??
  11. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Todd Cordell‏ @ToddCordell Retweeted Sportsnet Friedman on the Devils (~28:35 in): "I don't know if they're going to make any trades, but they've been looking for D" http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-podcast-looking-ahead-nhl-trade-deadline/
  12. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

  13. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    This is why I'm liking John Hynes. From Andrew Goss: "Asked John Hynes if he wants his Devils to embrace this challenge of being in the middle of a playoff race. Coach responded he wants Devils to embrace trying to beat the Caps after two 5-2 losses to them this season. "We haven't given them a game yet." 1 game at a time. The Devils can beat them if they play their way, no massive goof-ups, and are not chasing the game I like a win and 2 points tonight. Preferably in regulation.
  14. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    LGD... last game against them was NOT GOOD.. show us that we belong on the same ice as them.. and not just our 1st line
  15. maybe Quick, Lundqvist and Bobrovsky? Um yeah all day every day outside of NJ.
  16. I'm not trying to downplay Cory at all. I'm just making aware of the fact that as a result of him facing a lot of shots, his SV% was inflated due to higher shot volume. When separating the higher shot volume games (I use 30 or more) from the lower shot volume games (29 or fewer), every goalie in the past 30 seasons has a higher cumulative SV% in those higher shot volume games. 29 or fewer shots: .899. 30 or more shots: .917. Now that's going back 30 years which crosses over different eras and whatnot. To break it down even more and going strictly with more recent data, the past 10 years breaks down like this. 29 or fewer shots: .906 30 or more shots: .926 Since we're talking Cory, here's just his splits in his career. 29 or fewer shots: .918 30 or more shots: .933 I must emphasize that all of this data only includes games where the goalie plays 50 minutes or more which means relief appearances and games where the goalie gets pulled due to bad play are omitted from the above data. I still believe Cory is an elite goalie. He just hasn't shown it these past 2 seasons.
  17. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    That must've been a nasty bug. It was only two days in between playing Philly and the Isles game. He must've been pretty miserable for those few days lol, that sh!t is the worst. Don't want to be negative but it feels like every time Kinkaid has had one of these performance based consecutive starts the next one never matches the first one. He also has atrocious numbers versus the Caps... sub .900 sv pct and 4+ GAA... but he also had terrible numbers against the Isles. If the team can play as well as they did Tuesday then they should be able to hopefully finally beat this team.
  18. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Kinkaid is starting.
  19. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    LGD, let's finally beat these guys
  20. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Yeah I was going to say, I feel like we've lost to them a lot the last few times we've played them. Will be interesting to see how Schneider plays tonight. Seems like he's getting a lot of the attention right now. I hope we can score at least 3 goals tonight, and limit them to 1 or 2. Will be tough, but we have it in us. Let's put together a good game for the home crowd. Let's Go Devils.
  21. I like having Boyle in front of the net on the power play (and Wood on pp2) to get those garbage goals but I agree abiut Zajac. Especially when he’s already used in the pk. Let the young guys like Bratt and Hischier take on those double responsibilities.
  22. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Same lines as last game. Hall-Hischier-Bratt Johansson-Zajac-Stafford Wood-Zacha-Palmieri Gibbons-Boyle-Noesen Greene-Vatanen Moore-Severson Butcher-Lovejoy
  23. True. I'd consider him above Schneider, but I feel like Bobrovsky doesn't get the same recognition from other people.
  24. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Kink will start tonight. Cory will back up, but he's still trying to regain his appetite and regain some weight he lost while sick: https://mobile.twitter.com/amandacstein/status/954025198596042752 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    LGD. Time to dig deep here. Adversity happens, rise to the challenge if you want to be taken seriously.
  26. GDT: Caps @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Looking like Kink again tonight: https://mobile.twitter.com/AGrossRecord/status/954015740788649984 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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