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  2. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Well this is technical cause in Canada you can buy beer at 18 years old.
  3. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    PAVEL ZACHA ISNT YET OLD ENOUGH TO BUY BEER YOU STUPID FVCKING FVCKS. Will he be a bust? MAYBE. Will you be able to tell that before the legal age to buy bud light? NO. YOU. FVCKING. CANT. SH!T.
  4. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I don't think he will ever be a totally fluid player which is why he won't be a top scorer - that and I think he struggles to read the play away from the puck - but the idea that he 'sucked again tonight' is ridiculous.
  5. Almost everyone on this board who ever talks about this stuff knows this, and the ones who don't will not be convinced.
  6. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    No Bergfors put up some numbers in his limited games.
  7. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Zacha sucked again tonight. The problem with him is he doesn't have a high hockey IQ. He's constantly reading plays in slow motion.
  8. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I have absolutely no idea what this means. Bergfors played half a season for the Devils when he was 22 and scored a fair number of goals in that time.
  9. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Is Zacha reaching Bergfors territory yet?
  10. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    This. It's no longer his first.rodeo.
  11. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I agree with all of this. This would be another story if Zacha was playing poorly and not producing. It would be more of a red flag if he was still playing like he was a few months back. I also think this is where a lot of the frustration comes from. Watching talent that isn't converting draws a lot more attention than watching passengers not produce. I think it's silly that everyone chose tonight to hate on Zacha, since he played well enough to be promoted to the second line. And before tonight's game, Hynes had been putting more and more trust in him. You could argue that every other forward did less than Zacha tonight. Makes no sense for him to be the scapegoat when not a single player stepped up. Where was Palmieri, MoJo, Zajac, Boyle tonight? But here we are, blaming Conte for picking a player who hasn't produced much yet, after a year and a half in the NHL. Anyway, you aren't going to get far trying to convince Daniel that Zacha has some upside, since he believes Pavel to be worse than Lawson "okay AHLer" Crouse.
  12. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I don't know why tonight is the night for the Zacha conversation. It's easily one of the best games he's played as a Devil in terms of entering the zone with speed, not being deferential, forcing defenders into tough positions, and being noticed out on the ice. Did he score? No, and he hasn't scored in a while, but he's getting shots, and he has a good shot, so I think that will come soon. But I thought he was probably the best forward for the Devils tonight. Him and Coleman had that great sequence on the PK where they wasted the Wings' time and then Zacha set up Vatanen with a decent opportunity from the point but he thought better of it (perhaps because he knew if he missed the net he would trap everyone but himself). I don't think Zacha is a future star or anything close but he can have a fine career as a top 9 forward. Devils came out flat in the 1st when they shouldn't've and they sagged in the 3rd a bit in a way that resembled some bad Devils teams of recent vintage, but their PP did everything besides score. There's a few too many passengers on the team when someone like Hall is out - Hayes, Stafford, and Boyle all need carrying and Zajac probably does too.
  13. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Almost all losses like this had the same scenario - you struggle (often outscoring the other team) and they have no problem putting pucks in your net. No matter what the players say after such games they all know that.
  14. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Maybe next year he can play with Boqvist or Zetterlund. Seems he plays well with other Swedes.
  15. Today
  16. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Would of been more fun game and a nice marketing gimmick, if Detroit started Chili vs. Devs Appleby. "Appleby's vs. Chili's ...your neighborhood goalie battle" As usual, Zajac and Hayes: hands of bricks or cinderblocks take your pick, guess it goes with the horrendous team passing tonight Hischier looked exhausted/worn-out, time to crack out the 3D/VR setup out and COACH changes appropriately or give the kid a rest. Has Vatanen contacted his stick manufacturer for failure analysis to why all his sticks keep breaking like potato chips? Old guys need their ice time reduced, the Defense or lack of it, not going to be fixed until draft-trade dates, cuz this setup does not work right, Hynes/Shero?
  17. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    They were at least competitive in most of those loses though. These last couple games not so much...
  18. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    He's saying if Boyle scores, the team plays differently. Hell if fvcking Greene scores, they're playing a completely different hockey game. You can when a good number of your shots were low percentage and into the winged wheel on Mrazek's chest. They were moving in slow motion nearly the entire first two periods, everyone saw it. Thankfully Detroit came out just as limp, otherwise this game would have been significantly uglier
  19. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I would like to see him on the top line with Nico
  20. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    The entire team is snake bitten at the moment.
  21. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    If MoJo wasn't doing other stuff right, I'd be as pissed at him as I am with Zacha. That's his only saving grace is his willingness to sacrifice himself game in and game out. Palms becoming Ovie on the PP is frustrating, especially since, other than the one PP in the 2nd, it felt like they were either going to force him the puck or force the puck to the slot where Zajac, Stafford or Boyle were blanketed by the collapsing box PK the Wings played. He has skill, we saw it last year, he's not using it as much as he was. There is no doubt for a stretch there he was dealing with lingering injures from this season, but he's got to pick it up and not just rely on a slapper from the circle to get his goals. Greene is back to being useless after his one game of absolute brilliance. I honestly have no clue what leadership he is bringing on the ice so it has to be behind the scenes. Moore and Severson were abysmal, especially on the Larkin goal. I'd love for Boyle or Nose or Coleman to pot a goal, but those wells are currently dry, as is the case with most of the team. The problem is you can't teach effort or drive, that has to come from within, and Zacha does not show that on a consistent basis and it drives me insane. He has talent, and he's absolutely snake bitten, but the dude has to want to get better and I don't see it enough.
  22. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Can't have 37 SOG in a coma, but you are right - it wasn't a 60 min game anyway. I think frustration kicked in and it's Hynes' job to motivate them.
  23. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I'd like to punch David Conte in the stomach right about now. Yes. He's playing with zero confidence
  24. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I was talking about the final score
  25. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I was never on the Severson hate train, thought he was our best defenseman last year and probably our 2nd best this year behind Vatanen. I agree Pavel has some consistency issues, I think that's the real thing holding him back so far in his career. I think a lot of his struggles are between the ears in terms of confidence and just struggling to get some momentum going, but I see the skill set there and he has very good hockey sense. There's a very good player in there, I just prefer to preach patience instead of crucifying the kid.
  26. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Any one else starting to get concerned about MOJO?
  27. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    And pucks will start bouncing off the post in, not out? It's not his job to teach an NHLer how to not miss an empty net.
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