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  2. NFL Week 11

    In the 70s (I was born in 1970), there was definitely more of a "optional" vibe to buckling up...it's just the way things were...it was even like that in the 80s and 90s, though less so. Not anymore, and that's a GOOD thing. I can't picture NOT wearing one now.
  3. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Devils are 12-5-3 at the quarter mark, on pace for about 111 points. No, I don't see them getting there. But at least 90+ feels like it's doable, as long as they don't suffer too many injuries, and can improve in their own end. Devils are 3-3-3 in their last nine...doesn't sound impressive, but they weren't going to keep up the pace they were on earlier, and it's not like they've been playing a lot of slouches lately. It hasn't always been pretty (they've been outshot 357-308 in these nine games), and at times they've looked borderline helpless, but they've found ways to hold their own. Hope they can come up with 5 or 6 points in their next four games...they have a three-game road trip to start December, but from 12/15 - 12/29, they have a six-game homestand, their longest of the season. Would love to see them come away with 13 or 14 points in their next 11 before that stand...after that stand is over, Devils will play 22 out of 37 games on the road. If at all possible, it'd be nice to have banked some points before that stretch.
  4. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Probably because Zacha had the lowest TOI of the whole team. I didnt think he played poorly with the time given him.
  5. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Just got back from the game in St. Paul. I had fun seats, row 6 from the ice but near the goal where the Devils shot at during periods one and three. As such, a lot of the action was on the other end of the rink all three periods so I'm pretty sure everyone who saw the game on TV has a better overall analysis than what I have. From my vantage point, however, I did notice a couple of things: For starters, Henrique seemed ready to rumble at any moment from the middle of the second period on. Not really sure what got under his skin (demotion to fourth line?) but he was a hockey player clearly on a mission. Nico looked like a rookie for a good portion of the night; seemed more tentative than I've seen him look in the past. There were at least four good brawls and I honestly can't remember an early regular season game against a non divisional opponent where the Devils seemed so motivated to throw down on a continual basis - especially since the Wild really aren't a goon type of team - so that really surprised me. Butcher played smartly and is a calm, intelligent hockey player but really can get knocked off the puck when he's pressed. Nice goal though by the Butcher, arguably the most important goal of the game. Didn't notice Zacha, Stafford, Palms making too many memorable plays. Severson and Santini were fun to watch, played with a bit of an edge. As for the game flow itself, when the Devils took that crucial penalty in the third (Devs up 3-1 at the time) I turned to my 12-year-old daughter and said, "The Wild are going to score, tie it up in the final minutes and send this game will go into overtime." My daughter looks at me and says, "Dad, you need to stay positive." So, during the break before overtime starts, my daughter turns to me and says, "Dad, how did you know?" You guys all know the answer I gave her.
  6. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Oh it's just the best, it feels like that show was made for me for my birthday or something, its hitting every notes for me lol Actually turns out i'm born on the same exact day than the Duffer brothers who created the show. Actually met the kids from the show few months ago, Gaten (Dustin) was in NJ the day before watching Green Day and met them backstage lol which is awesome
  7. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Solid avatar. Great show
  8. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Not much dude. Just watchin' Suter breaking his stick on the net after Moore's OT goal...... on loop lol
  9. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Suffice it to say that opposing teams seem to know that the Devils struggle when their opponent pulls its goalie...teams seems to be doing it earlier and earlier, with no apparent fear. One of these days the Devils will figure out how to get through a 6-on-5 without looking like a trainwreck plowing through a dumpster fire. That being said, this team battles and they came away with five points on a tough trip. There's obviously plenty that needs work, but hell of a job. As far as the results go, no complaints.
  10. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Rico, Coleman, Gibby, Nice combo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Watched this via the Minnesota feed, man I thought the Devs coverage was bad at times and being hard on; Chico, Dano, Deb, Sherri, Matt, Cang, Johnny MAc, but man the Minnesota Wild have these worse coverage team in the league, esp. the two live play clowns.; Anthony Lapanta and that total loser Greenlay. PS: Hynes needs to turn Rico into Shanahan... he plays much better on the edge.
  12. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    I was so fired up when he went after him after that.
  13. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Didn’t even notice it was Sterio and not SatansHockey, Two of them have the same damn avatars now!
  14. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Protecting Cory, and bringing the grit too. Hell of a game for 14.
  15. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    The 5 on 6 strategy at the end there cost them the regulation win. Gotta win those D zone draws
  16. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Hell yeah. I was on his ass for sure, a three point night will shut me the fvck up real quick. Excellent game by Rico.
  17. Only 6 years between posts lol

    u wot m8?
  18. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Holy sh!t sup
  19. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Last year, win # 12 didn't come until game 25. Win # 13 game # 33. That 13th win was on December 22nd. So not last year.
  20. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Well anyway, great win tonight boys. I'm gonna go check out the Minny boards on HFboards before heading to bed, wish me luck.
  21. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    mrw I saw "SterioDesign" Welcome back!
  22. Only 6 years between posts lol

    As a matter of fact it's been quite enjoyable haha
  23. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Loved his game tonight. Played like a 4th liner with grit. Definitely didn’t disappear this game
  24. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    RECAP For the first half of the game, they looked sluggish and out of sync. They definitely picked it up in the 2nd half of the 2nd period. This game should hopefully bring home the point that keeping the puck to the outside does not work. Every shot attempt should be considered dangerous. 5 of the 6 regulation goals were scored simply by throwing the puck on net, and finding its way into the net. The 5 on 6 strategy at the end there cost them the regulation win. POSSESSION ES CF: 40 to 57 ES FF: 30 to 39 ES SF: 19 to 27 ES SCF: 19 to 22 ES HDCF: 12 to 3 All CF: 52 to 73 All FF: 37 to 52 All SF: 25 to 36 All SCF: 23 to 29 All HDCF: 14 to 6
  25. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Faaawk yeah!
  26. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Rico was really fired up. tonight
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