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  2. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    They shouldn't give assists for it, but you just wish they'd be consistent about it.
  3. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    That being said... Jacob Josefson scores a goal.
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  5. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    In no way? I may be misunderstanding you but looking at it again it's hard to tell what Hischier's intention was. There was an initial touch by him to push the puck out from behind then net, and then there was a possible second touch which I definitely think could have been a quick reflexive reaction to direct the puck towards Hall. That said, looking at the play again frame by frame in slow motion, I'm not sure Hischier's stick ever hit the puck for the second time. It actually seems like he missed it completely while Edler alone knocked it towards Hall. So I can see why they took the assist away.
  6. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    So uhhhhh...... Embarrassingly late to this thread? LGD? No but, solid game. The no call high stick on Wood was nonsense. Keep getting them points!!!
  7. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    +1 I want to kill the guy but he's been decent lately...only lately...
  8. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Hischier in no way intended to get that puck to Hall at the time the puck was sent that way. Normally they leave the assists on a goal like that, but they probably shouldn't.
  9. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Ahhh! I should have hit you up. Glad your daughter got to see a great game. Prayers to your father.
  10. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Taylor Hall's goal is still listed as unassisted. I cannot believe that they would take the assist away because the Vancouver player got some stick on it.
  11. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Dammit man, wish I had known that you were going to be there...I went with my daughter (who this time thankfully had zero belly issues). Just glad another obvious screwing on the part of the refs didn't take a win away from the Devils. That non-call was pretty fvcking infuriating. Very happy BB scored...loved when the crowd was cheering his name. Emotional night...my dad is recovering from prostate cancer, and my thoughts were definitely with him...so far so good, hope it stays that way.
  12. SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    Curious to hear the follow up on this
  13. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Agree on Lovejoy. He’s been solid.
  14. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    I was prepared to be giving Lovejoy abuse on a regular basis when he got back in the lineup but I have to agree about how he's played. And as for Butcher, what a move for Boyles goal. But the thing about Butcher is he reads defensive plays so well and that has really impressed me. I think we could have a really, really good player on our hands there.
  15. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Good win, great to see BB score on a special night for him.
  16. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Good win. Good 2 points. This team can nail a mini run here if it keeps playing well and the schedule looks favorable.. I get the feeling that this Devils team isn't just a hot start team, and it's going to be in the mix for a spot. The D and the exits seem much better and have been as this season has progressed. The structure, maintaining pressure, holding the O zone..it's there.
  17. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    I was at the game. Only home game I’ll be able to make it to this season. Was fortunate enough to sit two rows behind the glass above the circle. Here’s some observations: 1. Taylor Hall is the best player we’ve had on our team since Kovalchuk and it isn’t even close. Right now I’d say he should be getting mentioned in the Hart conversation. 2. Nico Hischier is 18 years old and is simply always one step ahead. With more strength, that will come from age, this is a franchise player. He is spectacular to watch. 3. Pavel Zacha looked like a top-6 player tonight. He had some smart plays on both ends of the ice. Hope this is a confidence builder for him. 4. Will fvckin Butcher is dat dude. His assist was one of the prettier plays I’ve ever seen live, and it happened right in front of me. 5. Kevin Clarke announced Taylor Hall as the second star, by saying “with 4 assists, Taylor Hall!!!!”. Hmm. 6. Adam Henrique was fvcking brutal to watch. Playing with no confidence and seemingly no skill. No idea what’s going on between the ears there, but it’s not pretty. 7. Stafford should be a healthy scratch as soon as we call someone up from the AHL or promote MoJo from the IR. Holy actual balls is he bad. 8. Kevin Hayes winked at my wife three times during warmups. nose. 9. My first game at the Rock in 2 years, felt almost like a playoff atmosphere. Loud, loud, loud. Also, there were a total of zero Rangers Suck chants, at least not that I heard. Will make some people here happy.
  18. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Hall and Nico show tonight. Both were flying the entire game. Especially Hall. And Nico made some beautiful passes. Really happy Boyle got a goal on Hockey Fights Cancer night was just awesome. Loved that Hynes gave him an A for the game too. Cory played great tonight. Also, fvck those officials. Can’t remember last time I was that pissed over a missed call.
  19. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    RECAP Great win on a great night. Again, no real complaints from me tonight. Ben Lovejoy is quietly having a solid season because he's actually being used properly this year. Will Butcher is a beast. The defensive game has been so much better. POSSESSION ES CF: 37 to 40 ES FF: 31 to 29 ES SF: 23 to 19 ES SCF: 25 to 19 ES HDCF: 9 to 3 All CF: 43 to 48 All FF: 36 to 37 All SF: 26 to 25 All SCF: 31 to 25 All HDCF: 11 to 5
  20. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Great win. One of these days we will hit the empty net Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  21. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Great win, keep it rolling.................. LGD
  22. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Way to go boys, big two points! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    great win, miles looking great
  24. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Back in the win column!
  25. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Noesen u dumb F. I love u
  26. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Wow. Great final shift by Noesen
  27. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Crap so close How many EN goals have we had this season? I have a hard time remembering one haha Edit: Ah there you go Stafford
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