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Get both Elias and Langenbrunner to waive their clauses and trade them out for the most pucks you can get. Then have the team use the pucks to practice handling, passing, and shooting.
Oct 27 2010 10:03 AM
  • NewarkDevil5's Photo
    Pass them out? The team'll sell them for $5/bag.
    Oct 27 2010 10:18 AM
  • NewarkDevil5's Photo
    Oh and charge people who bring their own bags $2.50 for what they'll call a "convenience fee."
    Oct 27 2010 10:21 AM
  • RizzMB30's Photo
    Elias has been loyal to this team, and until I see a consistent decline in his scoring, you guys are morons...
    Oct 27 2010 08:25 PM