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#1119387 New Jersey has a long history of going head-to-head with NY and Philly

Posted by SegaDevil on 13 May 2012 - 02:30 PM

I don't normally post here, and this is why.
Disclaimer: You may fall asleep half way through this.

Benjamin Franklin referred to New Jersey as a barrel tapped at both ends.

Sandwiched between the South River and the North River—today’s Delaware and Hudson—New Jersey’s colonial identity was synonymous with that of its closest city, either New York or Philadelphia. This split identity resulted in a political divide during the colonial era, creating Berkley’s West New Jersey and Carteret’s East New Jersey. Even though official unification came in 1702, we still live in a divided state that exists to satisfy the big cities across the rivers.

Fast forward a few centuries. The early 1980s saw the arrival of two things New Jerseyans could finally call their own: the Nets and the Devils. Both teams made the Swamp their home and out-of-towners delighted in us having our hometown sports team based in such a dismal location. The two team’s position in the north further alienated south Jersey, deepening that supposedly-abolished division created during the colonial era.

When New Jersey attempted to establish itself by stepping out of the shadows of its neighbors, those same neighbors found a way to discredit what is ours. Need proof? The playoff re-runs from 18 years ago have already received more play time on TV than 1995, 2000 and 2003 combined.

New Jerseyans have even been denied Liberty. Lady Liberty, that is. In 1668, Captain Christopher Billopp was given 24 hours to sail around—and claim for the New York colony—as many islands in the New York Harbor as possible. Upheld by Congress in 1834, Liberty Island, Ellis Island and Staten Island were all supposedly circled during Billopp’s journey and have since been considered New York State, despite geographic proximity to New Jersey. No credit where credit is due.

The Brooklyn New Jersey Nets picked up and left for New York City this year and now the Devils are left to fend on this New Jersey peninsula alone, like a battered group of 300 outnumbered by a sea of invaders.

But this year can be different.

In the South, or the hole at the bottom of Franklin’s barrel, a plug was formed and wedged into the opening. The Flyers were defeated in five games and—for the first time in the history of the world—the mouths in Philadelphia are speechless.

In the North, the hole at the top of the barrel has yet to be decided. It can continue to widen. It can continue with the trend set in motion during those extra innings in 1994 or during the Congressional ruling in 1834. Or even that ridiculous sailing excursion in 1668.

Or … the tap can be removed and the hole can be plugged. For the first time in New Jersey history, the State may finally stand on its own as a unified and independent entity instead of a spit of land devoted to serve outsiders. Unification and independence will only be accepted if it includes the defeat of both cities that have controlled New Jersey for centuries.

Two dozen guys with sticks and skates can do what 400 years of history has failed to do. Plugging both ends of the barrel and creating a self-sustaining state—even if it’s only in the sports world—is a step in the right direction for New Jersey. If it happens, it will be wonderful. If it happens, it will be long overdue.
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#1313552 2014-2015 Season in Review - Confession Time

Posted by devilsrule33 on 15 April 2015 - 01:22 AM

I feel like a jerk. I was warned about how bad this season was going to be, and I kept it to myself rather than sharing it with the NJDEVS community. I could have spared everyone from watching this season, but instead you guys and gals got 82 games of hell. There's no more secrets between us. Time to fill you in on how I knew.


Opening night...Present Day Me has settled down to watch Game 1 of the '14-15 season Devils season vs the Flyers when suddenly a fatter, balder, grayer-haired me appears through a wormhole out of breathe


Future Me: It's me or you from the future. I don't have a lot of time, but just you got to trust me. Turn the game off and skip the season. Look at me.


Present-Day Me: Holy sh!t, you look and sound fvcking terrible. You reek of booze too.


FM: I know, and this is precisely why you can't watch this season. This is going to be you if you follow the team this year.


PM: No way, I am digging this team. Things are going to turn around. You know why I think that? Ryder's already scored with an assist from Clowe. If that isn't a sign, I don't know what else could be.


The TV is still on and we hear "SCAAAAAR! Henrique!"


PM: See. 2-0 Devils! And guess who got the assist....Ryder!!


Minutes later..."SCAAAAAARRR. Cammalleri's 1st as a Devil from Jagr. The first of many connections between these two. I can guarantee you that!"


FM: (to himself) sh!t, I've come too late. Any longer, and he's going to see Ryder get another point, Havlat get a point, and Cammalleri score again from Jagr. He's even going to see a Zubrus goal. That's going to be the only 6-goal game of the season. Then the next game he'll see a 4-goal 1st period with Severson getting his first NHL goal and assist, Gelinas grab two assists, Havlat scoring and Cammalleri scoring again. Oh sh!t, I forgot about the Ryane Clowe goal in the 2nd from Ryder. It'll be too late, and he'll be stuck following all 82 games. Crap crap crap...


PM: Lou has done it again. He's reinvented this team. They are back baby!


FM: Listen, I'm not supposed to give you specific details of the future, and I have to go back soon, but you're giving me no choice. So I'm going to make this quick, but first I have to do something...


FM Slaps PM across the face


PM: Owwwww, what the fvck was that for!?!?!


FM: I'm sorry, I promised myself if I ever saw me from the past, I'd slap him for even thinking for a second that this Devils team was any good. You know how stupid you look in the future for arguing with everyone that predicted the Devils not to make the playoffs.


PM: You need to go back where you came from. It's 3-0, and you are ruining the game for me. You're crazy and there is nothing you can say that could shock me.


FM notices his hands missing, as he's starting to disappear into the future. From the TV he hears, "And that's why Bryce Salvador, the captain, is such an important piece to this team. The leadership, the toughness, the grit, all the things that go unnoticed night in and night out...."


FM: (to himself) sh!t, I only got 20 seconds to get him to turn down Ken Danyeko's voice or I'll disappear completely. Uhhhhh, what do I say, what do I say..wtf do I say....


Brunner gone! Ryder a healthy scratch! Havlat healthy scratch! Elias with Gionta! Deboer fired!


PM: I'm not listening...




PM lowers the sound and slowly turns to FM


PM: (quietly) What did you just say?


FM: MAAARRRKKKKK fvckING FRRAASSSEEERRRR!, MAARK FRAASSERR, MARK FRASER! MAAARRKKK FRAAAASSSEER! (starts to cry as he grabs PM and shakes him) MARK FRASER, MARK FRASER MARK FRASER....MARK FRASER.....(starts to break down and ends up crying on his shoulder).


(trying to speak while crying) Don't you see, this is why I didn't want to tell you anything. You don't understand what it's like, game after game, night after night...16 minutes, 18 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes plus to watch Fraser play with Gelinas or Severson, and Harrold.


PM: Harrold's up to? Aww man....No, this is good. I needed this. I'm ready, lay it on me...


FM: Okay, rather than tell you everything, let me just give you the lineup for game 82, and you can ask questions from there...to be honest after the Fraser bit, it really isn't all that bad. I kind of feel stupid how overboard I went. I'm known to exaggerate a bit. 













PM: Woah! okay...(scanning the list) Gomez and Bernier didn't even make the team out of camp, now they are the centre and LW on the top line?


FM: Yup, for 30+ games or so...but it was totally cool, Both 30 point guys.


PM: What's Tootoo doing on the second line? He didn't even have a good camp and was in the AHL all last year. He should never be near the top 6.


FM: Oh Jordin. Listen, there's a lot wrong with those lines above, but we got no problem with that, he was maybe the best story on the team this year. He belongs there. That doesn't even show that he got a lot of time on the PP.


PM: Hmmm...How did he do then?


FM: (sheepishly) 10 goals, 15 points...


PM: Why is Elias on a 3rd line with Zubrus and Gionta?


FM: It's pretty cool. I mean Zubrus did go 50 games without scoring, but it isn't like he plays too much except once the coaching change happened, then his minutes kind of spiked...one game he even played over 22 minutes and PP minutes with Gionta. But this is a pretty good checking line.


PM: Coaching change eh, who is the new head coach?


FM: Don't have one...


PM: What does that mean exactly?


FM: Open up your mind. It was genius actually...think football. You've you got your offensive coordinator. That was Adam Oates. You've got your defensive coordinator. Scotty fvcking Stevens. Then, you've got your guy who oversees everything. That was Lou back behind the bench. He thought of everything here. Spared no expense.


PM: So like a head coach...


FM: No, not a head coach. What the heck is wrong with you....


PM: Anyway, so why was Deboer fired?


FM: Great question. I don't know. Combination of things...Tough buildings. Lot of tough buildings out there. I guess he got some bad luck with what felt like half the team out of the lineup?


PM: Who got injured?


FM: No injuries...


PM: But you said players were out...


FM: Oh just mumps. Larsson, Elias, Zajac, Clemmensen, Ryder, we think Jagr and Josefson too. Even an AHL coach got it.


PM: Mumps? Stop bullsh!tting me. Like what the children get? How did it get to the AHL? 


FM: Clemmensen probably gave it to him when he was sent down for Kinkaid. 2nd best highlight of the season.


PM: Speaking of the AHL, I see Boucher up. Not in love with him on the 4th line, but what can you do...


FM: Oh Reid. Na, he was barely up here. Called up last week of the season. Lou wanted to keep him in the AHL.


PM: Smart. Let him stay down in the AHL and rip it up, right?


FM: Is 14 goals in 59 games ripping it up?


PM: No..


FM: Good to know...well don't bother asking about any other prospects in the organization...


PM: Alright, I won't. Back to the main roster, I see Jagr's missing. Guess age finally caught up to him. No good anymore?


FM: Umm...no, he is. Just not with the Devils. He's awesome again in Florida. Anything else...got to get going. Rapid fire now.


PM: Brunner?


FM: Waived


PM: Ryder and Havlat?


FM: 11 combined goals in 87 games...


PM: Clowe?


FM: Really?


PM: Naa, even I knew how that one ended up. So...I think I understand what happened here.


FM: What? I still don't even understand what happened this year.


PM: No I get it...I finally understand what your purpose coming here was for. Tanking for Connor McDavid. You want me to tune in to the draft. "First of all the New Jersey Devils would like to congratulate Dean Lombardi and the LA Kings organization for winning the Stanley Cup. With the 1st overall pick, the New Jersey Devils select Connor. fvcking. McDavid." You didn't want me to suffer the pain that you did to enjoy that moment. To be honest, I kind of feel like I'm cheating. 


FM Slowly takes a few steps towards the wormhole.


FM:  Haha, the Devils didn't finish last. They haven't won the lottery as far as I know. Cory Schneider was amazing, and even though their leading point-getter only had 43 points, they finished 6th.


Not sure how to say this...there never was a tank. They did everything they could to win.


Alright, glad I could help, but on that note, I got to go now (takes 1 step into the wormhole to go back to the future)


PM: Wait, two more questions! 


FM: Fine...Go.


PM: How did the Rangers do?


FM: ahhhh always forget the name....President Trophy? President's Trophy. That's it. They won that.


PM: Motherfvcker. Final thing. I have to know. What happened to Martin Brodeur?


FM: Thought you'd never ask. Retired...all the organization's greats were there....Brett Hull, Al MacInnis, Bernie Federko. Just a beautiful press conference and ceremony. Really, really well done.


PM: What are you talking about....Brett Hull?


FM: (mumbling) Retired a Blue. Works for the organization now under Doug Armstrong. Didn't even mention the Devils in his retirement speech. See ya


FM Dives into the Wormhole and disappears


PM: (standing there in shock, mouth wide open....finally able to speak) This really is the darkest timeline...


"Scar...And the Flyers tie it at 3 with .01 left in the 2nd." PM Turns off the TV immediately. 



The 2014-2015 New Jersey Devils everyone! Once again my bad...

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#1261172 Lou 20 Minute Q&A

Posted by Neb00rs on 14 April 2014 - 09:31 PM

I hope Lou writes a tell-all book when he retires. It would be maybe the best hockey book ever written lol.


"Status Quo and Jelly Jam: A New Jersey Story."


Pg. 1: "I was born in the upper body of America in a year in the 1900's, to my mother and father. I believe my name is Louis, though nothing is finalized on that front yet. My mother was my mom and my father was my dad. Some of the kids at school, which I am not willing to say much about, were my friends and some of the kids were not. As I got older, I aged.  I played many sports as a kid, but that's all I am willing to discuss on that subject...."

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#1225511 Al Trautwig Insulted on Twitter

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 14 November 2013 - 01:36 PM

So I guess Yehuda's mother was the recipient of a....



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#1273841 Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?

Posted by devilsrule33 on 16 July 2014 - 07:51 PM

"I'm not your buddy, guy".


I have the same to say about it that we've all been saying for 2 years. Zach would have been great to have, however, not worth a 7.5 cap hit for 13 years. Same with Kovalchuk. He'd be making 11.3 million real money this season and next. He wasn't impressive in the KHL. What many of us have been saying, which is pretty clear, is that we lucked out on him leaving before he got bad. He had a great second half in 2011, and great 2012, and was ineffective in 2013. So he had 1 and 1/2 good seasons and 1 and 1/2 bad ones in his 3 year run. Those decade long contracts are exciting for one day when they get signed, and then you have to deal with the realities of them. I'm glad there's a limit on contracts now.


It's like when you break up with a girl and then find out that meth habit you suspected she had was real after all, and now you're glad you got out before it got bad.



Thank you.


DD56, I'm not sure. It really reminds me of when you used to date all these cute girl next-door kind of girls that were great in their own way, but a little boring. Then you get set up with this super-hot Russian girl, one of the prettiest girls you've ever seen that you have admired for a long time. Sure she is a little exotic and rough around the edges for your family's strict conservative values, but you are sure you can make some changes to her, so they approve. You find out at first she is so needy and demanding but you give into her demands because....well look at her.


At first you're disappointed, but it's probably a little blip in a very long-term relationship. Then everything is great, and she wins your heart by saying of the two of you "this is team", and she buys you and her these cool hoodies with your relationship motto. She has an extended break from work so In the summer she goes back to Russia to visit her family, and see some old friends, one of the friends that you know is really into her. He's gotten his act together and has a job, his own house and car...even if they are crappy at best. Next thing you know she is actually staying at his house, but you shrug it off because you just finished such an incredible year together. You sometimes hear some stupid rumours that she actually likes this guy she is staying with and misses Russia, but you dismiss it sounds like some jealous friends making sh!t up or some idiot that usually is only right about 2.3% of the time.


Eventually she comes back home, but you are not sure if things are still okay and the relationship seems a bit different, definitely not as hot and heavy as before, but that's okay. So things aren't as great as they were, and maybe she isn't as pretty as she once was. Then all of a sudden she completely shocks you one summer day by dumping you and telling you she is moving back to Russia and getting engaged to that guy she stayed with. You feel like you got punched in the stomach, but you'll survive. You keep thinking that you should have seen the signs coming, yet you were just blinded by love. On the plus side, you were about to build an $11 million mansion that she designed and demanded, and she left days before you were about to break ground on the project.


So you are looking for a new girlfriend, and there is just no one out there except this really old girl that you sort of used to know back in high school. Well really you watched her from afar, but never dreamed of talking to her. She was the most popular girl in school and was absolutely wild. Never in a million years could you see yourself with her. Except she's matured and is looking to settle down, and you're desperate and on the rebound. She's actually been hurt by a few boyfriends recently. Even though she looks great for her age, they keep dumping her for younger guys. So after a tough first few dates, things start to look really promising. She's smart, gorgeous and really funny. So easy to get along with and not demanding at  all. She loves everything about you which kind of shocks you because you are kind of plain and boring, and she's used to wild and crazy guys and more adventerous things. She really has matured and her priorities have changed. You know it won't last but you count yourself lucky everyday.


Yet part of you keeps looking at your ex-gfs Facebook page, and man does she look awful. Everything there seems awful, but you can't stop wondering about what could have been, even though you are in a better relationship now. And....wait wait.


Actually that doesn't sound like anything that we are talking about, Come to think of it now, it also very much reminds me of that girl you break up with who you suspect has a meth problem, and then it turns out she does. So fvcking true. We can all probably relate to that.



Now no more girlfriend analogies please, unless you can work meth into them.

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#1272969 Significant FA's Remaining - Any Interest?

Posted by SterioDesign on 07 July 2014 - 08:54 PM

Way to bore the sh!t out of this thread, Guys! Is there any way we can add some stats to this thread?



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#1266608 I just threw up in my mouth a little

Posted by SterioDesign on 02 June 2014 - 05:52 PM


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#1265075 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 21 May 2014 - 07:01 AM

I go to bed every night with a NYR fan whom I hauled to CAA for THREE SCF. She hasn't given me any grief over the NJD, and I watch the NYR as a fairly disinterested observer.
Why are so many posters in such a pantytwist over theRags? Get over it!


Not sure why you should need this explained to you, but I'll give it a try:


Many of us find Ranger fans both dumb and annoying; to be fair, it doesn't sound like your sig other is one of them.


It's been discussed in detail WHY so many of us find Ranger fans dumb and annoying.  They make the same tired jokes over and over again.  They think that the Rangers, by virtue of playing in New York, somehow makes that franchise the NHL equivalent of the New York Yankees...they talk about proud traditions, etc., when they've been much closer to the Cubs overall than the Yankees.  The one tradition they've proven to be very good at is celebrating one bought Cup win over and over and over again...Rangers basically emptied out the farm to win that '94 Cup, and that "all in" approach, while successful, cost them for years.  But as many have pointed out, no other franchise has ever re-celebrated a Cup win as shamelessly and as embarrassingly as the Rangers franchise and their fans. 


In 2012, after they lost to the Devils in Game 6 in the ECF, there were boneheads saying things like "Duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, unless da Debbies (they think it's just hilarious when they call the Devils "the Debbies") win da Cup, it don't matta, 'cause in ninedy-fawr, we won da Cup afta beading dem in da Eastewn Cawnfurence Finawls!"  Those losers STILL think NHL hockey stopped for everyone else in '94, just like it did for them.  I made the mistake of trying to explain to a bunch of them that losing to the Rangers in the '94 ECF wasn't exactly haunting Devils fans anymore...we saw the team win the Cup the very next season, saw them win again in 2000 and 2003, come within a game of winning another Cup in 2001, and watched the Devils reach the SCF in 2012 at the Rangers' expense.  Nope, for those stupid fans (and the Ranger fanbase is by far the most collectively stupid one I've dealt with), it was ninedy-fawr, ninedy-fawr, ninedy-fawr.  I used to participate on the ESPN boards back in 2000 and 2001, and the idiot Ranger fans who used to post there were constantly talking about how boring the Devils were, and how more teams need to play "exciting" hockey like the Rangers.  Yeah, that 2001 Devils team, the one that led in the NHL in goals scored, the one that boasted two 40+ goal scorers, they sure were sleep-inducing.  And the Rangers absolutely SUCKED at that time...they were playing with absolutely ZERO heart and ZERO passion back then.  That organization was a complete joke, but Ranger fans couldn't flock fast enough to MSG to watch that trainwreck.  Way to give the man upstairs incentive to change things up geniuses!


And of course, I had my fun MSG bathroom experience where, to sum up, a guy made a joke directed at me about the Devils, I made one back, and while I was peeing, he thought it'd be a swell idea to get out of line and hit me in the back of the head three times.  I wound up winning the fight that resulted (I tried to walk away, but the guy wouldn't allow it), but I rather would've not fought at all. 


I hate the Rangers and the majority of their fanbase.  Yes, right now they're better than the Devils, but that doesn't mean any of us have to like it.  I'm not going to constantly bitch about them or try to downplay what they're doing, but if you honestly think that Ranger fans wouldn't have their "panties in a twist" over the Devils having this success if the roles were reversed, then I don't what to tell you.  For the most part, we hate everything about the Rangers, and they hate everything about us.  There's rivalries like that in all of sports, and for the true-blue diehard Devils fans, this ranks right up with the Red Sox-Yankee level of hatred, and it will NEVER change.        

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#1202438 So, who gets the "A"?

Posted by CarpathianForest on 11 July 2013 - 09:56 PM

Your fvcking mom gets the A.


That's how I feel.




I'll give it to your mom in the C and finish off in the A!

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#1188798 Let's Give Elias His Due Tonight

Posted by devilsrule33 on 25 April 2013 - 11:06 AM

There haven’t been many times in franchise history where going into a game, you knew this could be a Devils player’s final home game, and there wasn’t something bigger at stake like trying to keep the season alive. Well tonight, there isn’t much to play for and it very well could be Patrik Elias’ last home game as a Devil. Hopefully it won’t be (and I don’t think it will be), but if it gets to July 1st, there might be some offers that blow him and the Devils away.

Patty has always been an underrated quiet star around the league and even on this team. But in the end, he owns pretty much every offensive record on this team, he’s led the team in scoring 7 times and been part of 2 Stanley Cup winning teams and 2 other Cup finalists. He continues to chug along quietly…playing great two way hockey. When the Devils brought Kovalchuk in, it was Elias leading the team in scoring during that first full-year. When Kovy was getting all the accolades with the team and around the league last season, it was Elias there right behind him and 10th in league scoring. Elias is a guy who has taken a back seat to players here be it Kovy or Parise, but he’s always right there.

There haven’t been many individual nights for him either. When he broke John MacLean’s franchise points’ record, it was unfortunately overshadowed on the same night by Martin Brodeur becoming the winningest goalie in NHL history. When he broke the franchise goal record, it happened on the road and most of his teammates had no clue about it at all. He’s often been disrespected by his own coaches nonetheless. He never had the best relationship with Pat Burns for some reason and the Brent Sutter situation was a black eye for the franchise in my opinion. Sutter, having never coached in the NHL, stripped the captaincy away from a veteran and gave it to a player that wasn’t even with the team throughout training camp and the beginning of the season.  It seems like he is finally back with a coach that truly respects Elias for the leader he is and the incredible hockey player he is.

Tonight, hopefully, Devils fans can vocally do the same. If you are going to the game or know someone who is, or know of anyone to spread the word to, let’s give Elias the proper due he deserves and remind him how much he means to the franchise and the fans. Let’s get some chants going throughout the night to honour the greatest Devils forward of all-time. Maybe we can get something going to other forums or through social media.  He’s a quiet unassuming guy, but I am sure it would mean the world to him as well. He certainly deserves it, regardless if it his last game or not. 

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#1145359 Rick Nash To NYR

Posted by devlman on 23 July 2012 - 03:04 PM

This sucks...now we cant boo their first round selection in 2013
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#1126335 Why I'm not Bothered if We Lose the SCF

Posted by CarpathianForest on 30 May 2012 - 10:55 PM

If we lose the SCF I'll be disappointed but only for like 5 minutes. This is a great club that's only been in NJ for 30 years and has had a butt-ton of success. If you look at the past 30 years the Devils have won the most Stanley Cups behind Edmonton and Detroit. The Devils are also tied with the Red Wings for most cup appearances in the past 30 years. Our club is actually sitting a lost better historically than many other teams. Buffalo(SCF 0-2), Vancouver SCF(0-3), Rags(1 cup appearance in the past 30 years), Capitals (0-1), Sharks, Maple Leafs(Last cup win and appearance 1967). I mean look at LA even. They've been around for 45 years yet this is only their second Stanley Cup Final appearance. So while losing would be a disappointment, being 3 for 5 in the Stanley Cup is nothing to scoff at. I'll be okay raising an Eastern Conference Champions banner in the Rock.
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#1120046 The Devils should just forfeit the rest of the series...

Posted by '7' on 14 May 2012 - 11:06 PM

I don't know what else to say

How can we tame the mighty Rangers "collapse in front of the sofa and pray for dear life" strategy?

The Devils looked like absolute sh!t outplaying and outhustling the Rags for 40+ minutes. Dominating along the boards, outmuscling the rags, and having crisper breakouts and carry ins into the offensive zone as the rags gasped for air as another devils forcheck intercepted a rags clear and re started the cycle.

clearly the Devils were intimitated by the "tradition" and the garden faithful who were so boisterously loud and threw the devils off their game, the tip tapping of the blackberrys rose to a defeaning roar by the 2nd period as the devils gazed at each other bewilderingly...legendary home grown rangers from years passed such as stephane quintal, valeri kamensky, and rem murray quietly rose a glass to the brilliant effort they saw on the ice today (drop to one knee, block shot, pray puck is cleared...missed block? maybe the guy behind me got it) the torch is passed and the rangers on ice mastery continues.

Should the Devils even show up for game 2?

game 1 flyers was "oh sh!t time"

I have never been so amused after a loss. This game was a joke through and through. I hope the Rag fans think this series is over I really do...
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#1088985 Devils at Rangers, Tuesday Feb 7

Posted by GoArmySports on 07 February 2012 - 10:12 PM

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#1296648 I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Posted by HellOnICE on 21 December 2014 - 06:08 AM

This season has confirmed it for me: The majority of our fans, and it is the majority, are fvcking morons. 

I'm so sick of the idiots who claim to support this team and bitch about every fvcking thing about the team, the players, the arena, the owners, the food in the building, the goal song, the announcements, the booing, everything sucks mentality...it just fvcking disgusts me. 



Just from the start of last night at the rink - the people booing DeBoer in the pregame announcements. Like get a fvcking life already. They have no ability to look at the roster and see that TIM SESTITO, JORDIN TOOTOO, STEPHEN GIONTA, MARTIN HAVLAT, MIKE SISLO are all in the same line up - and they are ranting and raving about ITS THE SYSTEM man! It's the system. Pete doesn't care. Doesn't change anything. He's not throwing benches on the ice like Ftorek - he shows no PASSION man. EVERY game for Pete, is arranging deck chairs. He's got no guns. You want to know why a team like Washington can manhandle us? They have first line players. We don't. It's that simple. Pete said it last night and he's right - "We needed someone to be our first star last night." They don't have one. In 82 games, you need stars to carry you. It's that simple, but no - the coach is the problem. The guy who's at least keeping this team somewhat competitive. 


One goal against last night and MORONS are chanting "We want Kinkaid" Go fvck yourselves. Idiots. "This team just plays better in front of Keith" they are saying...are you out of your minds? 


It's the same a$$holes who if the Devils scored last night to make it 3-1 - they'd be chanting YOU SUCK! A bunch of idiots. 


The bottom line is these idiots have no sense of context and they can't look up in the rafters and see an ARENA'S WIDTH of success hanging down with the majority of this greatness taking place in the 2000s. Aside from the Detroits - who's had it better for longer? I mean, the way people are acting - it's like we're the Oilers and Mets combined. Appreciate what you have here - a team that's struggling but has a great young goalie (and a capable backup) and a great young defense. Realize it's a work in progress and you can't just replace two mega stars like PArise and Kovalchuk with the snap of the finger. 


Oh it's Lou's fault. The guy lost it. He just built a Cup contender 3 years ago and the only reason we haven't won one since then, is because our dumb ass huckster owner at the time loved the team so much, he ran into the ground financially because he couldn't bear sell his baby until Bettman had to wrestle the team away from him. First he didn't want to give up any ownership, then he wanted to sell a minority stake (like potential investors were running at that fvcking idea) all while getting loans from the fvcking league - leaving our hall of fame general manager to sit there having no flexibility or ability to keep the Captain he traded up to get and build the team around. Lou had his team of the decade and it was ripped from him over sh!tty circumstance. Now what? He needs time to rebuild and retool.


Have some patience. 


People at the game, people on Facebook, people on HF talking about putting bags over their heads...saying how this team is like the Jets or the Mets? Go fvck yourselves. Put a bag over your heads. A plastic one. 


I'm sorry to take up a thread like this - but christ it's frustrating to be a fan of this team and not because of the team - it's because of the fans. I can see the bigger picture of the team on the ice and I'm fine with that. it stinks to go to games and they lose every one I've been to this season. But look at the bigger picture.


These guys work as hard as a team can do playing as many games in as many nights as they are. It's not an easy game and not an easy league. Understand how difficult it is and realize we have three Stanley Cups in my life time. The Rangers have won ONE in 74 YEARS. The Flyers haven't won since GERALD FORD was the President. The Blues, Sabres, CANUCKS have NEVER won anything at all. The Islanders have SUCKED for every year in my lifetime pretty much except for this one. Imagine being one of those fans and get off your goddamn high horse, sit in your fvcking seat with your jersey on, clap when they do something positive, clap when they score and take this season in stride. 

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#1273204 Schneider re-signs with extended multi-year contract

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 09 July 2014 - 03:22 PM

Yes yes yes YES.

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#1268513 congrats to the 2013-14 Champs, the Kings

Posted by GoArmySports on 13 June 2014 - 11:37 PM


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#1261181 2013-2014 Attendance

Posted by Zubie#8 on 14 April 2014 - 10:04 PM

Holy hell you should be a lawyer, you spin everything in your direction. Not even worth replying back to you anymore unless its strictly hockey related.

Last thing I'll say about this is go read over your posts, maybe you will notice why I and I know for a fact others feel the same way. You put down many users, ideas, or threads and then get defensive when called out upon it. It's annoying and hypocritical. That's the last I will say on that.
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#1257762 GDT-April Fools Edition- Devils vs Sabres-7pm

Posted by SterioDesign on 01 April 2014 - 01:31 PM

Per TG

Apparently Brodeur will be back in net tonight against Buffalo. No words on why the switch was made. #Devils



ok wtf Deboer?

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#1257649 I believe in our boys until we are mathematically eliminated

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 01 April 2014 - 02:04 AM

Getting struck by lightning is a realistic POSSIBILITY.
But getting struck by lightning is NOT a realistic EXPECTATION.

Is it realistic to EXPECT the Devils to make the playoffs? No.
Is it realistic for the Devils to POSSIBLY make the playoffs? Yes.

I dunno man, the more you keep talking, the more I get excited about the POSSIBILITY of you getting struck by lightning.
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