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Is Lemaire Coming Back to Coach the Devils?

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Posted 17 July 2011 - 11:52 PM

I hear the whispers. I read the daily speculation. I understand where the rumors are coming from. But seriously people, it’s not happening. I hate to be the bearer of bad news or a negative nelly but folks Jacques Lemaire is not coming back to coach the New Jersey Devils.

The fact that General Manager Lou Lamoriello has not hired a coach has more to do with him being meticulous and precise in his selection than it does with him poking and prodding Lemaire to change his mind. Lemaire has repeatedly expressed his contentment with the decision he made to walk away from coaching. At this point it’s best that we take him at his word and stop pressing the issue.

I read today how it’s too late for Lou to bring in any other candidates and that only Lemaire could handle Ilya Kovalchuk. Are you serious? It’s absurd to believe that only the 65 year old Lemaire can get the Devils players to respond to him. These guys are professional athletes! If they can’t listen to another coach than “Houston” we have a much bigger problem. It’s insane to believe that only Lemaire can get Kovalchuk to play at his full potential. I mean come on the guy is a five time 40 goal scorer including twice eclipsing the 50 goal mark. None of those were under the tutelage of Hall of Famer Lemaire. This type of thinking will continue to make it impossible for anybody else to be successful in New Jersey.

Obviously the longer the team goes without a head coach the more folks will speculate. People can’t help themselves, they will always dream. reality has set in and it’s time to wake up. Lemaire returning is just a pipe dream and it’s already gone up in smoke.

I thoroughly believe that Guy Carboneau has already been offered and accepted the job. But I refuse to shove that down peoples throats. No announcement has been made because the Devils being the Devils will do things their own way and make an announcement when they see fit. But of course it could be Michel Therien or perhaps Lou goes for the tri-fecta and asks Larry Robinson to take the reigns for a third time. The franchise is so secretive they make CIA seem like TMZ. But I can say definitely that Lemaire is not coaching the Devils next season.

But for the time being the rumors will continue to fly and the stories of a Lemaire’s return will continue to surface. So for the now listen to Public Enemy and “don’t believe the hype.”

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Posted 18 July 2011 - 06:22 PM

If Carbs was getting the job, he's got a funny way of handling it since according to a poster on HF he was spotted in a sporting goods store in Montreal on the first day of our prospects camp last week :lol:
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