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NFL Week 14....

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Posted 12 December 2011 - 07:11 AM

Denver still hasn't proved they can score more than 17 points with Tebow at the helm on anybody.

I just got back from the Pats game and the simple reason that the game was even close was because the Pats offense (specifically Brady) sucked in the redzone. Pats offense left 21 points on the field otherwise this game is a 48-24ish ho-hum garbage fantasy yards with no real impact game. Pats defense scored a TD and basically played a passive zone D all game with WRs Slater and Edleman forced into action. Half of McCorty's problems early were due to Slater playing deep center field when McCorty felt he had help. Word is Chung will be back next week in Denver which will solidify the back end. 2 Skins TDs were directly attributed to Slater playing safety including the trick play.

Of course its funny in a game where Brady sucks and has a rough time communicating with his WR's he still throws for 3 TDs and 357 yards.

Meh, Hernandez dropped a ball that he should have had for a TD. Red zone possessions aren't sure things anyway...even great offenses don't get seven down there every time. The Brady INT was really the one "WTF was that?" play to me, in that he tried to force something he didn't have to...take the FG and make it a 2-possession game. His accuracy wasn't as good as we're used to seeing, but as the numbers show (though Gronkowski definitely helped bloat the passing yards), he still played pretty well. He certainly didn't suck.

There's no way to sugarcoat McCourty...the guy has been awful all year. What's even worse is that he doesn't offset any of his mistakes with big-play interceptions (not this season, anyway). This Bronco game is looking like a bad matchup for the Pats, because:

1) Denver is usually a nightmare for the Pats.
2) Denver has been playing terrific defense...even the Tebow fanboy experts are FINALLY starting to take note of that.
3) The Pats can't seem to stop ANY QB these days, no matter what his skill level.

Like I said, career-highs for Tebow in passing yards (I'm thinking 250+), completions (25+) and TD passes (3). Doesn't mean that they'll win the game for sure, especially if Brady and Co. do their thing, but if the Denver D is able to contain Brady and shut down the Pat offense just enough, Broncos can take this one.
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It's easy to support a great player when he's playing at his very best. It takes a true fan to support that same player during those rare moments and stretches when he's not. Babe Ruth went 0-4 some games, and sometimes Wayne Gretzky was held pointless. There may be such a thing as greatness, but no such thing as absolute perfection every single night.


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Posted 12 December 2011 - 11:42 AM

In the true meaning of the award, Eli Manning is the NFL MVP
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