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Flyers renew affiliation with Trenton

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#21 vadvlfan



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Posted 01 August 2012 - 09:27 PM

Wonder why Devs thought they felt they needed to "own" and ECHL team. I disagree, it is (ECHL) quality hockey, not beer league. The Devs do place some players (Harry young, Max Clermont, ) on different teams. It atleast keeps them on somewhat of a "pro' level.
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Posted 02 August 2012 - 07:20 AM

According to Lou at the press conference announcing they had purchased the team the reason behind it was to build the Devils fan base in that area by "painting the town red". At the time there was a lot of talk about the Phantoms moving to Trenton, if the team wasn't sold the Berman's were going to walk away from Trenton after they finished out their orginal ten year lease. Philly had no interest in buying the team figuring they could wait it out until the building (which they run)was vacant and they would slide right in. What was most bizarre about the whole thing and the way it played out the Devils signed a new 10 year lease about 18 months before they decided they wanted out. JVB even hosted a town hall boasting about his committment and stressing they had totally dropped the ball the first couple seasons. Then last June Chris goes to the ECHL league meetings and tells the league they had 2 months to find a buyer for the team or esle they were folding. The league found a buy and within 2-3 months they had buyers remorse. They originally bought the team to groom one of their sons to run it, which failed terribly. They went from spending to the cap to a hair above the floor by the end of November. Somehow they were able to increase attendance even with all the junk on the schedule and ice.
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Posted 02 August 2012 - 08:58 AM

For what it is worth, I know someone whose boss is co-owner of the Titans and I was able to speak to her about the team's affiliation over the years. When the Devils took over, they pretty much disenfranchised the longtime fanbase without effectively building new interest. This past season was about re-establishing the Titans' role in the community and bringing back the old loyalists... they went back to the old logos, similar uniforms, etc. The owners are Flyers fans, so I am sure that connection is beneficial to that effect for them, as well.

Mid-week attendance was spotty, but they drew decent crowds for weekend games. They also started a really cool tradition of having military personnel home on leave or recently returned from duty as the ceremonial puck droppers, then allowing them and their family members to hang out in the boxes/suites to watch the game, eat free food, etc. Really nice.

This is dead on accurate. My Brother lives near Trenton, hates being a Devil fan trapped in Flyer territory, and had season ticket for the Titans. He would often meet Devils players watching friends or family playing in the ECHL. When the Alaska Aces played the Titans in the playoffs my brother meet Scott Gomez who invited him to thier luxuary box where Dano, Gionta and Pando were all hanging out watching the Titans playoff game.

Once the Devils changed the identity, they virtually KILLED that franchise and turned off the fan base. My brother just lost interest in them and stopped going.

Now that the TITANS are back he will probably renew his season tickets and I will start going to the games again, regardless of thier affliation.
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