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Has anybody been to the Izod Center lately?

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#101 devlman


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 01:28 PM

I thought so lol.  I am a non-smoker and never smoked in my life but I still remember Bob Arcena announcing those gates as the designated smoking areas before the start of each game.


Bob Arcena was the best thing about our retro nights at the Rock. Legend.

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#102 ThreeCups


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Posted 22 February 2014 - 07:03 PM

You can probably get those seats for free when the time comes...I'm serious.  For one, the tenants who once played there in the Nets and the Devils are LONG gone...it's not like when the Yankees moved to new Yankee Stadium, or when the Mets moved to CitiField, where the moves were immediate.  For another, even though the Devils won two championships on that ice, as we know, there's not enough Devils fans and hockey doesn't get enough publicity to make that ground "hallowed".  I think maybe the seats might've had some mild worth if the Devils had left and the building had been demolished immediately after, but by the time it actually happens, it's going to be so anticlimactic for most...and let's face it, there's nothing really "storied" or particularly memorable about CAA itself.  There's going to be almost no demand for those seats when they become available. 


And I think the market for the stadium memorabilia thing gets overblown...I bought a set of two Shea Stadium seats (one orange, one blue) almost three years after the demolition, and they can still be found on ebay (despite the usual "These won't last!  Order yours today before they're all gone!" BS).  Whoever is in charge of selling the seats tries to make it sound like seats from demolished or soon-to-be demolished arenas and stadiums are heavily in demand, but they're really not...they're niche items and most people don't have the room or are interesting in spending hundreds of dollars on such things.   



So we are gonna go pick through the rubble when they flip the switch? 

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"I'm not drinking anymore of Lou's Kool-Aid. I'm fed up with it." - Mike Jefferson/Danton

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 01:28 AM

It was a utilitarian dump.   I live very close to it, I would leave at 7:10 for a 7:35 start and get to my seats when the intro video started.   Basically, get there for puck drop, watch the game, leave.   And don't eat anything.


It wasn't a bad place to watch a hockey game at all, but it just had nothing else.   And the last year was depressing when people stopped showing up.   Moreso than usual.

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#104 roomtemp


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Posted 23 February 2014 - 12:39 PM

I loved how they kept pushing us further and further away from the arena on Paterson Plank Rd. by putting up no parking signs starting in 2000.  The last year there we had to park at Redd's and walk to the arena from there.  I haven't been back to that dump since our last game there and I'll never set foot in that place again after how the staff there treated us in those final seasons.  I bet if they'd auction off the chance to activate the dynamite on that place or swing a wrecking ball into it they'd make more money than selling the seats.  

I just parked in the free area for the horse racing and made sure no one saw us walking to the arena tunnel

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