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2014 New York Jets thread

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Posted Today, 09:51 AM

Guess I was wrong about Geno being forced onto Rex:





Head coaches in the NFL typically have the ultimate control of their teams on the field—who enters the game, who exits, whether to punt on fourth down or go for it.

Apparently, Rex Ryan is not one of those coaches.

In an interview with ESPN radio host Michael Kay on Monday, Ryan said it wasn't solely his choice to keep playing struggling quarterback Geno Smith, even as veteran backup Michael Vick sits on the bench.

When Kay asked Ryan whether he had the authority to change quarterbacks during a game, much as a baseball manager would remove a pitcher having a rough day, Ryan demurred.

"Every decision we make in this franchise is a Jet decision, and I'll just leave it at that," the coach said.

Kay persisted, saying that the in-game decision as to which quarterback gives the team a better chance to win has to belong to the head coach. Ryan again deflected the question.

"It's always a Jets decision, and I'm just going to leave it at that no matter how many times you ask me the question," he said.

It's a mantra that both Ryan and general manager John Idzik have often repeated: Every personnel decision comes from Ryan, Idzik and their lieutenants. But that didn't make it any less startling to hear an NFL coach infer that he didn't have the authority to replace a quarterback who was having a bad game.


This is really no way to run an organization.  Even if Rex isn't much of an offensive line, at least leave it up to the offensive coordinator, or someone that's actually on the field.  Perhaps at some point, Rex gives an F-U to Idzik and puts Vick in on his own.  Just like last year when Idzik tried to go Rachel Phelps on Rex, if Vick performs well and wins some of those tough games, it'll be another humiliating defeat for Idzik. 

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Posted Today, 10:07 AM

The weird thing about it all was that Vick was brought in here for exactly this scenario: Geno struggling on multiple fronts, the team looking like its season might be over before it begins...if you really feel like Geno is your guy, you don't bring in a guy like Vick...you bring in a lesser quantity who is much less of a threat to play better than the guy currently holding the job. The Jets were clearly prepared for this very thing...but now don't want to do what they should.

I give Vick credit, he's saying all the right things...but inside he must be thinking "Are you fvcking KIDDING me with this sh!t?!"

At this point I think Vick was brought here solely to mentor Geno and to provide the illusion of real competition so when Geno 'won' the job he'd have more credibility beating out Vick.
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Posted Today, 12:52 PM

Sanchez did some good things with the Jets. He won some big games, both in the regular season and the playoffs.

Sanchez was a top ten pick and actually gave Rex some results his first two plus years.

sanchez was far from bad. looking back he got a raw deal w.the jets. that franchise doesnt know how to develop a qb

Sanchez was a good QB that was saddled with no O-line, RB's, TE's or quality WR's his last few years.


“Hi, my name is Mark Sanchez. I was a quarterback for the New York Jets from 2009 to 2014. I have the best postseason record in New York Jets history. On two occasions, I actually came close to going to the Superbowl. My rookie year was about as good as Brett Favre’s the season prior to mine.. (he’s the guy I replaced) --and I’ve even played in as many Championship games as Joe Namath, believe it or not. I had a win\loss record of: 31-19 over my first 50 regular-season\playoff games with the Jets! I was apart of that organization for 5 years, and had only one losing season. We made the playoffs my first two years, but.. we didn’t make the playoffs the next two. Couple that with a butt-fumble on Thanksgiving, and somehow, that was enough to destroy my tenure in New York. So they started looking to replace me. They first thought that guy would be Peyton Manning, but he signed on with another team. Then they benched me for this other kid named Greg McElroy, but.. he got sacked an NFL record high 14x in one game.. and now he doesn’t play football anymore. Then they signed Tim Tebow & David Garrard…….... yeah, they’re both not playing football anymore either. Mark Brunell lasted 2 seasons.. Kellen Clemens lasted 1.. Brady Quinn lasted 3 weeks.. Drew Stanton lasted 3 days. (no, seriously.. he was here for 3 days) Eventually they signed Michael Vick, and then two days later.. fired me. But the guy they finally settled on to be my replacement was Geno Smith. Geno Smith has played 20 games for the New York Jets. Thus-far, he’s thrown for 16 touchdowns, and 3,968 yards. (an average of 198 yrds per game) He’s turned the ball over 32 times.. and carries a 56% completion percentage. At the end of the day.. who am I to judge?? Afterall, I’m only a lowly backup quarterback, and Geno Smith is a starter. But I just have one question for the rabid fanbase of the New York Jets. Miss me yet?:thumbsup:



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