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So what game you watchin' tonight?

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Posted 11 November 2005 - 09:31 AM

More hilarious about that penalty was Forsberg's immediate appeal to the referee, as though being pushed down is against the rules.


Well, maybe it IS against the rules, if it happens to HIM. For all we know, there is something written into the rules that says "No player may even breathe on the following players:


If they do, they shall receive a 2-minute penalty for either roughing or obstruction interference".

It would explain a few things.
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Posted 11 November 2005 - 02:55 PM

I saw that fight also.  McGratton stuck his tongue out when he skated to the box afterwards.  Man can he fight.

Bruins, Boyes looked good tonight in the shifts I saw him play.  Nice goal he had there. Zhamnov caught some serious flak from the announcers on the Sens telecast for directly giving Ottawa a couple of goals.


He caught some serious flac from me for flat out sucking ass and setting up a beauty of a screen on razor for that havlat goal.

God that was a painful game to watch, they DOMINATED after that goal. The sens played poorly, then they were like, penalties! yes lets see how many we can take! Even if the sens didn't score on any, the fact that the bruins gave them so many is indicitave of how poor they played. Then the bruins powerplay was god awful.

Rayzor didn't play amazing, but he can't be blamed for the teams play.

freaking havlat was allowed to dance around the team...i mean of all freaking players, i hate this guy with a passion him and alfredsson i just want to agh, and it HAS to be freaking havlat that dominates the bruins...IOPEPJAFWIOFPWJE...ergh.

I was REALLY looking forward to the bruins playing their hardest vs. the sens, but instead i got a sixth of a bruins effort and the bruins deciding its too hard to play aftewards. and to top the icing off freaking slegr gets injured...ergh.

the frustration of injuries, inconistent play, and god so many things...this season has been so bipolar...

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Hahahaha...long overdue. Now they need to get rid of Jacobs.

The problem is, NJ only plays them 4 times a year. We were only able to get them to trade JT and fire the idiot GM. If we played them 8 times a year, maybe Jacobs might have an epiphany and sell the team.

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