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GDT - Devils at Maple Leafs 7:00 PM on MSG+, TSN.

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#201 mikeford



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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:07 AM

It'd be a damn miracle if this team actually played hard for a full 60 minutes of a game, I swear to God....
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#202 xxchaznjxx


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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:21 AM

The game was lost when Gionta and Zajac missed open nets... gotta bury those ones. It's the NHL and you are lucky to get one of those in a game.

this is basically all that needs to be said about last nights game. yes we got outplayed but we also had chances that we seemed to be putting away in the past few games that we didn't tonight.

and parise's breakaway miss in OT.

and i didn't like rolston's choice of shot in the end but he went with what he felt comfortable with. i don't mind the shot as much i wished gio would have had a chance before rolston.
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#203 D95E00V03ILS


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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:32 AM

Damn they pissed me off. How many times can you have open space and blow the shot. Secondly. they are back to playing along the boards again putting shots on net and not having anyone around to pick up any rebounds or driving the net. We looked like the Rags did on Friday night. True we went are 9 out of 11 but something has to be done, there are many guys that can both attack and shoot, the system needs work. Johnny Mac has to go, he can take Madden and Pando with him.
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#204 thegame346


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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:37 AM

This is whats going to happen for the better part of the rest of the year. Devils are going to be very streaky. TBH with all the injuries we've had I am surprised they are keeping pace the way they are. Tuesdays loss sucked and if those pucks got buried in those open nets we are not having this conversation but s}{it happens. Can't win em all.
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#205 Random Poster

Random Poster

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 11:09 AM

Is there some reason why, when you disagree with someone, you have to attack someone's post counts (as you're doing with Triumph), or screennames (as you did with mine a while back)? What does any of that have to do with anything? Tri's been active here a long time...of course he's going to going to have a high post count. You don't agree with what he says, fine...I've disagreed with him with several occasions. But it's pretty childish to attack posters on how often they post or what screenname they choose.

I've found on many message boards i read or have been a part of that the ones with the high post counts are always the ones that have something to say about everything or feel the mandatory need to put their two cents in every post. Most importantly, they are also the ones who can't take an opinion contrary to theirs and hardly ever agree with anyone which leads to arguments. That's not pigeonholing EVERYONE as it's unfair, but it's more the norm then the exception, especially since i've been reading message boards since the mid 90's.

I stated my opinion about Rolston. The two members that protested the most was one with 11,000+ posts who attacked me passive agressively twice (once about not playing the game LOL and another using the old "i guess you know more then the player/coach line") and another with 14,000 posts known for his arguing and never meeting a post he didn't agree with who played bait and argue for a few pages. Coincedence? Nope.

So, if your going to cast stones, Colorado i suggest you start looking at all the stone tossers before you start calling anyone out individually.

As for you, get over it. I "attacked" you because you felt the need to attack me and questioning me being a fan (or fan length) without knowing me personally. That wasn't childish on your part, either, am i right?
I said to you how do i know how long you've been a fan simply because you put "Colorado Rockies as your SN".

I could be wrong as it was a while ago, but I believe I said to you when you and i got into it that i'd be happy to discuss it with you at a game or in PM. I didn't hear from you so i guess you felt the need to re-hash it now. :rolleyes:

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