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PEW Research: Only 6% of Scientists are Republican

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 12:09 PM

Scientists tend to be good critical thinkers. Republicans on the other hand only react.

What an amazingly narrowminded statement.

Unfortunately, it seems to be true more often than not.

come on Rowdy. For every example you give me, I could give you one for a non-republican. These types of statements are #1 ignorant and #2 add absolutely nothing to the discussion other than baiting.
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Posted 19 July 2009 - 01:31 AM

Asked which presidential candidate would be best for the economy, only half [of the economists in the survey] responded but most threw their support behind Republicans. Thirty-five percent said Rudolph Giuliani would be best, while 19% chose John McCain and 15% picked Mitt Romney. Hillary Clinton got the support of 8%, while John Edwards was the only other Democrat to register with 4% of the vote. Ron Paul, Michael Bloomberg and Alan Greenspan each got a write-in vote, despite the fact that only one of them is running.


If I had to choose based on these polls alone (and not by my personal opinions), considering that the job of the president has a lot to do with economics, I'd probably pick the party that the economists favor. Sorry scientists.

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