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Obama playing golf more than Bush???

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Posted 21 April 2010 - 04:25 PM

But it is undeniable that Michael Moore (pain and misery be upon him) tried to make a lot hay over Bush playing golf in one of his clumsy propaganda pieces (I try not to refer to his films by name, in order to do my little part to prevent him from profiting from war more than he already does).

I'm not saying that it was some sort of grand sacrifice on Bush's part. But if you think it was a huge outrage that the guy played golf at one point during a war, you shouldn't be able to say it was a meaningless act to give it up.

I agree that Michael Moore is in no way a balanced documentarian. But the clip was uncut of Bush making a serious statement about stopping terrorists who murdered americans... immediately followed by a laugh and "Now watch me hit this drive." Kind of an inappropriate place for a serious statement to the press, and poor timing on the joke.

Had more taken a bunch of random shots of bush playing golf and juxtaposed them next to important national events going on causing the viewer to assume he was chipping balls out of the woods when kids were getting blown up by roadside bombs; I'd have the problem. It's creates a heavy handed manipulated view of whatever information he's trying to pass along. But the clip used in that instance was in context.

Giving up golf is a meaningless act only for someone who doesn't have people in the slanted press waiting to attack them at any moment. Bush had the right to play golf every few weeks; its naive to think these guys are effective leaders if they have no down time. It's a good way to avoid BS media swipes. I'm sure Drudge will... if he hasn't already announce a headline in red about some tragedy and put Obama's picture on a golf course right above. Dude knows his propaganda, and narrative building. Every day of drudge is like a new episode of a tv show... only remaining intriguing because little things are over blown, and wedged into his narrative.
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