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Looking For Mike Peluso

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Posted 13 December 2010 - 06:33 PM

Someone might have to explain the restoring of the nameplate to me as I see this as being an issue.

My opinions on it differ depending upon what is classified as "RESTORED". Here are what are the two different understandings of the words as I have come to comprehend them.

1) Restoring the nameplate to exactly how it looked on the orginal jersey. Same fabric, font, colors, materials and such were used to create a nameplate the looks like the orginal.

2) Restoring the nameplate to the EXACT nameplate that orginally on the jersey. The same one that was removed is now put back on it. The nameplate is the orginal nameplate to have been worn by the player it is now restored to.

I don't like #1, but I feel it is done more often than not. #2 is what a true restoration is. To take Geoff's example above of the Sistine Chapel: If you are restoring it to the way it was that is okay. If you are restoring to LOOK like it's the orginal way than that is a different matter.

Which has been done to the Peluso's mentioned? Is there any wear on either nameplate, color fade due to wear and washing? I'm more curious than I am being anal about it. I just want to learn and know.

I just assumed it was instance #1 in your post above. How could anyone but the team "restore" a jersey under the premise of #2? If it is the same nameplate that was on the jersey; as far as I am concerned there is no restoration, and it is just a regular jersey....
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Posted 13 December 2010 - 07:15 PM

Have you ever watched the show Pawn Stars. They spend a ton of money to restore collectables all the time to add value.
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Posted 13 December 2010 - 07:35 PM

Have you ever watched the show Pawn Stars. They spend a ton of money to restore collectables all the time to add value.

I think it's just the type of "hobby" game worn jerseys are compared to anything else. Game worn collectors are all about "original" or getting as close as possible.

Steiner Sports had a "What's it Worth" segment on YES awhile back. A person brought in a bagful of Yankees grey road flannels. Steiner said the Yankees used to send their jerseys to their farm club and the team would strip the "NEW YORK" off and/or the numbers. The person had a few with "M. MANTLE" and "Y. BERRA" chain stitched in the neck turned into minor league jerseys. I remember Steiner saying they still would command $ even though they were altered. People would restore them as compared to the cost of an all original which is out of most people's budgets.

I have a 79-80 Washington Capitals Guy Charron with the nameplate removed. I've talked to Capitals collectors about it and they gave me a mixed bag of opinions, but mostly it's 1) restore it to the closest you can or 2) leave it go as is. I would rather leave it go then restore the nameplate to something that is not original to the shirt or looks too different/new. If it was a case where the the original nameplate came with it and was removed, i would re-attach it as at least the plate is original to the jersey. I would state this fact if i were to sell it or send it for authentication.
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