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In Topic: Awesome hockey sabermetrics website

08 November 2007 - 02:44 AM

i have to look it over more because i didn't notice what the ratings are totally based on, but offensive statistics have to be put into perspective.
Lecavalier's stats might be better because he scored 16 more goals, but he's in a better situation being used to the best of his ability. His best skill is goal scoring and he had 4 excellent playmakers setting him up - St. Louis, Richards, Boyle, and Prospal. The Penguins, meanwhile, should be ashamed they can't find a legit wing to pair with Crosby. That he could manage 84 assists without a pure goal scorer is testament to his jaw dropping, unbelievable talent. No doubt the Penguins have loads of talent, but not the right talent to best make use of Crosby. The worst part is (for fans who want to see him shine as bright as he can) the type of player he needs is extremely plentiful - Ryder, Pominville, Gionta, Kotalik, Lupul, Carter, Dawes, Callahan, Svatos, Tambellini, Jason Blake, etc.