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#1056084 Damm money grubbing turncoat!

Posted by mackchi on 13 October 2011 - 05:21 AM

:rant: Let's just say it!

Doc crapped all over the Devils for BIG MONEY and a cushy schedule with a better variety of hockey. Selfish!!

I"M FURIOUS! I'm FURIOUS listening to him call the Boston game

I'm not taking it easy on the sextagenarian and I dont see why we all should. This is like Marty signing with Montreal :rant:

Posted Image

haha Carolina scored on Thomas! Posted Image

Hahaha! Boston just scored on Ward! :rofl:

:unsure: I swear I'm not drinking.... yet -- but Doc might drive me too it tonight I tell you... joining the likes of Mike MILLBURY!!!! and we kiss his fuzzy gray bottom... Posted Image

:argh: :evilcry:

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(I corrected my spelling :P )

Hell hath no fury...
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