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In Topic: NJ/Albany Minor Transactions Thread (was Thomson/Johnson thread)

04 September 2014 - 05:55 PM

Very interesting and wondering if the devils will do this. I know Lou and past and current coaches and players have said having the team in Albany is convenient due to it being only about a 2-3 hour car ride from Newark. One of the main reasons why they moved from Lowell (devils purchased the loch monsters and renamed them the devils back around 2005ish after the river rats changed affiliations with the Carolina who later moved to Charlotte to be the checkers) to Albany was to bring them closer and make emergency call ups easier. I know if they do move to Manchester it's still not as bad as other teams who have their minor league team on the opposite of the country, it's still reduces their flexibility somewhat in that regard.

I'm still curious to see what is the reason for the Albany devils attendance issues. Is the local economy tough or the locals apathetic? From what I remember the team on the ice have not been great but they haven't been that bad either.

 Their AHL affiliates regardless of where they've been have made the playoffs maybe twice in 13 years or something along those lines, that's about as bad as it gets.  They develop apathy no matter what market they're squatting in at the time, it's part of the deal. Hey it works for their model I guess which is to home grow a few here and there basically pinning them down salary wise and jump from market to market when enough local fans stop going. All attendance numbers at the minor league level are inflated which make their published number even more scary. It is what it is. If you combine Trenton making the playoffs rarely if ever when they were there the on ice futility is even more startling. One of the years Trenton did make it the team was essentially put together by the org before the Devils showed up. Without a doubt Trenton was trending in the wrong direction before the Devils came to town but they essentially scorched the earth and left 6 months after signing a 10 year lease. The rate of decline escalated greatly once they rebranded and as Lou said painted the town red. The clowns that come in behind them had no clue how badly and were destined to fail right from the get go.  They were extremely successful and finishing off what was once a good thing.