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In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 09:59 PM

I mean, the Rangers would trade all of their forward prospects for Severson.  


minor league forward prospects I guess is what your referring to? I don't think they trade many or maybe even  any of the young forwards that are playing at this level now. They don't need Severson. Hell Hayes an undrafted guy has more value than any of our forward picks over the last how many years

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 06:46 PM

Tell me, in your eyes, what could Lou have done today that would have satisfied you (trades or statements)?

How about this he's going to miss the playoffs for the third year in a row.  Two of the better forwards game in and game out couldn't get an NHL job to start the season (Gomez and Bernier) throw a marginal guy like Tootoo into the mix in that regard. Yes there are some solid pieces on D and Cory has been unbelievable. Camm has been good, Ryder and Havlat are busts and they have nothing much to speak of in the minors forward wise. Hell if you turn the clock back far enough Sather won a bunch of cups too.


Personally I think the mentality of interchangeable parts doesn't cut it these days.



Spoiled fan base, sure I guess but this team without Cory is flat out unwatchable unless you enjoy offensively challenged train wrecks.

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 04:38 PM

We don't need or want an endless array of 5th to 7th round picks. You also are often better off keeping these types of players around if you plan on signing them the following year. If you trade them, you get little in return and there is a better chance they don't re-sign here.



odds are for those that are hoping to see some of the younger forwards come up from Albany not moving more bodies out will probably limit those opportunities. 


Personally I'm not sure there's much of anything to bring up unless you want to see guys come up based on where they were drafted vs their AHL play.


Either way lots of work to be done and before next season.

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 04:26 PM

Right, he is just gonna come out and say, "well there was no interest in our trash and let's get real, we all know there wasn't any chance in hell we were making the playoffs no matter who was or wasn't here."


He just twisted the fact no one wanted our guys into the BS of we still believe.  


In regards to Bernier, Tootoo, Gomez, I hate to say it because they have played well on this debacle of a roster, but in all honesty they are pretty close to being trash themselves.

Certainly one way of looking at (he's not going to admit they're done)  the other way to look at it is the guy is seriously delusional and honestly believes it. Either scenario reflects poorly on him, one he's nuts and/or two there wasn't enough turd polish to make a handful of guys worth anything at all even a low round pick.


Hopefully that doesn't offend the die hard real fans too harshly.

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Yesterday, 01:09 PM

lmao if true. Can't win them all, did well with Jagr.