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In Topic: A Thru F: Rank Shero/Conte's Job At 2015 NHL Entry Draft

28 June 2015 - 11:38 AM

I'd rate these two days a B or B-.  Zacha's okay, not thrilled with him but not upset, Blackwood I obviously don't like, but everything else at the draft seems fine, and the Palmieri trade I like as well.



Wow, really, going out on a limb with that prediction.  Some players drafted in the first two rounds won't make it.  Got any more pearls of wisdom?

Yes actually one more - Easy genius not everybody buys your self centered bs either.  Piss off and get back to the spreadsheets where cups are won and lost rather than on the ice in your world. 

In Topic: A Thru F: Rank Shero/Conte's Job At 2015 NHL Entry Draft

27 June 2015 - 10:52 PM

Whoa Wedgewood and Blackwood one of the better tandems in the AHL? Wedgewood has been average at best and often times below and odds are higher that Blackwood isn't even in the league next year.

Have to agree with the it's impossible to judge the draft without seeing how these guys develop. Watching the draft and listening to the guys calling it you would swear everybody drafted in the first two rounds were going to be all-stars. I would bet a good number of them never play more than a handful of games at the NHL level.

In Topic: Gomez, Clemmensen, Bernier gone

27 June 2015 - 05:54 PM

I think JJ fails miserablely in this projected new opportunity and then once and for all they cut bait with him too next season.

In Topic: Devils pick Goalie Blackwood with 2nd round pick

27 June 2015 - 02:50 PM

I totally disagree with this.   Who cares if we have prospects at goalie? Goalies are the toughest position to project and other than the top NHL starters, goalies are easy to acquire and have relatively little trade value compared to positional players. I don't think we have a single thing to show for the two 1sts and a 2nd we pissed away on Damphousse, Ahonen and Frazee other than maybe a handful of games played between them.  In the end, I think all of their minor league contracts eventually expired and they went on their way.  At least positional players that don't ascend to be one of the top 20 or so players at their position in the world can still hold a lot of value for the organization by filling out the lower lines and being an every night player.  Hell, if they still have holes in their game, they can at least be a situational player.  That's not to say we would have been guaranteed a valuable asset if we took a forward at 36/42 but there's a lot better chance than a positional player that will eventually help the organization in some way as compared to a goalie.     


Also, in terms of general strategy, there were a lot of goalies all ranked relatively close coming into the draft.  As of our pick at 42, the run on them hadn't started yet and as it turns out, it didn't start until well after our 3rd rounder.  I guess if our scouts truly felt that Blackwood was the guy who was eventually going to be a really good NHLer, then fine but if that was the case, why screw around trading down from 36?   If the Devils management just felt they needed to get a well regarded goalie into the pipeline, then they flat out bit way too soon.  At the time we made the 42nd selection, there was no reason to think that at least one or two of Blackwood, Vladar, Montembeault, Booth or Hill wouldn't be available 24 picks later.       

This.  +1

In Topic: Devils pick Goalie Blackwood with 2nd round pick

27 June 2015 - 02:05 PM

With such huge gaps up front today and the foreseeable future this was a terrible pick as most have stated.  Trade bait? not even sure what to say there, they had a need today and they wiffed for somebody who may have trade value down the road? Wasn't the place and time to go in this direction.


Didn't Wedgewood start for the Canadian Jr. team?  How's that worked out?