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Retired back from Home Life?

09 March 2006 - 08:29 PM

Hey guys, I think on FSN I heard Stan Fischler and Loughlin talking about Stevens possibly coming off retirement for a short time to help the Devils through the Playoffs. Now Stevens hasn't said anything about it but do you think it's possible. He's helped us to that shiny Cup 3 times now, can the team's best ever captain and defenseman come back and get us there again? He said he's enjoying home life but I sure hope he'll come back, just for the playoffs.

Elias, When's he coming back?

09 March 2006 - 08:24 PM

Hey all, new here... I was thinking, since the Olympic Break the Devils are 2-0-2 For a total of 6 points and all of our losses were in overtime. So that's good. But to think the Devils have not scored more than 3 goals in regulation time since the break, shows we need some offense. If you think about it, we would not have struggled at the beginning of the year if Elias weren't out. Although, the 9 Gm Winning Streak was not only because of Elias, but the defense has shaped up which is why we're winning now. We have very talented offensive lines, Gionta, Gomez, Langenbrunner,Kozlov, Brylin are all great. It just seems they can't generate enough offense. Brodeur remains ON FIRE with good help from the defense but to score even 3 goals would guarentee us a win. Brodeur almost assures us no more than 2 goals a game. But I think the winning combination would be the EGG line (Elias,Gomez,Gionta). They are known as the best scoring line in the NHL and teams are cautious when playing them. But in order to get this 3rd goal we need the Devils top goal scorer, for 3 straight years... Now after his rib injury in the Olympics, when is he supposed to get back? Thanks, Neeks123