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In Topic: 10,000 Days working for Lou Lamariello

09 October 2015 - 06:04 AM

I mean Conte is a Lou guy so nothing Earth shattering in this article. 


Wish TSN would have asked a little more to explain some of the particular decisions made in the past 10 years.  One example is why he thinks Lou decided to keep the 29th pick in 2012 to select Matteau?  Did Lou see something in him that he couldn't pass it up?  Was he going off of Conte's advice?  Actually I would say this is the biggest question I have from him and Lou over the past 10 years.


Like someone else said he didn't even know who was going to be on the board at 29 cause that decision had to be made before the draft.


The worst part of not giving up 29 might be having to go from 10 to 30 in 2014.  Even if Quenneville took a leap last year I still don't see him as anything more than prime Travis Zajac at best.

In Topic: Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

27 August 2015 - 11:34 PM

They had Elias bobbleheads the last time they promoed them when they hawked the crap out of their team bobblehead sets (Elias, Parise, Langs, Marty).

In Topic: Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

26 August 2015 - 06:30 PM

Easy buddy, Lou was given plenty of slack in the past three years.  He basically forced the owners hand.  It wasn't the owners fault that the team sucked, it was Lou and Lou alone.  This summer we've seen the transition of leadership in this organization and that transition has revealed what many of us already assumed.  That Lou was the center of all decision-making processes in New Jersey.  You're either lying or not paying attention if you dispute this.  I'm as big of a fan of Lou as anyone else on this board, but Lou was given a fairly appropriate amount of time to turn things around.  Would another year have changed things?  Not likely.  

A GM that was not as tenured as Lou would have been gone sooner, I would argue.  


I'm not arguing whether Lou should have been fired or not...but losing Kovalchuk certainly did not help matters the last two years.  And Lou lost his job because of the last two years.  That was my point.  You and others think he wanted Kovalchuk out of here because of the cap nonsense but losing Kovalchuk did not help him put a winning product on the ice, and that cost him his job.


Attributing Kovalchuk leaving to Lou and the organization wanting him to leave is just another way for the Kovy-fanboys to excuse the fact he's just a money-hungry flake.

In Topic: Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

26 August 2015 - 03:20 PM

Just the timing alone though makes me believe that Lou made it happen. Kovalchuk was obviously willing and would be easily sold on a Russia move after his stint in the KHL but I think this was all put in motion by Lou; and for good reason. We'll never know what the alternative was if our team was not sold exactly when it was. Only Lou, Vanderbeek, and Bettman know this.


Sure, on paper it sounds logical that the owner would want the team's superstar player as part of the deal, but not when you consider that it essentially tacks on $77m to the cost of the deal in the long run. They ended up getting the team for $320m, so a $77m "declining asset" being part of that is really just another 22% of that final purchase number $320m; suddenly the purchase price is $400m, not $320m. When you look at it like that, it's a pretty scary number. I'm sure the league knew this, I'm sure it was communicated to Lou and Lou had a "Hail Mary play" in his pocket to facilitate the deal, and that was the Kovalchuk departure. Lou knew Kovy's feelings toward the KHL, and all the reasons you gave in your post as to why a move to the KHL could be easily sold to him.


Harris' (and Apollo, his corporation) M.O. was always to purchase "ailing companies". That describes the Devils at the time (and suddenly without Kovalchuk's contracts on the books) to a T. He'd preferred buying the declining team without the superstar player, and in that context, the moves that have been made, to rebuild the organization for the long-term, it makes complete sense.


They didn't buy us after the 2012 Playoffs, they bought us after we missed the 2013 Playoffs and only after we lost Kovalchuk.


You guys are making it out to be that they bought the team solely because Kovalchuk was off the books.  Or that they don't have to pay anyone else to replace Kovalchuk.  They don't save $75 million, they save $75 milllion minus players they have to pay over the life of the contract to replace him (Jagr, for example, or Cammaleri followed by other FA signings down the road).


And Lou could give two hoots about making the team more palatable for new ownership to buy, he lost his job at the hands of those same owners because the team stunk the last two years.

In Topic: Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

26 August 2015 - 03:16 PM

Do you really think it's just coincidence that the Kovy retirement (our most expensive, most high profile signing in history) happens less than a month before the biggest most high sale of ownership in our franchise's history?


And you think the sale took less than a month to happen?  It was already in the works, they didn't decide to buy the team cause they didn't have to pay the Kovalchuk contract.  The owners bought the team to get the Prudential Center rights as much as anything else, which JVB wasn't willing to sell until the end.