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In Topic: GDT: Devils at Calgary 10 PM

Yesterday, 12:40 PM

A) Why only single out when the younger guys have issues defending when the vets are just as much to blame?

B) The PK is the best part of the team right now and three of the four guys on it are younger guys - Severson, Larsson, Hegelson


As usual Pete has a skewed perspective, only find fault with the kids and never with the vets.


All Deboer said was "We’ve got some young guys at key positions and we’re learning how to win games.”  Which I think is true - they have 4 young defensemen.  I think DeBoer would rather not have to deal with 4 young defensemen but he does, and that was a learning experience for them.

In Topic: GDT: Devils at Calgary 10 PM

Yesterday, 12:36 PM

This isn't false. He's been a disaster on the shootout. But at least he can do some creative stuff out there that makes you think he has a chance to score.


Zajac got off a good shot - he just didn't elevate enough.  Elias has done the same move 10 times and hasn't come close to scoring.  His days on the shootout should be at an end.  

In Topic: The Devils' Right Wing Issue

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

Well, FWIW, David Perron's name is out there (per Dreger) as a guy the Oilers might look to move.


I wish NJ had what it took to get him, but I don't think they do unless they are willing to move Henrique.  Perron is exactly what NJ needs on RW and is theoretically affordable.

In Topic: GDT: Devils at Calgary 10 PM

Yesterday, 12:27 PM

it's not the -3. he's been not great coming off what was a terrific season last year. and yes, larsson and severson were big issues the end of the game.


we've discussed how they're trying to turn larsson into something different than he was, but he's becoming very strong in his own zone as they essentially squeeze any offensive life out of him. what he hasn't learned to do yet is take care of the front of the net. with 5-10 seconds left, you murder anyone in front of the net, penalty or not. take the penalty. i'm not going to go crazy over it, and severson's dzone work has also not been great lately.


I'm not going to 'rip' Larsson for that mistake - like you said, he's young, and he's been playing well.  I hope they start to rebuild him soon - right now he's going around the wall and off the glass a lot more than he used to, but he's capable of much more once he gets his feet under him.  Regardless, all I was saying about people ripping Deboer is to just point out the guy who's making the mistake - watch the game.  Greene played 30 minutes last night, he wasn't exceptional in that time, but all DeBoer was pointing out was that the younger guys didn't have a great night defending.


Zajac scored a shootout goal in preseason.  Elias hasn't scored in forever.  Jagr isn't good at it.  I'd probably try Zidlicky over all these three and Henrique, and give Ruutu a shot as well.

In Topic: The Devils are bad and it's time to tank

Yesterday, 12:19 PM

Im not that familiar with the NHL draft, do teams trade up and down in the first rounds as frequently as NFL teams do?


No.  Because 2nd round picks are worth way less in the NHL than the NFL, it's harder to make deals to move up and down.  You'll often see movement past pick 10, but it's unusual to have trades in the top 10.  You also won't often see teams dealing next year's 1st round pick for something.