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In Topic: DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

Today, 12:01 AM

I don't understand putting Foligno as head of the PK and removing Barr.


That happened in 2013.  The Devils had the best penalty kill in the league last year.  

In Topic: What is wrong with our fanbase

Yesterday, 02:36 PM

This board is the exception. Jets and Mets fans are mostly Islander and Ranger fans. if you ever go to Rag games you'll see a lot of Jets stuff. If you go to Islanders games 90% of the football gear is Jets.


As a fan of the Jets and Mets I'm more secure in my Devils fandom and you always have 3 Cups and a few finals trips to fall back on that's why nothing that can happen to the Devils (other than a move) for the rest of my life will ever make me tear my hair out like I do for those other teams. The Devils have literally given us almost a lifetime worth of championships.


Still if you're a 40+ year old sports fan living on long island...to you the Devils and forever away and you're not a fan. Just like to us sometimes it seems like the Isles might as well be playing on Rhode Island


Didn't we have a few central Jersey oddball Devils/Phillies fans that posted here too?


I don't think this board is an exception.  I think more Devils fans are Mets fans than Yankees fans and are more Jets fans than Giants fans.  Typically if you like the Giants and Yankees you'll like the Rangers too.

In Topic: GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburg Penguins 7PM MSG

Yesterday, 12:38 PM

Tri, do you think Lou should stick with the current D this year, or try to trade for a big body defenseman that can eat some minutes? I mentioned Tyler Myers in my previous post, but there may be others. Truth be told it will have to be done sooner than later, with Salvador and Zidlicky unlikely to be signed next year (arguably for the better). Can't have Greene and 5 youngins without having to go through some serious growing pains over the next few years.


I think if Salvador keeps this up or gets hurt for the year (and at this rate it's only a question of which happens first) that yeah he will look to do that.  Tyler Myers may have a big body but he is not very good and isn't the kind of physical guy they want.  The issue is that these guys are disappearing from the NHL - they're surprisingly not easy to come by.  I don't know that a trade for one will appear by the end of the year.

In Topic: What is wrong with our fanbase

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

Haha, I expect this to go over very well, but I think one of the issues is that a lot of the Devils fanbase are also Jets and Mets fans and so they are used to institutional failure on a large scale.  They bring the baggage with being a fan of one of those perennial loser franchises over here and panic about every little thing going wrong because as a fan of one of those teams they've seen it all go wrong.  The Mets and Jets haven't been bad over the last 20 years - they've had periods of being bad certainly, but the Mets went to a World Series and were two runs away from going to another one.  The Jets went to two AFC championship games and had a pretty good run in the late 90s.  They just haven't gotten over the top.


The losing in the last few seasons has also made people come to expect losing as a matter of course.  They don't really understand it had a lot to do with goaltending and that those goaltenders responsible are gone.

In Topic: GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburg Penguins 7PM MSG

Yesterday, 11:47 AM

They had a new coach and system coupled with a nightmarish opening trip.


And apparently a lot of excuses?  That doesn't change the fact that they got drubbed early on in the season.


The Devils didn't play well in this game, but of course when you get 8 goals scored on you you've had a lot of bad breaks - Hornqvist's goal was the result of a broken stick, Craig Adams off a rolling puck, Schneider misplays a puck to give them one.  Rather get it all out in one game.  And have Clemmensen exposed as not an NHL goalie - that's only going to help in the long term.