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Yesterday, 07:55 PM

Agreed on the Coyotes.


So you are saying that Scrivens's decrease is entirely random?


How about Dubnyk? He was .916 on the Coyotes. He's .939 on the Wild. Same season. How about Fasth in his first season on the Ducks and this one? This is not to say that save percentage is often not a good indicator of strength of goalie, but that sometimes it isn't, and the quality of the team can affect save percentage....to a degree, of course.


To me Mike Smith's .903 this year, is a lot more commendable than Kari Lehtonen's .907.


I don't know why Ben Scrivens has such a poor save percentage this year.  The quality of a team has not been shown to have a significant effect on goalie save percentage.  Viktor Fasth had all of 30 games in the NHL - it's not hard for a mediocre goalie to put together a good 30 game stretch.  Devan Dubnyk had 140 games of being a perfectly average goalie save percentage wise until his collapse last year, and Edmonton sucked all of those years, so why did it happen then?  


There's a ton of chance involved with whether or not a shot goes in.  Schneider is showing this year that a garbage team can have a goalie with a great save percentage, and Sabres teams of the past showed this about Dominik Hasek.

In Topic: Our next head coach

Yesterday, 07:05 PM

I suppose I think that the general process of trying to name the next coach is somewhat futile. Assistants across the NHL, and head coaches across the AHL and CHL should be getting looks. Guys like Tippet, Blysma, and Oates got fired for a reason; not that it condemns them completely (fired coaches often have later success), but what those reasons are need to be considered before hiring. Out of 11 years as a coach, Dave Tippet's teams have advanced past the first round of the playoffs 3 times. He's done pretty well in getting his teams in sure, but his teams have had little postseason success. There's very little to get excited about with him.


And the Coyote's problems are NOT to do with goaltending. Sure, Mike Smith was not helping things earlier in the year, but he has played stellar over the past month or so and the Coyotes are still in free fall. Save percentage can tell a lot sure, but sometimes it doesn't tell much at all. You look at a guy like Scrivens from one year to the next and you can see what quality of team can do to save percentage.


The Coyotes have an AHL lineup of forwards and Shane Doan.  They are a horrible, horrible team.


Quality of team has not been shown to affect save percentage in a considerable way.  In fact, the Oilers have reduced their shots against considerably between this year and last - Scrivens has the same GAA he had last year despite a .020 worse save percentage.

In Topic: Our next head coach

Yesterday, 05:50 PM

There's been a lot of rumors about Oates being greased for an executive role either as GM or President of Hockey Ops and not a coaching role. This stint might just be an evaluation and reintroduction towards that.


He's hands on with players, recommending stick changes and whatnot.  I don't see how these skills translate to GMing at all.  In addition, most GMs currently employed in the league weren't assistant coaches or coaches - that's not generally the track to moving upstairs anymore (if it ever was).

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Yesterday, 02:42 PM

The Devils have almost never let coaches hire assistants.  They let Jacques have Mario Tremblay in 2009, that's about all I can remember.  Otherwise assistants have usually stayed in place - MacLean was an assistant through 5 different coaches (Burns, Robinson, Lamoriello, Julien, Sutter).


As such I think they will hire someone who isn't Adam Oates to be the coach next year, but that it probably won't be any of the names on this list, which is fine.

In Topic: 2014-15 Prospect Thread

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

That's a thing that interests me about forwards who are UFA/young/KHL transfer. Where else are they going to get as good as opportunity to play as here. We are starved for guys. I mean I don't know about guys like Panarin in SKA, or Moses in the FEL


I imagine that's why Blandisi signed here.  He may have had other offers, but the Devils were willing to burn a year of his ELC (very rare for NJ to do this).