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Yesterday, 09:21 PM

Totally fine with losing Fayne - they should've signed him to a 4 year deal coming off his RFA contract, but they gave him basically 3.5M for 4 years of solid defense, and now he makes that for one season.  Now I'll be less fine with that when they go out and find some sh!tbird defenseman to do what Salvador does and fall over themselves to praise him (not realizing that they got hardly anything out of Matvichuk, bought out White, bought out Volchenkov, let Vishnevski go, and sent McGillis to the oubliette - not to mention how bad Salvador has been), but yeah.  I'll also be less fine if Severson isn't ready for the NHL at all this year.

In Topic: 2014 Training Camp Thread

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

We're pretty much on the same page.  My only real point is I think Marty had some pretty definite ideas of what he wanted, and he probably thought he was going to get it (decent playing time (20-30 games) with a playoff contender).  Now that he's still on the outside looking in and that doesn't look like it will change (I'm sure several teams with rather take a chance with their backups or someone on their AHL squad over Marty if their #1 guy suffers a long-term injury), is he cool with possibly playing no more than half of an NHL season, if that much?  I won't pretend to know what goes on inside his head...maybe having to wait until the ASB doesn't bother him at all.  But he always struck me as a guy who loves the game of hockey and loves to play.  It's gotta be weird for him to have no one to play for right now. 



He mentioned this as a possibility way back in March when he was speculating about where he was going to play next year in the middle of the Devils' playoff chase.  Honestly, I think his ideal is not being a backup - his ideal is parachuting in and being a starter on a team whose starter gets hurt.  My guess is that even though there were teams were interested in him, he wanted a guaranteed number of games and they said 'that's insane, we will look elsewhere'.  As for not playing, I'm sure it sucks, but he's been through 3 lockouts and didn't play anywhere else during any of them, so he's not like a Jagr type who just has to play at all costs.

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Yesterday, 02:41 PM

Of course signing with one bad team to possibly get a shot with another and having to move is not ideal, and Marty probably wouldn't love it either (though he'd only have to do it for one year).  It's more me wondering aloud how badly does he still want to play?  And how long is he willing to wait? 


I don't see who is going to offer him a job for a job.  Right now there is nothing available.  Maybe something comes available.  I don't think any promises about being traded would be expected to be kept - after all, how is Brodeur supposed to think he can get traded when he can't even get the first job to begin with?   And if it's true that he rejected a particular job because the salary wasn't what he was expecting, that makes it even more difficult, because a lot of teams are going to be right up against the cap.  


As for waiting, I think he'll wait until the All-Star Break.  Hard to know when the most eyes can be focused on his retirement.

In Topic: 2014 Training Camp Thread

Yesterday, 02:17 PM

I'm starting to wonder if Marty will expand his horizons and sign with ANY team willing to give him playing time...obviously if the team is not great but he plays well, maybe he eventually gets dealt to a team higher up in the standings...of course, at this stage I think Marty will look that much worse on a team that can't suppress shots or scoring opportunities for the opposition, but I don't think Marty sees it that way. 


Brisson dropped the 700 win thing 2 weeks ago, so I don't think 'any team' is on his wish list.  I doubt he wants to move cities twice in one year either.

In Topic: 2014 Training Camp Thread

Yesterday, 02:11 PM

Triumph, can you expand a bit on what you mean when you say you prefer he is not put in a position to generate offense for good offensive wingers? Do you mean that the data shows (or in your opinion) he does not do well at distributing the puck?


The data are assists in this case, and he doesn't get a lot of them.  He didn't get a ton of them in junior hockey, not a ton in the AHL, and besides year 1 in the NHL, he didn't get a lot there either.  He had 35 assists in his first 75 NHL games, he has 31 in the 143 games he's played since then.  I don't think I am reversing cause and effect here either.  I don't think Henrique is that good an offensive player - he scores a fair number of goals because of his ability to shoot the puck, but he doesn't shoot the puck a lot, and he doesn't get a lot of assists.  He's an okay play driver.

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