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Yesterday, 09:53 PM

Admittedly I hadn't looked at the upcoming market until now. Yeah, it's empty, aside from a few okay choices that would have been pretty good choices a few years ago. I would be more than surprised if the Devils got St. Louis, so I suppose Mats would have been a good option before he re-signed. The 25-30 points is more of a hyperbolic low blow at what the Devils have done to free agent forwards in this league (not that the team could necessarily have done anything to stop these players' decline): Ryder, Clowe, no-name, Shanahan, etc... As of now Zuccarrello is a one-note forward on a good team. On the Devils he would be a fish out of water and the central target of opposing teams' defensive strategies. I'd be surprised if he eclipsed 40 points in NJ. And he plays very little on the PK (though I am sure Lou would see to the end of that).


He'd be the Devils' first option on the power play, he'd get a lot of points doing this alone.  The idea of targeting or whatever isn't really borne out by evidence.  


Ryder is a guy who is no good with the puck.  He needs other people to get him the puck.  Zuccarello is a guy good with the puck, he would've done fine here.  As Jagr was and so on.

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

Yesterday, 09:19 PM

No matter where Zuccarello went, i don't believe for a second that he would break 4/20M. He's a skilled player but still not that good, and he's a complimentary piece. On the Devils he would probably score 25-30 points.


The market is completely barren and there are several teams, the Devils included, that desperately need help at RW.  He is a complementary piece but even so he would score more than 25-30 points on the Devils.  And I believe they would've had to have strong interest in him.

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

Yesterday, 08:58 PM

Zuccarello signing for 4/18 - is a real shocker. I mean jesus, who is this guy's agent and who is advising him? He left 10M, maybe more, on the table. Not happy - I was hoping the Devils would throw money at him.


We discussed this - I'm not really shocked.  Zuccarello's not going to sign for big dollars anywhere that's ready to win now.  Also the Scandanavian players tend to take less (seriously).

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Yesterday, 04:54 PM

Same return as the Devils got for Jagr (actually potentially better since the 2nd and 3rd in the Glencross deal are for the 2015 draft), so I think Calgary did very well. That's also a current playoff team trading an upcoming UFA. (EDIT, just outside of the playoffs, thanks GHDI...what have I done)


Thinking Lou pulled the trigger a little too early on Jagr. He hasn't been on this end before, and it might have shown. Not saying he was going to get a lot more, but you never know.


Not really since the 2nd round pick that the Devils figure to get from the Panthers is better than the one they would've gotten from Washington.  Devils did just fine.

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 03:44 PM

I was about to write that if it turns out that Lou didn't even ask him to waive his NTC, that would be close to a fireable offense, especially considering what Timmonen brought back. Good to see it appears he isn't as out of touch as some seem to think he is.

So anyway, here are some Zidlicky trade ideas that popped into my head. All based on the fact that Philly got at least a first round pick for an older defenseman who hasn't played at all this year, and who Zidlicky is probably better than apart from that.

Zidlicky and 3rd round pick to Det, for Anthony Mantha.
Zidlicky to Tampa for 2015 1st round pick -- higher of the two they have.
Zidlicky for Josh Ho Sang.
Zidlicky, Quenneville and 2015 2nd rounder for Michael Del Colle.
Zidlicky, Quenneville for Nick Ritchie.

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They didn't get a 1st round pick, and Timonen is better than Zidlicky when healthy.  In light of that, none of these deals make sense for the other team.


What deals have invovled a prospect of any significance?  I'd say none.