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#1323103 Devils resign eric gelinas to 2 year deal

Posted by Triumph on 14 July 2015 - 07:37 PM

if you're going to put in the effort to be a smart ass..wouldn't it have just been easier to quickly say who he was instead of coming off like an ass? Thought it would have been posted on the main board didn't see anything about it..didn't realize it would be am issue to ask since ya know that's kind of what people do on forum boards


I put in almost no effort into that post.  And no, forums aren't your personal Ask Jeeves, which is the point I was trying to get across.  If you have a question with that simple an answer, you can google and almost certainly TG's blog on him will be on the first page.  You can search this forum also.  Answering your question gives incentive to people like you to do the same thing.  I'll gladly answer more complicated questions or questions that it's harder to search about or questions posted in the right threads on subjects like that.   I didn't expect someone who posts a question in the wrong place to understand why doing that is wrong, but I gave it a shot.  Derail over. 


Anyway, as for Gelinas, glad about this now but I have a feeling once I get to see Gelinas again I won't be.  Although the coaching troika really did a number on his game, possibly more than anyone else - Oates's power play was just not suited for him at all.

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#1323023 David Conte Out

Posted by Triumph on 12 July 2015 - 11:35 PM

Planning for the next 10 to 15 years? Okay Lenin. 


Only one person is allowed hyperbole, it seems.

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#1322914 David Conte Out

Posted by Triumph on 10 July 2015 - 04:55 PM

I'm happy you appreciate it.


Serious question, would you have hired Shero, and do you think he was Lou's hand picked successor?

I never saw him as someone who respects the Penguin organization, and I find it surprising he didn't pluck someone from the Kings or Sharks organization, as  Wilson and Dean are two Lou acolytes.  


Would I have hired Shero?  No.  Do I think he was Lou's hand-picked successor?  Absolutely.  First off, the two men clearly have tons of respect for one another - there's that very weird story of Shero and Lombardi disagreeing on something and saying 'Let's call Lou, he'll decide' and they did and he did and they won't say what it was about (I suspect it's about Aladdin supposedly saying 'Good teenagers take off their clothes', but that's me).  Shero's a US guy and Lou's a US guy.  How many ex-GMs were there sitting around who the Devils could hire?  As I said before this happened, one of the issues the Devils were going to be facing is that they had no real AGMs and seemingly had no plan for what would happen if Lou were fired or stepped aside.  So hiring a guy who had been an AGM to be the GM of the Devils, under Lou, would've been a really, really difficult hire.  They got a guy who's been a GM and who had taken over for a guy who had been there forever and who had won Stanley Cups, so at least he knows that part of the job.  Like Lou, Shero's biggest problem was goaltending, and that's not going to be an issue here for several years.  Do I think Shero is some great innovator?  No, and that's probably going to be an issue, because the Devils are starting from so far behind the 8 ball that it's going to take some real wizardry to get them anywhere near the top in 5-6 years.

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#1322461 Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

Posted by Triumph on 02 July 2015 - 05:09 PM

Some people, like myself, rightly or wrongly believe that Lou was removed for non hockey reasons. Lou's retooling was going well, as I said many times in the past, and while you can make that argument that he was getting up in age, he certainly isn't your average 72 year old. 


To me this is ownership wanting to put their stamp on the organization, which they have the right to do, as they own the team. I have to believe that if Lou was still in charge, we would have been bigger players in free agency, the 6th pick might have been traded, and Scott Stevens would still be in the organization.


While Shero didn't do anything idiotic during the UFA period, he certainly didn't make the Devils a better team. Frolik, Semin, and Oduya would have been nice bridge players to get us through this time. Think of the Devils as a piece of coal, Semin, Frolik, and Oduya are like LNG a bridge fuel to get us to our green energy stage.


Here is what my lineup would look like


1st in 2016, Merrill, Gelinas, and Ottawa's 3rd for Kessel 15% retained and the Leafs 2nd in 2017


Frolik signed for the same contract the flames offered 


Semin signed 1 year 4 million 


Oduya Signed 3 years 4 million per season


Moore same contract (deal makes sense now because Gelinas is gone)




Cammy Zajac Kessel


Henrique Elias Semin


Frolik Yayo Palmieri


Ruutu Gio Totoo


But hey guys we can't win now


This is a disaster.  This team might make the playoffs.  Where is it going?   It has no 2016 1st round draft pick.  Why?  Why would you give that up?   This team has no centers - it has Zajac who is a 2C, Elias who isn't one anymore either, Josefson who probably isn't a 3C.  It's not a good team.  Maybe it's average.  The defense isn't any good and now you've just made it old again.  You are basically turning this team into the Islanders in the mid 00s - yeah, those Islander teams made the playoffs, but they basically threw away a shot at a Stanley Cup to do so.


The Devils have been through 5 years where the only forward of significance they developed was Adam Henrique.  Everyone else was either on the team already or signed from free agency.  It has been, in a word, horrifying.  The Devils paid a ton of money for their forwards last year - nhlnumbers says over $40 million - and got almost no return on that, because their forwards were way below average.  It's over.  The era of Brodeur and going for it every year is done.  

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#1322239 John Moore to NJD

Posted by Triumph on 01 July 2015 - 03:24 PM

lol relax it was joke albeit a poor one. I have never seen the word aplomb used in a scouting report before. I suppose when scouts write hundreds of reports they need to crack open the thesaurus to avoid repetition.


I agree the Internet has redefined the English language but words like aplomb are not a part of 1970's lexicon nevermind 21st century. My AP English teacher -best teacher I ever had and he taught for 50 years- once advised to never write using words that you wouldn't use in everyday conversation and used "thus" as an example. When was the last time you used the word aplomb in a conversation?


Your AP English teacher is rejecting an enormous amount of interesting or euphonious words that can liven up your writing.  Aplomb is a pretty garbage word as things go, it's awkward to say and has thus fallen out of common usage, but it's a perfectly cromulent word.  Looking in a thesaurus for a word sucks - I recall someone in my AP english class revealing that he would often go through his essays with the MS Word Thesaurus and using that to make his writing more interesting, which is horrendous.  So yeah, I get being against that, and I get being against the dense writing of academia, but language gets pretty dull if you limit it to the words you say.


So yeah, in conclusion, use Moore words, not less.

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#1321451 Devils pick Goalie Blackwood with 2nd round pick

Posted by Triumph on 27 June 2015 - 10:05 AM

Horrendous pick, numbers aren't there to be picked this high.  It might work out, these things sometimes do, but it's really bad.

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#1320068 2015 NHL Off-season Thread

Posted by Triumph on 16 June 2015 - 02:55 PM

Watch a highlight tape of Lundqvist's great saves. Most wouldn't exist if he eats the first shot. Now he does a good job of getting the rebounds most of the time, but save % penalizes a goalie with excellent rebound control.


I'm not going to watch highlights - I'm going to just tell you that Lundqvist saves a higher percentage of first shots than he does rebounds.




This article acknowledges sample-size issues, but here, rebounds are saved 76% of the time.  Let's imagine that the true percentage could be +/-4% on these numbers.  Do you know how amazing Lundqvist would have to be on rebounds to make himself look better on them?  

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#1319200 Friedman: Devils Could Take Run At MSL

Posted by Triumph on 05 June 2015 - 10:24 AM

The St. Louis that played in the playoffs and for most of the second half brings what value when he's even a year older at next years trade deadline?  Then factor is he potentially will be playing on a team with significantly less talent than what he had around him this year.  He's got to be carried at this point  in his career, that's not going to happen here.


If he carries the value of a 7th round pick he's still worth signing.  The Devils have nothing to lose but money.  If he's terrible, great, the whole team is going to be terrible, what's lost here?

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#1318844 Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

Posted by Triumph on 01 June 2015 - 05:32 PM

Dude were not a news site. This is a message board where people discuss stuff. I specified it was a rumour when i posted it and it brought discussion during a very slow time of the year with no news happening. Everyone knows it's a rumour. I keep coming here in the last few weeks and there's almost nothing to talk about and im sure im not the only one thinking that way.


As for the "bullsh!t site" they got quiiiite a few things right. Any "reliable sources" got things wrong too, in hockey things go fast, there's a deal on the table, people hear about it, report it, then the deal is pulled, doesnt mean it was bullsh!t, there was something at some point. Then people jump around freaking out thinking that person is making up stuff. That's why those are rumours. 


That's not saying every single rumours out there are true. But it also doesn't mean that all rumours we hear that is not happening is bullsh!t either. Don't think i dont understand the principle of posting obvious BS on the site and believing everything you read. Obviously. But that site had lots of sh!t right in the last few years. But im sure you'll pin them as BS cause one thing they said didnt pan out.


geez dude have some fun for a little, let it go, You're basically a robot with no personality. Dealing with you is exactly like dealing with the ATM machine compared to interacting with someone at the bank's front desk. You look only at numbers and just talk numbers, discard any intangibles (at least said you dont believe in them or human factors in anything, you have no profile picture, im so convinced you never played team sports, you want anything that is not "controlled" like "rumours" out of here.... live a little dude, wear flashy purple shorts, get a tattoo, go out and let it go. Were supposed to have fun here and discuss. 


You post horsesh!t rumors, I will call it out, every time.  That's just how it is going to be.  If you devoted a thread to the bullsh!t rumors, I would stay out of that thread, but if any if that kind of talk spilled over into other threads, I would call out the bullsh!t there if I saw it.  There's no reason for anyone to have any idea about how many years a player is going to be offered a contract for on June 1 by another team.  People know stuff, stuff gets out, and sometimes rumors that seem outlandish come true.  I've seen that happen plenty.  But you are constantly suckered in by dumb rumors and give this same speech every time I call it out, and almost always it doesn't come true.


This is the only way I will interact with you on this site, but I will continue to do it.  I'm sure your constant lecturing is a big hit among people you know, and look forward to your TED talk on human social behavior.

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#1317892 RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

Posted by Triumph on 26 May 2015 - 06:38 PM

So Lou didn't spend a sh!t ton when he was winning cups?  Sure not Rangers, but he was definitely above what would be "the cap" at that time.


It's hard to put anything up on either side right now because we don't know where to go.  Some people put their trust in Lou (me and Will) some people put their trust in ownership (place name here).  Neither side knows what they are critiquing so far yet and that is why you are on the sidelines.


Full of sound and fury signifying nothing.  It's nothing because we are waiting for facts to argue.  It'd be great to just have everything "formulated, sprawling on a pin" (in your poetic sense) but we won't have that for years because not even Harris or Shero have those answers.  I know everyone will call me archaic or "knowing the devil you do know than the one you don't" by saying I wish Lou were around, but I don't.  I just want a unified path.  Let the owners own, the GM manage, the coaches coach, and the players play.  Lou used to have that down (except maybe the coaches coach).  But I just don't like hearing the owners take another hat just because they have some numbers that justify it.  Maybe it means something to laymen, but it can mean more to others that know the game.


The owners had to step in.  The Devils missed the playoffs 3 straight years and arguably got worse each year.  The only unified path that Lou was taking the Devils down was one to obsolescence - and I don't blame him for most of his moves, the Devils had a team with aging stars and you either have to try to augment that with talent or get rid of those stars.  But once it becomes clear that the GM isn't making the moves to turn the franchise around, something has to be done.  They may have tied his hands on a coaching hire during the season, but the Devils were a laughingstock + Cory Schneider from March on, and ownership had to be wary of fixes that involved long-term contracts to aging players.  I wasn't sure that Lou would want to oversee a rebuild that would almost certainly not end before he was taken out of his GM's chair.

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#1312928 Lou's Future

Posted by Triumph on 10 April 2015 - 03:11 PM

This type of thread has popped up in a few different areas, and I keep saying the same thing:  Unless you can name a successor who improves our organization, then don't write how we need to get rid of him.  Keep in mind the challenges he was saddled with the last few years.  This organization was on the verge of bankruptcy.  Parise even stated that the financial state of the Devs played a part in his decision.  It wasn't too long ago that we were in the finals, and please don't make bs excuses about how that was a fluke.  It is what it is, and it was what it was.  Further, consider if you will, the completely unfair penalty we paid for signing Kovy.  There were several players throughout the league signed to similiar deals, but only Jersey was penalized.  That cost us a top 10 pick.  But you know what, this could be a blessing in disguise.  We have a new goal tending tandem that is arguably among the best in the league---when losing Marty, did you expect such a seamless transition or were you one of those screaming because we didn't re-sign Marty?  Our defense is young---YOUNG and good.  With Scott Stevens' tuteledge, the sky's the limit.  Now we have to address offense.  We'll certainly have cap space, although the FA market is slim pickings.  We do have great defensive depth, and that will help land a forward or two, and then nthe draft.  Finally, to the person who posted Glen Sather's name in the conversation...you've got to be kidding.  How long has it taken to get where they are today?  Let's not lose sight that as good as they look now, they still haven't won a thing since '94.  Is THAT the "success" you want???


I'm not hiring GMs, so that's moot.  This is an extremely important summer for the Devils.  They have a high pick - either a 1st overall, 6th overall, or 7th overall.  They have a young defense.  They have a TERRIBLE forward corps - besides Cammalleri, it's almost expansion-team bad, and there don't look to be improvements on the horizon.  All of which is a way of saying that doing basically nothing and letting the team have another bad season is probably preferable to doing a lot - the Devils can't get into long-term contract commitments to average players on the UFA market.  They shouldn't sign Antoine Vermette, or even think about it.  They shouldn't sign Justin Williams, or even think about it.  These are moves that will not only not help this team substantially, they will detract from it - by adding salary commitments to when the Devils need to pay people like Damon Severson big money, they will impact their future team negatively for a weak short-term gain.  If they have a 6th or 7th overall pick, that player should not play in the NHL next year, regardless of how good he does in training camp.  These are simple things which will help the Devils 2-3 years down the road which should be the focus of the franchise at this point.  Making the playoffs in 2017 while hanging on to their 1st round picks in 2015 and 2016 should be the goal.  Any move that detracts from that is bad, and I could see a lot of possible moves that do that.  If the Devils can hire a GM who will not look for short-term solutions, then that guy is better than a Lou who signs Antoine Vermette.

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#1312496 Building a Contender

Posted by Triumph on 08 April 2015 - 11:43 AM

You people who think the league has changed are so cute.  It's like you repeat something often enough it just becomes true.

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#1312371 GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils

Posted by Triumph on 07 April 2015 - 10:08 PM

Ugggh. You again. Hey schmuck, this is a forum where we're all free to express our thoughts. So stop playing Mr. Internet Cop and fvck off. Thank you.


Here's my thoughts - you're a horrible poster and I can't imagine anyone on this board likes your posts.  Feel free to keep making them.

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#1308772 2015 Draft Thread

Posted by Triumph on 05 March 2015 - 11:19 AM

Anyone who pays attention to junior hockey know anything about Dennis Yan?  I was just googling some mock drafts and see that one -- for what it's worth -- has him being one of our second round picks.  His numbers look pretty good -- ppg+ as a youngish 17 year old -- and this summary suggests that he's pretty skilled.




It also looks like he had a very productive Hlinka tournament.  Of course, the summary says his defensive skills need work, so I guess that means he's not even on Conte's draft board, but we'll see.


The idea that the Devils don't draft defensively limited players is borne out by absolutely no evidence.

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#1308225 Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Posted by Triumph on 02 March 2015 - 03:50 PM

Disappointing that they couldn't get something for Havlat or Ryder but not very surprising either - Ryder will probably be a camp tryout for someone next year and Havlat's through.

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