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#1267402 Devils re-sign Zidlicky

Posted by Triumph on 08 June 2014 - 09:44 AM

Larsson, our first round pick whom PDB refuses to play and has been wasting away in the minors. I actually didn't think Larsson would be a fit for this team, I was hoping for Coutourier. And don't get me started on Tedenby.

My point was the players we have drafted for the past 10 years have not made the impact we were expecting. I do hope Henrique becomes a very good player for this team but how many busted picks have we had for every Henrique? Nearly every first round pick sans Parise has been underwhelming. And the picks after the first round havent been great either. Zajac is a nice player, not a great player, ditto for Greene. Every team has them. Same for Merrill, Severson, and Fayne. As for firepower, our best players are Elias and Jagr (Ages 38 and 42 respectively). Again, i hope Henrique becomes an offensive weapon but that's a wildcard at this point.

As for free agents and player trades, I was happy we landed Kovy (not his contract) but that move was so out of character for Lou and his MO since the lockout has been signing utility players and then going after ex-Devils. Kovy was the exception. Putting Kovy aside, you'll never see this team acquire a forward like Jeff Carter via a trade. It's just not Lou's style.

As for Schneider, I'm with you on that 100%. I hope he becomes the man here. That's assuming of course that Brodeur leaves. I'm not so sure he will, despite his quotes in the papers about testing free agency. Will be interesting to see what transpires this offseason.


The players the Devils have drafted in the last 10 years have almost always been in the bottom 10 picks of the 1st round.  It is really difficult to find star players there.  So no, the Devils haven't drafted particularly well, but it isn't easy to draft well from there, and when you don't draft well, you create a vicious cycle where you are short draft picks every year because you have to patch holes on your roster every year.  NJ used to draft so well that they created a virtuous cycle - they would be able to sell players who weren't able to make the team for draft picks.  That's not happening anymore, in part because the league has caught up to some of the things NJ tends to do.


'Putting Kovy aside, you'll never see this team acquire a forward like Jeff Carter'  Hurr durr.  How about Jason Arnott, who was like Jeff Carter but without the years of NHL success?  How about Peter Stastny, Joe Nieuwendyk, and Doug Gilmour?  The Devils haven't had the kind of players that help you get a player like this and that's why they haven't done it.  And I agree that Carter specifically, I don't think Lou would trade for a player with an 11 year contract, but those are illegal now.  I mean you can't on the one hand run down NJ's drafting in the last 10 years then wonder why they haven't gotten a Jeff Carter type player.  You can't run down Lou's free agent acquisitions and wonder why he couldn't acquire other, better players in free agency - he uses free agency just like any other general manager now.  He's signed players who haven't played for NJ to 5 and 6 year deals.  It's hard to keep winning in the NHL.

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#1267099 The 2014 NJ Devils Offseason Thread

Posted by Triumph on 06 June 2014 - 10:43 AM

Urbom has agreed to join Severstal of the KHL.


What?! But he's NJ's 8th best prospect!  This is horrible

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#1267042 Trading one of the Young Defensemen

Posted by Triumph on 05 June 2014 - 08:29 PM

To me those guys sundstrom mentioned just don't move the needle.  Yes, NJ needs some better wingers.  I think Jurco, Tatar, Etem, Atkinson - they're all going to be fine players in this league, but all these guys are probably 2nd-line-on-a-good-team forwards.  45-50 point a season types.  Nice to have, certainly.  But without some better centers, NJ will be sunk.  Elias can only last so long.  Henrique is not a center, it's time they come to terms with this, or if he is, he's a very good 3rd line center/weak 2nd line center.


When I look at the 3 defensemen, I see Gelinas, who could be something really excellent.  It's not likely - Gelinas's play in the defensive zone this past year makes me think he will never quite figure it out.  The game will speed up and he'll get less panicky, but he will still be prone to mistakes.  But the Devils have not had something like Gelinas in a very, very long time - in fact, I can't think of the last time NJ had a D prospect like Gelinas, and that's because they've never had one, really.  Niedermayer scored from the back end but he was a different sort of player.  I look at some of what Gelinas does and I see Subban.  I don't want to give that possibility up, not for some 2nd line guy.  There's of course a strong chance that Gelinas will remain a 3rd pairing/fringe NHLer because he can't get his D game sorted out, and this post could look very foolish, but I just can't give that up.


Merrill's value got hurt by that Michigan incident - regardless, he came up and just didn't look out of place.  He's not going to score a ton but I think he could be a very effective D for the next decade - think Paul Martin.  And there's a slim chance that he becomes an elite defensive D with some offense to him.  I don't want to give that up especially because I think he'd be the least valuable of the 3 - I can't imagine GMs think particularly highly of him, but I do.


And then there's Larsson.  Him I would give up - I like him a lot and think he could be very good, but I imagine he has more value than the other two.  But he's still just 21 going on 22.  I'd want to get a 1st line forward back for him but I don't think that's possible.  I wouldn't give him up for any of the players sundstrom mentioned, or for players on that level.


I think waiting a year could be a good idea.  Severson will be more a known quantity.  Gelinas will demonstrate whether he can handle being an everyday D.  Larsson and Merrill should take steps forward or to the side.  NJ will have a better sense of what all these guys are, and they'll be able to make the right move with one of them.

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#1267001 Prospective Trade - Devils and Jets

Posted by Triumph on 05 June 2014 - 02:46 PM

Disregarding the specifics, do we really want ANOTHER Devils and Jets/Thashers trade? The last one was a major PITA. ;)


I didn't think that Alex Ponikarovsky was *that* bad.

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#1266928 2014 Draft Thread

Posted by Triumph on 05 June 2014 - 12:08 AM

Whyyyy?  Why take a gamble on a short guy when height, like it or not, is a significant factor in the NHL?  


No it isn't.  I mean, yeah, gimme two guys of equal skill and I'll take the bigger guy, but I don't really think that height is significant.  Tedenby's issue is not height, he's not fast enough, strong enough, or smart enough.  If he dominated the AHL and couldn't do much in the NHL, then maybe I'd think his height is an issue.  That's just not how it is.  Meanwhile some of NJ's best draft picks have been smaller players:  Sullivan, B. Gionta, Gomez, Sykora, etc., and Reid Boucher may continue that tradition.  

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#1266207 DeBoer would welcome having Schneider and Brodeur as Devils’ two goa

Posted by Triumph on 30 May 2014 - 02:17 PM

There is little to no chance that Cory doesn't play 60+ games next year (barring injury).


I'm not sure about that - he didn't prove this year he was capable of being a starter.  Until a guy's a starter, you just don't know how he will do.

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#1265985 DeBoer would welcome having Schneider and Brodeur as Devils’ two goa

Posted by Triumph on 29 May 2014 - 06:42 PM

DeBoer still doesn't get it, so he cannot have Brodeur.  Brodeur was still starting non-back to back games in March.  That cannot happen. 

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#1265538 Jagr retiring from international hockey competition

Posted by Triumph on 25 May 2014 - 07:58 PM

geez some people are so uptight here lol This is the internet folks. Theres people sh!tting in others mouth, videos of people eating toe nails, people getting killed by gorillas... avril lavigne videos...


There's way worst to be shocked about than buddie's thread title lol 


It's amazing I have to explain this but you don't have to watch those videos if you don't want to (unless you have mean spirited friends who try to link you to them).  This site is sometimes moderated, so people can't just post that kind of thing on the site - they will be banned.  That's because people who run sites like this have decided that allowing that sort of thing just makes people upset and leads to them having a more negative impression of the site.  The same is true of intentionally misleading headlines.

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#1264071 This off seasons UFA's and realistic possible trades

Posted by Triumph on 12 May 2014 - 09:35 AM

In the 3 full seasons that Kovalchuk was here, the Devils finished 30th, 11th, and 28th in goal scoring. 


I don't want Spezza.  The Devils don't have the kind of package to get him.

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#1263758 Landing Spots for Brodeur

Posted by Triumph on 08 May 2014 - 11:42 AM

I think we all know Brodeur doesn't want to be a backup. He's not wired for it, and frankly someone with that good a career shouldn't have to be 42 and a back up in the league. I find it almost impossible that he could come back to 15-20 games with it clearly defined that he will not be the starter at all.


Brodeur is hoping for a 2008 Red Wings Hasek situation. where you have a very solid team that doesn't have a clear answer in nets. Hasek was 43 and he was pretty much done, but there was always hope for him and concern with Wings management with Osgood in nets. Basically, he's hoping to be given a shot to win the net.


That simply can not happen in New Jersey. Marty knows it too. He said as much in a bunch of quotes. Ego and competition and wanting to play took over (pretty much why he wanted to be traded), but since he cares so much about this franchise, he knows that what he wants and what the franchise needs don't align at all. They didn't align last year, and it will be catastrophic this year.


For Brodeur, it has to be an opportunity with another team, or his career is over. 


I just don't see where that will be.


Teams with DEFINITE starting goalies right now:  NYR (Lundqvist), NJ (Schneider), Pittsburgh (Fleury), Columbus (Bobrovsky), Boston (Rask), Montreal (Price), Tampa (Bishop), Detroit (Howard), Florida (Luongo), Toronto (Bernier), Chicago (Crawford), Nashville (Rinne), Dallas (Lethonen), Colorado (Varlamov), Phoenix (Smith), San Jose (Niemi), LA (Quick)


So now we've winnowed things down considerably already - that's 17 teams off the list of teams that have a definite #1 guy right now.


Teams that think they have a starter:  Winnipeg (Pavelec), Philadelphia (Mason), Calgary, maybe? (Rammo)


Cross 3 more off, probably - I would include Philadelphia as a place Brodeur might go, but I don't think he'll want to play there.  Now we're at 9 teams left.


Teams with two guys:  Ottawa (Anderson, Lehner), Edmonton (Scrivens, Fasth), Minnesota (Kuemper, Harding, Backstrom), Carolina (Ward, Khudobin), Anaheim (Andersen, Gibson)


Now we're at 5 teams:  Buffalo, the Islanders, Washington, St. Louis, Vancouver.  Buffalo has Neuvirth and Enroth, two young goalies, the Islanders already indicated their interest in Jaro Halak, the Blues have a UFA goalie they paid a lot for, and Vancouver has a young guy they like.


UFA Starting goalies (current team):  Hiller (Anaheim), Halak (NYI), Miller (St. Louis), Nabokov (NYI)


I don't think Nabokov is a starter in the NHL anymore, so throw him off the list.  Still, these 3 guys are going to end up somewhere, so that's 3 more teams off the list.  That leaves 2 teams left for Brodeur to be an ostensible starter on, and that's if he can usurp a guy that's already there (exception to this:  The Islanders).  And he said he wanted to go somewhere he can win and somewhere that's warm.  I could maybe see Anaheim signing him as a veteran guy if they've gone insane, but I think someone like Nabokov or Bryzgalov would be a better fit there - they could have one of the young guys in the NHL playing while the other young guy plays in the AHL, and if one is doing considerably better than the other, they could switch.  I could see Phoenix maybe using him as a backup because why not, but again he'd be a backup.  Unless the goalie UFA market shakes out real weird, like someone ends up going to the KHL or someone ends up hurt for the year in the off-season, I just don't see him landing anywhere where he even has a chance to be a 1A.  

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#1263633 Hextall to become new Flyers' GM

Posted by Triumph on 07 May 2014 - 12:36 PM

Those trades are good by accident - the Flyers dismantled a team that went to the Stanley Cup Finals the year before, one with an elite defenseman who was getting old and only had a short window to be great.  You also have to factor in the giant goalie signing which was a calamity, the 35+ contract given to Pronger that Holmgren did not think was 35+ (even though the CBA is incredibly clear on this point).  So yeah, Mike Richards is aging faster than you might expect and that contract isn't looking too hot these days.


Both the Carter and Richards trades are wins from an asset perspective and have kept the Flyers an okay team despite getting poor to mediocre goaltending.  And yes, the Flyers draft very well too, although it's strange how they draft excellent forwards and cannot draft D at all, but the team is a mess of bad contracts and overall average talent, and there isn't a ton in the pipeline to help out.  Gostisbehere might be something, Laughton looks to be another solid player, but they don't have much else there.  I also tend not to credit general managers with draft pick successes - they have too much on their plates to be scouting.


And let's not forget James Van Riemsdyk for Luke Schenn, probably the worst major trade of the last 3 years.  And giving away Bobrovsky for picks.  

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#1262327 The 2014 NJ Devils Offseason Thread

Posted by Triumph on 24 April 2014 - 09:10 PM

I know the Devils offense was terrible.  The thing about offense is that it's largely random in short bursts.  Would the Devils have been a favorite in the 1st round?  No, of course not.  But they could have competed, and if they had gotten some breaks, they could've won a round, and had they gotten lots of breaks they could have won several rounds.

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#1262246 NHL bends the Devils over with back-to-backs

Posted by Triumph on 24 April 2014 - 12:07 PM

I think the Rangers travelled less miles and had 10 less b2b


Because they don't need home Saturday dates to sell out.  Teams get to request stuff and the league can try to accommodate it.  

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#1262232 NHL bends the Devils over with back-to-backs

Posted by Triumph on 24 April 2014 - 10:37 AM

The Devils want back to backs because they want as many home Saturday dates as possible.  With two #1 goalies like the Devils had, it shouldn't've been a problem.

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#1261423 Brodeur Appreciation Thread

Posted by Triumph on 16 April 2014 - 12:18 PM

Marty also played during the dead puck era. No shots on goal due to clutching and grabbing which helped his numbers.


This isn't true.


Shots on goal per game were slightly lower during that time but not much  (see here:  http://www.quanthock...hotsPerGame.php).  Most of the reason why the 'dead puck' era happened is that goalies got way better.

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