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DVD Shrink

28 April 2006 - 06:49 PM

Does anybody here use this program? I just started using it the other day and it has me pulling my hair out. I was able to copy two movies with no problem but now every movie I try and burn takes a year and a day. I downloaded one movie that was 1hr 20min long and it took about 20min to download to my hard drive and about another 20min to burn to a CD using Nero.

I tried to burn another movie that was 1hr 49min long and the total process was well over three hours. I have more than enough memory on here (80Gig hd and I'm only using about 10Gig) 512RAM and a AMD processor.

Is there a setting somewhere I'm forgetting about or is this what I'm getting for illegally copying movies? :lol: