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27 April 2006 - 01:37 AM

Hello all!!! I've been a devils fan since I was 8 years old and I'm glad i finally found this site big win tonight I had to upgrade my dish network just to get the game but thats the price you have to play in the playoffs go devils.

I'm probably the only devils fan within 200 Miles living i Sioux City Iowa it is tough to get games on the TV and even tougher to get merch or memoriblia.

I statrted likeing the Devils when Burke took them deep into the playoffs in 88 I think it was the uni's I liked the colors. I'm a diehard though I order the center Ice package every year and record every game I can't watch live. I've made it to at least one game each of the last four years usaully in Chicago or Minnesota. I still cry when I hear Mattue! Mattue!Mattue! on ESPN classic. I cried when I lost my 95 stanley Cup hat in Lake Ontario. I even purchased a larger house so I could have a bigger Devils room. My wife thinks I'm crazy.

I have some unique ties to this years team though. I went to high school and drank beer with David Hale when he played Juniors in sioux City. SO if any of you see him tell him he still owes Jeff from Sioux City some tickets..........haha. I also scored my first varsity hockey goal against Scott Clemensen when he was playing in Des Moines.........it was a weak one....it hit like 4 skates and somehow found the net.

But none of that stuff matters most of all I'm all I'm a die hard fan AND I HATE THE RAGS AND THE FLYERS GO DEVILS GO DEVILS GO DEVILS.